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Beer, Pizza, & Goats in the Beautiful Texas Hill Country

Jester King is a brewery, pizzeria, and goat ranch on 41 beautiful acres of land in the Texas Hill Country on the outskirts of Austin. We make food & beer tied to a time, place & people. We are fun, one-of-a-kind, special place for people to enjoy food, drink, hospitality, family, and friends.


Events Calendar

Sun Jul 21
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Live Music 1-4PM: Bluegrass Pals

Wed Jul 24

Jester King Guided Goat Walk

Thu Jul 25

Jester King Guided Goat Walk

Fri Jul 26

Jester King Guided Goat Walk

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Jester King Re-Open Wednesday, July 1st . . Last Friday morning, the Governor issued an Executive Order requiring that restaurants with over 51% of their revenue from alcohol sales close by Noon. At Jester King, we are a brewpub (restaurant / brewery) with alcohol sales historically above this threshold. Therefore, we promptly closed. . . We will be reopening this Wednesday, July 1st at 4pm. We will be ensuring that food sales constitute 51% of our onsite revenue. Ensuring this will effect the menu of beers available by the glass at Jester King. Aside from that, everything about our newly imagined park and picnic grounds will be the same in order to make Jester King as safe as possible to visit: . . - All seating is outdoors and spaced across five areas covering 15 acres of Hill Country land - We are open by reservation only with limited seating per session - A hard close occurs between each session for cleaning and sanitizing - All ordering is electronic - All cutlery and drinkware are disposable or compostable - Guests must wear masks when not seated at their table - Parties are limited to six guests or less . . We look forward to welcoming guests back starting this Wednesday. If you previously had a reservation, it will be honored. We will be open by reservation Wednesday to Sunday each week. Our curbside pickup is open seven days a week from 12-8pm. . . To make a reservation to come visit us, please click here: https://www.exploretock.com/jesterkingbrewery/ . . To place an order to go for curbside pickup, please click here: https://www.toasttab.com/jesterkingbrewery/v3 . . For any questions, please contact tastingroom@jesterkingbrewery.com or call 512-661-8736. . . We thank you very much for your continued support! . . #jesterking #jesterkingkitchen

Seeded Sourdough Loaf made with flax, sunflower, caraway, and poppy seeds from Jester King Kitchen . . Available from curbside pickup, 12-8pm daily! Order online (LINK IN BIO) or call 512-661-8736. . 📷 @jon4tr0n . . #jesterking #jesterkingbakery #jesterkingkitchen #sourdough

In accordance with the Governor’s recent order closing Texas bars, Jester King is now closed to the public indefinitely. Our curbside pickup business will continue to be open 7 days a week from 12-8pm. . . We had worked very hard in May to create what we believe to be a safe experience and environment at Jester King. We re-opened with an outdoor-only, park and picnic ground model, available by reservation only, with hard closes between sessions for cleaning and sanitation. All guests were required to wear masks when not seated at their picnic tables, we abided by six feet social distancing guidelines, and we limited parties to six guest or fewer. . . Despite having worked very hard to create what we believe to be a safe environment, and frankly wishing that our outdoor park and picnic space setup was not lumped in with all bars, we acknowledge that we’re all in this together and will of course comply with the Governor’s order. . . We hope to re-open our reimagined space as soon as possible, and ask that you please continue to support Texas craft breweries by making purchases directly from their curbside setups. . . #jesterking #jesterkingbrewery #timeplacepeople

LGBT Pride Month occurs each June to commemorate the Stonewall Uprising of June 28th, 1969. As a result, many pride events are held during this month to recognize and celebrate the impact LGBT people have had in the world. . Jester King allies with and supports our LGBTQIA+ communities through our Noble Cause charitable giving campaign. This campaign contributes funds via proceeds from dedicated food, beer and merchandise sales. . All proceeds from our Rainbow Horny Barrel t-shirt sales are donated to local non-profit @outyouth. . . Out Youth serves Central Texas LGBTQIA+ (lesbian/gay/bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning, intersex, and asexual) youth and their allies with programs and services to ensure these promising young people develop into happy, healthy, successful adults. . Purchase your Pride t-shirt through our curbside pick-up online ordering platform or via our @kotisdesigns online store (Linkin.bio). . Sizes are limited so order yours soon! . Photo Credit: Granger Coats @grangercoats Model: Jonathan Sanchez @jon4tr0n #allyisaverbnotanoun #gaypride #blackpride #lgbtpride #lgbtq #lgbtqia 🌈 ❤️

JESTER KING CORNBREAD KVASS . . Today at Noon we're releasing a variation on our Kvass! Instead of using sourdough bread in the mash like we typically do, we added cornbread to the mash baked in-house at Jester King Kitchen! Our Head Baker Jonathan Sanchez made several hundred pounds of his delicious cornbread for us to use. If you'd like to checkout Jonathan's process and recipe, here's a link to him explaining it on the local news (https://www.fox7austin.com/video/674124). . . We find the cornbread lends a pleasant textural character and subtle maize aroma. We fermented in stainless steel with our mixed culture, which always lends natural variation to the beer. In this case, we get restrained fruity esters in the nose, which lend a slight sort of Trappist character. All in all, we find Cornbread Kvass to be one of the more unique beers we've made, while simultaneously presenting quite "clean" and drinkable. As time passes, the acidity and funk will certainly become more present. . . Cornbread Kvass is 4.5% ABV. It was brewed in March and packaged in May. It was naturally conditioned in bottles and kegs. Available for pickup 7 days a week from 12-8pm starting today LINK IN BIO. Proxies welcome (please click on "Are you using a proxy?") No bottle limit. Also available to enjoy onsite by the glass. Please make a reservation to come see us (https://www.exploretock.com/jesterkingbrewery)! We hope you enjoy Cornbread Kvass! . . Art by Joshua Cockrell Photo by Granger Coats . . #jesterking #jesterkingbrewery #jesterkingkitchen #cornbread #kvass #timeplacepeople

