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Brewery, Kitchen, Farm & Event Hall in the Beautiful Texas Hill Country

Jester King is a brewery, kitchen, farm & event hall on a beautiful 165 acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country. We make food & drink uniquely tied to a time, place & people. We're a welcoming place for people of all ages to enjoy community, fun & hospitality in a very special setting.

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We’re happy to announce the release of a brand new beer -- Mr. Mingo, a farmhouse ale with roselle hibiscus. The inspiration was to make a simple beer with a subtle adjunct.

To make Mr. Mingo, we brewed a simple saison with barley and wheat from Blacklands Malt and raw Texas Hill Country water from our onsite well. We added hibiscus flowers at the end of the boil and then later dry hopped with more. In total, we used around 1 pound of...

SPON_Plum_Malbec_IMG_9043 (1).jpg

We're pleased to introduce Jester King 2021 SPON Plum & Malbec!

2021 SPON Plum & Malbec is a blend of two-year-old 100% spontaneously fermented beer refermented with Texas-grown Bruce plums and Malbec Rosé grape juice from California. The wort was simply brewed with well water, Texas malted barley and raw wheat, and aged hops from our barn. It was chilled overnight in our coolship and 100% spontaneously fermented with native...

IMG-9764 (1).jpg

We're pleased to introduce Jester King LIGRA -- a barrel-aged wild ale with steamed rice, koji, cedar, and Golden Oyster mushrooms in collaboration with Texas Sake Company!

We began by adding steamed Calrose rice to the mash and 160 pounds of koji to the primary fermentation in stainless steel. The rice and koji were provided by Texas Sake Company. After primary, we racked the beer to oak for four...

BalconesSingleMaltSPON_IMG_9415 (1) (1).jpg

Now available is Balcones Texas Single Malt Whisky Barrel-Aged SPON!

Last year we took some mature, four-year-old Jester King SPON and racked it into Texas Single Malt Whisky barrels from our friends at Balcones Distilling in Waco. We let the SPON age in the whisky barrels for about 8 months. Between French oak wine barrels and Balcones whisky barrels, the beer spent almost five years in oak!

Bottle conditioned in 375ml bottles....

H.EXECUTE_IMG_9308 (1).jpg

Introducing H.EXECUTE -- a blend of Hazy Double IPA with Texas oranges and three-year-old Jester King SPON created in collaboration with Tired Hands Brewing Co.!

Back in April when we packaged CITRUSH.EXE -- our Hazy Double IPA with Texas oranges collab with Tired Hands -- we took a portion of the batch and blended it with mature, three-year-old SPON. The blending ratio was 75% Hazy Citrus Double IPA with 25% SPON. We then aged the...

Jester King Brewery July 9, 2021-122.jpg

We're excited to announce the release of Phaenomena, a collaboration with our dear, long-time friends at The Rare Barrel! The Rare Barrel is one of the American breweries we've had the most inspiration, support, and enjoyment from, and we're grateful to call them friends.

Phaenomena is a 100% spontaneously fermented beer aged in Cognac barrels! The beer itself took a meandering path to...

ComeToLightWestCoastIPA_02 (1).jpg

We're excited to announce Come to Light West Coast IPA -- our 2021 Pink Boots Society beer!

Come to Light was designed and brewed by the women on Jester King's brewing team -- Brewer Sarah Lee Parker and Cellarwomen Melissa Erwin and Demi Frias. Sarah Lee, Mel, and Demi decided to go a little old school on this beer and brew a classic...

FarmhouseCider1 (1).jpg

We're excited to introduce the latest offering in our new wine and cider series -- Jester King Farmhouse Cider Co-Fermented with Sangiovese Grape Must! Wine and cider are natural extensions of making farmhouse beer, and we're excited to now be able to create them at Jester King.

Earlier this month we released Jester King Farmhouse Cider, which was made from a blend of Red Cortland, Winesap, and Arkansas Black apples from the Texas...

Jester King Brewery July 9, 2021-044 (1).jpg

We're happy to introduce 2021 All-Texas SPON -- our first beer brewed with 100% Texas ingredients!

