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An authentic farmhouse brewery

Established in 2010, Jester King is an authentic brewer of farmhouse ales connected to a time, place and people. Our philosophy is to work in partnership with nature to create beer unique to our natural surroundings.

Over the years, we've grown into a welcoming destination for people of all ages to enjoy food, drink, friends, family and community. We invite you to visit us and enjoy all that our brewery, restaurant, farm, event hall and 165 acres of preserved land has to offer!

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OLD BLOG POSTS RESTORED · We are extremely excited to share with you that our old blog posts have been restored! · The archived blog can be found on our website under the Blog menu. Link to the archive blog is in our bio. · https://archive.jesterkingbrewery.com/ · During the transition to our new website last year, our blog posts from July 2009 to March 2018 were lost in the depths of the internet. Lucky for us, our friends at Craftpeak who make websites and enjoy beer were just as upset as we were about our missing history. · Because of Craftpeak, we now have the archives of Jester King’s past. Everyone, enjoy. We owe a HUGE thank you to them! · #jesterking #jesterkingbrewery #history #craftbeer #timeplacepeople

New from Jester King Kitchen -- Figure 8 Coffee brownie with coffee ganache . . We're open Father's Day from 12-9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm). . . Farm tours at 2pm and 6pm! . . Live music from Mitch Chandler Trio. . . Happy Father's Day! . . #jesterking #jesterkingbrewery #jesterkingkitchen #jesterkingfarm #fathersday #timeplacepeople Photo by Granger Coats @figure8coffeepurveyors

This week's charcuterie board from Jester King Kitchen -- coppa, calabrese, house smoked lardo, bosque blue, jalapeño cheddar, preserved strawberry mustard, pickles . . Our brewery, kitchen and farm our open today from 12-10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm). We hope to see you! . . #jesterking #jesterkingbrewery #jesterkingkitchen #jesterkingfarm #timeplacepeople Photo by Granger Coats

We’re happy to announce that Farm Tours are now 2pm and 6pm every Saturday and Sunday! As always, the farm tours are free and open to the public. Simply show up in time for the tour and listen for the tour call. From there, your tour guide will guide you to and through the farm. This is a great opportunity for folks to see just what has been going on at the Jester King Farm. · Among other things, tour guests will learn about our farming philosophies, see the vineyard, visit the bee hive from a healthy distance, hear about future farming plans, and lastly (and possibly most importantly), pet the goats! We hope you will join us for a farm tour! · Farm Tours Saturday — 2pm, 6pm Sunday — 2pm, 6pm · Brewery Tours Friday — 6pm Saturday — 1pm, 3pm, 5pm Sunday — 1pm, 3pm, 5pm · #jesterking #jesterkingfarm #farmtour #goats

LE PETIT PRINCE HOMEBREW RECIPE • In honor of last week’s release of Le Petit Prince, we’d like to share with you the recipe to make your own at home. Recipe is follows: • Batch size: 5 Gallons O.G. 1.023 F.G. 1.000 Target ABV: 2.9 % I.B.U. 27 Mash Temp: 149F Efficiency: 75% • MALT Blacklands Pale Moon - 3.5 lbs - 78% Weyermann Wheat Malt - 1 lbs - 22% • HOPS East Kent Goldings - 0.7 oz - 60 min - 5% AA Fuggles - 0.5 oz - 10 min - 4.5% AA Fuggles - 1 oz - Flameout/Whirlpool - 4.5% AA Saaz - 4 oz - Dry Hop - 3.5% AA • And lastly, a note on yeast, fermentation, and bottle conditioning from JESTER KING BREWER SEAN SPILLER: • At Jester King, we ferment all of our beers (other than our Spontaneous program) with a mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria, most of which has been captured from the land around the brewery. All of our beer is then referenced in the bottle to produce carbonation. This means there is living yeast in the bottom of each and every one of our bottles... • Read more on our blog. Link to the blog post in our bio! • #jesterking #jesterkingbrewery #homebrew #lepetitprince

Thank you to our friends at Fonta Flora Brewery for having us to State of Origin this past weekend! It's always a pleasure experiencing what you have curated and sharing in friendship and beer! . . #jesterking #fontaflora #stateoforigin #timeplacepeople @fontaflorabrew

New special from our kitchen -- Caribbean-style queso flan, HausBar duck eggs, estate fig leaf caramel, La Vie en Rose macerated raspberries, buttered Gristmill oat brittle . . Our brewery, kitchen, and farm are open today from 12-9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm)! . . #jesterking #jesterkingkitchen #timeplacepeople Photo by Granger Coats @hausbarfarmsatx @gristmillriverrestaurant

Charred green beans, green onions, bone marrow, tomato gravy, crispy garlic, spicy zucchini pickles. Our brewery, farm, and kitchen are open today from 12-10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm) #jesterking #jesterkingkitchen #timeplacepeople 📸 Granger Coats

New special from Jester King Kitchen -- Red potato tostone, smoked amberjack dressing, preserved allium relish, pickled garden cucumbers . . Our brewery, kitchen and farm are open today from 4-10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm). . . #jesterking #jesterkingkitchen #timeplacepeople . . Photo by Granger Coasts