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An authentic farmhouse brewery

Jester King is a world-renowned brewer of farmhouse ales and barrel-aged wild ales. Our philosophy is to make beautiful creations tied to a time, place, and people that simply would not exist in this world if it wasn’t for the cross section of our land, the season in which we create, and the uniqueness of human beings imbued with creativity and thoughtfulness. We're located on 165 acres of beautiful land on the outskirts of Austin, which we farm and preserve. We are a thoughtful, warm, inviting place for people to enjoy food and drink with friends and family.

New Arrivals for the Weekend

July 6th 2018

Jester King Atrial Rubicite

Jester King Le Petit Prince

Jolly Pumpkin Bath-o-Mat

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This Saturday, visit @sourduckmarket to taste our michelada collaboration with @revolutionspirits how it was meant to be served – as the cocktail! · Since both Jester King Brewery and Revolution Spirits are unable to serve this beer cocktail at either location due to Texas laws, this will be the debut of the collaborative beer cocktail! · Sour Duck will be running an all-day special of $15 for the michelada cocktail and pork belly sandwich. They are open 9am – 11pm. · Jester King Head Brewer Averie Swanson and Revolution Distiller Brian Meola will be on-site lunch service into the afternoon to chat about the collaboration itself. · We’re excited to share our collaboration michelada cocktail with you!

Great thanks to our friends from @txkeepercider for giving us a tour of their cidery! We’re very grateful to be able to pour their delicious cider in our tasting room. 🍎

FRESH LE PETIT PRINCE ON TODAY! · Today we're releasing our 2018 blend of Atrial Rubicite -- a barrel-aged, tart, fruit forward beer that took over a year to make. So we thought it would be fun to contrast it with a super-fresh batch of Le Petit Prince Farmhouse Table Beer! · Le Petit Prince is as simple as can be -- unfiltered well water from the Trinity, a small amount of Texas-grown barley and wheat (1.022 OG), a substantial dose of Saaz hops relative to the size of the beer, and our mixed culture. We ferment in stainless steel for a few weeks, dry hop with, and bottle/keg condition. · When Le Petit Prince is really fresh like it is now, it presents bone dry, bitter, minerally and effervescent, without any hint of acidity. It's about as quenching as beer can be in our opinion. Directly inspired by Dupont Avril, this is our interpretation of what an old-world inspired farmhouse ale should be. · We hope you enjoy! Santé!