In addition to our bottle conditioned version, we also have 120 bottles of "still" Moderne Dansk. Moderne Dansk is our barrel aged wild ale refermented with Danish Stevnsbær cherry juice from the Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin in Denmark! . . We chose to do a small run of still bottles because Moderne Dansk already presents very wine-like in character. We feel that it can be enjoyed still as well as "sparkling". . . "Still" Moderne Dansk will only be available by the bottle for our guests to enjoy onsite at Jester King (no to go sales). 750ml bottles are $35. To visit us, please make a reservation at the LINK IN OUR BIO. . . #jesterking #modernedansk #Frederiksdal #stillbeer #timeplacepeople Photo by Granger Coats

MODERNE DANSK BATCH 2 . . Today at Noon we're releasing Moderne Dansk Batch 2! Moderne Dansk is our barrel aged wild ale refermented with Danish Stevnsbær cherry juice from the renowned Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin in Denmark! . . We first experienced Frederiksdal wine at the Mikkeller Copenhagen Beer Celebration several years ago, and became instantly infatuated. The character of the cherries from the Frederiksdal estate was unlike anything we had experienced, and speaks to Frederiksdal's unique sense of place. Much like a chef presented with a really fantastic ingredient, we felt our job was to stand out of the way and let the character of the Stevnsbær cherry juice express itself. To this end, we simply took some mature, barrel aged beer from our cellar, added the cherry juice, let it referment to dryness, then bottle conditioned the result. Our influence on the finished beer is quite minimal, preferring for the terroir of the cherry juice to shine. . . Moderne Dansk Batch 2 was blended in March and bottled in May. Unlike for Batch 1, the base beer came from neutral oak barrels in our cellar, rather than barrels previously containing Frederiksdal wine. Batch 2 is 7.1% ABV and was packaged in kegs and 375ml bottles. We have about 3,000 bottles available for purchase ($20) with a bottle limit of 6. Please note that about 1,000 of the bottles were finished with just a cap instead of a cap and cork due to our bottle corker breaking during the bottling run. The lack of a cork should have no negative impact on quality. . . Batch 2 is available for curbside pickup starting today at Noon. To place an order, please follow the LINK IN OUR BIO. Moderne Dansk Batch 2 will also be available by the glass at Jester King for our onsite guests, as well as in bottles to go while supplies last. To make a reservation to come see us, please visit our website. . . Thank you very much to Harald Krabbe and Anne-Marie Skriver of Frederiksdal for the years of friendship and for sending us such fabulous cherry juice from their winery. We're honored to try to do it justice! . . #jesterking #jesterkingbrewery #modernedansk #Frederiksdal #timeplacepeople @frederiksdalcherrywine

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads and granddads! We hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying the day with your loved ones. . “A father is the man who always has time to share with his children despite working hard.” . A special Thank You from our @jesterkingbrewery team to @jeff_stuffings_jk for your leadership, perseverance and support! . #jesterking #jesterkingfamily #fathersday #family #familyfirst

RESERVATIONS FULLY BOOKED for Saturday, June 20th and Sunday, June 21st. . Rain or shine, be sure you’ve made your reservation ahead via Linkin.bio. . Can’t make it? Please cancel via the Tock confirmation email you received so your time slot can be opened for another. . Due to limited service capacity, no call-ahead or walk-up seating is available. . Feel free to bring your own water, and wear comfortable shoes if you’ve chosen one of our more isolated and picturesque areas. . Well-behaved dogs are allowed on leash and under control of their owner. No off-leash to protect our farm cats, livestock, and wildlife. . Curbside pickup daily from 12-8pm, use Linkin.bio to order. . As a reminder, please practice safe hygiene. Social distancing, wear face covering when not at your table, and staying home if you feel sick will minimize risk to our staff and guests. . Thank you for your continued patience and support!! . #timeplacepeople #jesterking #jesterkingkitchen

Jester King has always been about creating an experience tied to time, place, and people. Special occasions are about celebrating intimate moments with your friends and family. . At its core, a wedding is about two people and the love they have for one another. For couples that have had to postpone or cancel their wedding ceremony this season, we are ready to help. . Let The Hall at Jester King become part of your story by booking one of our Elopement and Micro Wedding Packages. The Hall is a unique, open-air space with a beautiful, rustic Hill Country feel that will make your special event one to remember. . The Hall is also open for booking other small private events outside of weddings. . Be assured that we are keeping up with all current public health regulations and expanding capacity for The Hall accordingly to ensure a safe and positive experience. . Book via Linkin.bio (https://jesterkingbrewery.com/book-private-event) . #timeplacepeople #jesterkinghall #jesterking #wedding #elopement #specialoccasions #hillcountry #austin