Brewing a beer with 100% Texas ingredients has been an aspiration and challenge for us for the better part of our existence. We've worked with well water, local grains, and native yeast for a long time, but what eluded us was Texas-grown hops. Our effort to establish hops at Jester King is still a work in progress. We experimented with...

RealScienceHazyDoubleIPA_02 (1).jpg

We're excited to announce Jester King / New Image Brewing Real Science! Real Science is a Hazy Double IPA (8%) brewed with hop plasma derived from our aged hops and hop terpenes extracted from Strata!

We first learned about hop plasma and terpenes from our friends at New Image Brewing in Arvada, CO. New Image works with Oast House Oils in nearby...

Jester King- June 23, 2021-992 (1).jpg

We're very excited to introduce our first-ever cider! Jester King Farmhouse Cider is a mixed fermentation cider made from 100% Texas-grown apples!

Last October, we received Red Cortland, Winesap, and Arkansas Black apples from Sweet Ruthie's River Ranch in Canadian, Texas (Texas panhandle). Our team juiced the apples in-house at Jester King. We pitched the juice with our mixed culture -- the...

Jester King Brewery July 9, 2021-079 (1).jpg

Today we're very excited to introduce Jester King Texas Blueberry Wine!

Texas Blueberry Wine is made from 100% Texas blueberries from Echo Springs Blueberry Farm in Murchison, Texas (about 90 miles southeast of Dallas). Last fall, we took blueberries from the 2020 harvest, crushed them, pitched our mixed culture,...

Jester King- June 23, 2021-948 (1).jpg

Today we're releasing 2020 Texas wine grape harvest: Have We Met – 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon!

Have We Met – 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon is 100% Cab Sauv from Sulphur Bluff, Texas. Foot-stomped, whole cluster grapes were 100% spontaneously fermented with native yeast. Aged in neutral oak. 11.3% abv. This is the second wine we've released from the 2020 harvest.

We have 504 bottles (750ml/$28). It's exclusively available at Jester King...

IMG_3909 (1).jpg

2021 Atrial Rubicite (Batch 11) goes on sale on Wednesday, June 23rd at 12:00pm CST!

First brewed in 2013 and currently rated as a top ten wild ale in the world on both Untappd and Beer Advocate, Atrial Rubicite is our barrel-aged wild ale re-fermented with raspberries! It's brewed with Texas malt, well water, and hops, then barrel-aged for a year prior to blending and re-fermentation. As its name implies, raspberries...

IMG_2153 (1).jpg

Our first Steinbier brewed at Jester King is now available! Our Steinbier or "stone beer" was brewed with super-heated rocks added to the boil, along with peach leaves, grapefruit, and fennel.

Our inspiration and method came from our friends at Scratch Brewing Co. in Ava, Illinois. We mashed with well water and Texas grain, then racked the wort to an oak puncheon barrel stood upright on its...

IMG_7872 (1).jpg

We're very excited to introduce Jester King Bitter Death -- Extra Hoppy Belgian-Style Pale Ale!

Our motivations in presenting this beer are straightforward and selfish. For over a decade, we've had a great affinity for well-attenuated, crisp, hoppy, herbal ales with subtle but interesting pure culture fermentation character. With our pure culture fermentation program having taken flight in 2020, we were inspired to make a beer in this...

JKing1682_HiRes (1).jpg

We're very excited to announce Jester King Hemp Balm from Jester King Farm!

After hemp growing was legalized in Texas, we became one of the first licensed growers in our state. We harvested the hemp from our inaugural crop planted last summer at Jester King, and we processed it into CBD oil with the help of our friends from Sweet Sensi in Austin. We combined the CBD oil with local goat's milk,...

nature trail 6-1.jpg

“We abuse land because we see it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” ― Aldo Leopold, Author of "A Sand County Almanac"

Our new, two-mile nature trail is officially open! We worked hard in 2020 to clear the trail and create signage for all of our guests to enjoy. Come on out and enjoy the trail through our natural landscape 8am-dusk...


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