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An authentic farmhouse brewery

Established in 2010, Jester King is an authentic brewer of farmhouse ales connected to a time, place and people. Our philosophy is to work in partnership with nature to create beer unique to our natural surroundings.

Over the years, we've grown into a welcoming destination for people of all ages to enjoy food, drink, friends, family and community. We invite you to visit us and enjoy all that our brewery, restaurant, farm, event hall and 165 acres of preserved land has to offer!

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OUR RESPONSE TO CRITICISM OF OUR ORVAL DAY ART . . We have received a lot of feedback for the Orval Day art made by Jester King artist KATIE ROSS. Most of the feedback was positive, but we feel compelled to respond to the negative feedback we received suggesting that this image was used as sexualization of the female body for marketing purposes. . . This feedback presents an opportunity for a needed conversation. It has been our intention to avoid sexualizing the female body for use as some sort of marketing commodity. We think our record in the past does well to reflect this. We too recognize and are infuriated by the abuse of the female body, as it continues to be viewed and used commercially as an object of sex. The beer industry in particular has been noticeably problematic in regards to this type of imagery. . . The artwork for our Orval Day poster was not meant to be any exception. It was created by Katie Ross without prompt and without shame of the body she chose to include. We stand behind Katie, are enthusiastic about her talent, and are proud to showcase her work. It was not her intention or ours for the body in the illustration to be reduced to a sexualized object. Still, it is important for us to hear that such an image could be interpreted as such. . . Here are comments from Katie on the matter: . . "It was not my intention to offend anyone. In the legend of Orval, a widow dropped her wedding ring in a spring and prayed for it to be returned. A trout returned the ring, and she said this must be the Val d'Or. She then gave the land to the monastery. In my mind, I always thought she must have been bathing to drop her ring in, and if you are familiar with my work, I love celebrating the beautiful form of women and people in general, in all their naked glory. I don't think that the people here who were offended have their hearts in the wrong place, but I do need to state my intentions or non-intentions on the matter. This is definitely a good conversation." . . Thank you to all for your input and for having this discussion to begin with. We will certainly consider this feedback when deciding in the future what imagery is appropriate for use.

TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR SUPPER CLUB THIS THURSDAY! · We are excited to host our first Jester King Kitchen Supper Club this Thursday at 7pm in our hop yard! This week’s Supper Club is an intimate 5 course prix fixe dinner that will focus on plants, herbs, and vegetables from our farm and the neighboring farm community. Tickets for this dinner are $95 and include beverage pairings, gratuity, and stemware to take home (ticketing fee not included). Tickets for this dinner are still available. LINK TO PURCHASE TICKETS IN OUR BIO. · Jester King Kitchen Supper Club is a way for our kitchen team head by Executive Chef Damien Brockway to explore fun and exciting pairings and to host special collaborations from the food and drink world. · Pairing Menu Welcome Beer -- Jester King Highlorde Farmhouse IPA Crudite Assorted Spring Vegetables, Texas Avocado, Roasted Yeast with Jester King 2015 Vernal Dichotomous Smoked Artichoke Blue Crab, Tender Leaves, Preserved Mustard w/ 2017 Jester King / Fair Isle Fair Voyage Smoke Roasted Mushroom Cured Fatback, Wild Juniper, Black Garlic with Jester King 2019 Viking Metal Wood Fired Sweet Potato Smoked Pecan, Redneck Cheddar Shortbread, Rosemary with Jester King 2017 Autumnal Dichotomous Grilled Beet Cake Goat Cheese Frosting, Seeded Granola, Mandarin Orange Marmalade with Jester King 2017 SPON Three Year Blend Complimentary pour and Jester King stemware glass -- Jester King 2019 Montmorency vs. Balaton · We hope you can join us for our inaugural Jester King Supper Club! We believe it will be a very special evening of food, drink and fun. Cheers! · Link to purchase tickets in our bio! · #jesterking #jesterkingkitchen #supperclub #farmtotable #austin #drippingsprings

House-made chicharrones this weekend from our kitchen! We're open Sunday 12-9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm). It should be a beautiful day, so we hope to see you! . . #jesterking #jesterkingkitchen #chicharrones #timeplacepeople

New to our menu this weekend -- corned beef tongue, pastrami spice, radish slaw, mustard blossom, house levain . . We're open 12-10pm today (kitchen closes at 9pm). Cheers! . . #jesterking #jesterkingkitchen #beeftongue #levain #timeplacepeople

It's a gorgeous day out here today! We're open Thursday 4-10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm). Hope to see you! . . #jesterking #jesterkingkitchen #springishere #thursday #hillcountry #austin #drippingsprings #timeplacepeople

Join us this Saturday for Orval Day! · “The Orval legend began almost 1,000 years ago, when a princess accidentally dropped her ring into a spring and a trout returned it. It continues now, with a day to reflect on and enjoy this amazing Trappist ale.” · Brewed within the walls of an ancient Belgian monastery, Orval Trappist Ale is one of the most highly-respected beers in the world. It has since inspired many breweries, including Jester King, to make dry, attenuated Belgian beers featuring wild yeast strains. · To celebrate this beer’s influence on the world, we will have available both current and cellared Orval for the occasion. Also, 50¢ of every bottle of Orval Trappist Ale purchased will be donated to Safe Water Network. · We hope you will join us! · Artwork by @ktmarie.ross · #jesterking #austin #orval #orvalday2019 #safewaternetwork @safewaternetwork

Monday, March 25th from 6-8:30pm, we'll be volunteering at the Central Texas Food Bank. If you'd like to join us, please follow the link in our bio! There's currently 12 spots left. . . #jesterking #centraltexasfoodbank #volunteer

On Thursday, March 28th from 6-7pm, we're honored to host the renowned beer historian and writer Ron Pattinson! . . Ron will lecture on present day and historic German sour beer! The lecture is free, and we'll be pouring free samples of German sour beer during the talk. We hope you enjoy this very special event. Ron's lectures are not to be missed, and we're very lucky to have him visit Jester King. . . Tickets are free! We'd ask that you please RSVP via the link in our bio so we know about how many people to expect. . . Also, if you'd like to stick around after the lecture, we're hosting Jester King Kitchen Supper Club, so feel free to get tickets via universe.com. . . Cheers! . . #jesterking #lecture #ronpattinson #ShutupaboutBarclayPerkins #germansourbeer #free #timeplacepeople

Today is the day! Come out and see some live music at the brewery. 1:30 - Big Bill 3:00 - The Stacks 4:30 - Ama 6:00 - PR Newman - Dark Matter Coffee will be giving away free coffee . . #jesterking #montmorencyvsbalaton #livemusic #darkmattercoffee

New to our menu this weekend -- Northeast African inspired sweet potato stew, Chubb Dog Farm pig head, wilted dino kale, chili vinegar, fried TX peanuts, garden herbs . . We're open today 12-10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm). Cheers! . . #jesterking #jesterkingkitchen #jesterkingfarm #chubbydogfarm #timeplacepeople