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We're happy to introduce a new beer called EEZY PEEL* — farmhouse ale refermented with mangoes! We find this beer simple, fun, highly drinkable, and really enjoyable. It's quickly emerged as a staff favorite here at Jester King.

EEZY PEEL* is a farmhouse ale brewed with well water, TexMalt Llano Pilsner, Denton County Wheat Malt, and a touch of raw wheat. We kettle hopped it with Organic Golding from The Oregon Hophouse for about 18...


This week's coolship fill marks our 10th season of making 100% spontaneously fermented beer at Jester King! Our first coolship season was the winter of 2012-2013. We developed a love of spontaneously fermented beers from drinking authentic Belgian Lambic and Gueuze. After visiting Belgium in 2012, we wanted to see if spontaneous fermentation would be possible in Texas. We already knew at the time that it could be done in the United States...


We're grateful to be celebrating our 11th year of Jester King! Year 11 was a big one for us. We released our first wine and cider, added BBQ to our kitchen menu, opened the Jester King Inn, built Noble's Nest — a natural playscape for our younger...


Our philosophy at Jester King is strongly rooted in creating a sense of place by tying our guests’ experience to a time, place, and people. Whether dining onsite with friends and family, eating hearth-baked Hill Country sourdough bread that you picked up curbside, or enjoying one of our beers purchased from your local retailer, our intent is to build a connection and experience with our guests and community.

We could not foster these...


We've been pursuing spontaneous fermentation at Jester King since February of 2013, and we're excited to begin our 10th winter of spontaneous fermentation soon. Our 2021 SPON Three Year Blend is our sixth "vintage" and is a blend of 100% spontaneously fermented beer from 2020, 2019, and 2018. This year on December 21st, we’re also releasing five additional SPON beers. Learn more about each one below.


We’re excited to celebrate SPON Day in person again this year! Join us on Saturday, December 11, 2021 from 11am-9pm CT as we release our annual three year blend of spontaneously fermented beer, feature some of our favorite spontaneously fermented beers and wines, and celebrate the season with a holiday market featuring local vendors, delicious food from Jester King Kitchen, private tours & tastings, live music, holiday...


Welcome to Noble's Nest! We're excited to open up our natural playscape for all to enjoy. Noble's Nest was constructed by the talented Chris Levak of Levack Outdoors, whose work is focused on durable, natural outdoor structures made of local materials, which ties in with our commitment to conservation, sustainability, and stewardship of our land. This structure is made of cedar and steel and is the first installment of a cohesive series of...


We've brought Commercial Suicide back to its English roots by re-brewing the original Dark Mild Ale. Commercial Suicide was our first beer released back in October of 2010. Its name came from it being too low alcohol for beer geeks and too dark in color for macro beer drinkers, essentially creating no audience.

In returning it to its English roots, we brewed it with Golden Promise base malt, English caramel malt, and a touch of English...


Black Atrial is back! This is our original Black Metal Imperial Stout refermented with four pounds per gallon of raspberries.

To make Black Atrial, we brewed a batch of Original Black Metal Imperial Stout. After primary fermentation with English ale yeast in a stainless steel tank, we added four pounds per gallon of raspberries. We sourced the raspberries from the same farm in Washington that grows our raspberries for Atrial Rubicite....


We're excited to release our latest IPA — Ghost Cannon Hazy DIPA with Phantasm and El Dorado hop hash!

Ghost Cannon was brewed with a base of San Jacinto Heritage and Wildfire Pale malts from TexMalt, oats, and raw wheat. We kettle hopped with Idaho 7 and El Dorado. At the start of fermentation (pure culture of Omega Cosmic Punch) we added Phantasm powder and El Dorado hop hash. We dry-hopped with Citra, Cirtra Cryo, and Sabro Cryo. 4.9...


At Jester King, we make food & drink uniquely tied to a time, place, and people. As many of you know, Texas proudly touts itself as the best brisket producing state (Franklin, Snow’s, Leroy and Lewis, etc.) and with roots in Central Texas, we couldn’t wait any longer to introduce BBQ to our menu. We’re now offering a full BBQ menu, complete with ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and more. Developed by Executive Chef Mason Huffman and the Jester...

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Our philosophy at Jester King is strongly rooted in creating a sense of place, by tying our guests' experience to a time, place, and people. Whether dining onsite, eating hearth baked Hill Country sourdough bread from curbside pickup, or enjoying one of our beers purchased from your local retailer, our intent is to build a connection and experience with our guests and community.

We could not foster these relationships without the people...

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We're pleased to release Brave Noise Pale Ale -- part of the international Brave Noise collaboration focused on creating a safe and discrimination-free beer industry.

Brave Noise is "advocating for safe spaces and inclusive environments by requesting breweries be transparent with their policies and commit to long-term work." We're supportive of the Brave Noise movement and appreciative to Brienne Allan for sparking the...


Part of our brewing team is out west in hop country right now. They’re touring hop farms in the Yakima and Willamette Valleys. Our visit coincides with the 2021 hop harvest in the Pacific Northwest. This is our first ever visit.

We’ve had a focus on hoppy beers since we opened in 2010. Noble King and Le Petit Prince are fundamentally hoppy beers, inspired by the dry, drinkable, bitter, aromatic, hoppy beers from breweries like Thiriez,...

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Our latest batch of Mr. Mingo Hibiscus Saison is out today! Continuing the Tiki-inspiration behind Mr. Mingo, we added Tahitian vanilla and raspberries from this year's Atrial Rubicite.

Brewed with well water, Texas barley, oats, milk sugar, raw wheat, hops, and roselle hibiscus. Fermented with JK mixed culture in stainless steel. We get notes of berries and cream and raspberry Greek yogurt. 6.6% abv.

Released today at Jester...

SPON_Plum_Malbec_IMG_9043 (1).jpg

We're pleased to introduce Jester King 2021 SPON Plum & Malbec!

2021 SPON Plum & Malbec is a blend of two-year-old 100% spontaneously fermented beer refermented with Texas-grown Bruce plums and Malbec Rosé grape juice from California. The wort was simply brewed with well water, Texas malted barley and raw wheat, and aged hops from our barn. It was chilled overnight in our coolship and 100% spontaneously fermented with native...

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We're excited to introduce Jester King Phylactery Phactory -- Hazy Double IPA with Phantasm!

We were turned onto Phantasm by our domestic industry friends and ultimately able to source it through our friend Jos Ruffell of Garage Project in New Zealand. Jos is one of the most talented people we've encountered in beer (or wine for that matter).

Phantasm has been in...

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We're pleased to introduce Jester King LIGRA -- a barrel-aged wild ale with steamed rice, koji, cedar, and Golden Oyster mushrooms in collaboration with Texas Sake Company!

We began by adding steamed Calrose rice to the mash and 160 pounds of koji to the primary fermentation in stainless steel. The rice and koji were provided by Texas Sake Company. After primary, we racked the beer to oak for four...

BalconesSingleMaltSPON_IMG_9415 (1) (1).jpg

Now available is Balcones Texas Single Malt Whisky Barrel-Aged SPON!

Last year we took some mature, four-year-old Jester King SPON and racked it into Texas Single Malt Whisky barrels from our friends at Balcones Distilling in Waco. We let the SPON age in the whisky barrels for about 8 months. Between French oak wine barrels and Balcones whisky barrels, the beer spent almost five years in oak!

Bottle conditioned in 375ml bottles....

H.EXECUTE_IMG_9308 (1).jpg

Introducing H.EXECUTE -- a blend of Hazy Double IPA with Texas oranges and three-year-old Jester King SPON created in collaboration with Tired Hands Brewing Co.!

Back in April when we packaged CITRUSH.EXE -- our Hazy Double IPA with Texas oranges collab with Tired Hands -- we took a portion of the batch and blended it with mature, three-year-old SPON. The blending ratio was 75% Hazy Citrus Double IPA with 25% SPON. We then aged the...

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We're excited to announce the release of Phaenomena, a collaboration with our dear, long-time friends at The Rare Barrel! The Rare Barrel is one of the American breweries we've had the most inspiration, support, and enjoyment from, and we're grateful to call them friends.

Phaenomena is a 100% spontaneously fermented beer aged in Cognac barrels! The beer itself took a meandering path to...

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We're excited to introduce the latest offering in our new wine and cider series -- Jester King Farmhouse Cider Co-Fermented with Sangiovese Grape Must! Wine and cider are natural extensions of making farmhouse beer, and we're excited to now be able to create them at Jester King.

Earlier this month we released Jester King Farmhouse Cider, which was made from a blend of Red Cortland, Winesap, and Arkansas Black apples from the Texas...

ComeToLightWestCoastIPA_02 (1).jpg

We're excited to announce Come to Light West Coast IPA -- our 2021 Pink Boots Society beer!

Come to Light was designed and brewed by the women on Jester King's brewing team -- Brewer Sarah Lee Parker and Cellarwomen Melissa Erwin and Demi Frias. Sarah Lee, Mel, and Demi decided to go a little old school on this beer and brew a classic...

RealScienceHazyDoubleIPA_02 (1).jpg

We're excited to announce Jester King / New Image Brewing Real Science! Real Science is a Hazy Double IPA (8%) brewed with hop plasma derived from our aged hops and hop terpenes extracted from Strata!

We first learned about hop plasma and terpenes from our friends at New Image Brewing in Arvada, CO. New Image works with Oast House Oils in nearby...

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We're happy to introduce 2021 All-Texas SPON -- our first beer brewed with 100% Texas ingredients!

Brewing a beer with 100% Texas ingredients has been an aspiration and challenge for us for the better part of our existence. We've worked with well water, local grains, and native yeast for a long time, but what eluded us was Texas-grown hops. Our effort to establish hops at Jester King is still a work in progress. We experimented with...