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An authentic farmhouse brewery

Jester King is a world-renowned brewer of farmhouse ales and barrel-aged wild ales. Our philosophy is to make beautiful creations tied to a time, place, and people that simply would not exist in this world if it wasn’t for the cross section of our land, the season in which we create, and the uniqueness of human beings imbued with creativity and thoughtfulness. We're located on 165 acres of beautiful land on the outskirts of Austin, which we farm and preserve. We are a thoughtful, warm, inviting place for people to enjoy food and drink with friends and family.

New Arrivals for the Weekend

August 3rd 2018

Jester King Detritivore

Jester King Vulgar Affectation

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Collaboration with Wildflower Brewing & Blending · On Wednesday, we had the wonderful experience of brewing with Wildflower Brewing & Blending in Sydney, Australia! Wildflower was started in 2017 by our friend Topher Boehm, and focuses on things that are very close to our heart like mixed culture and spontaneous fermentation, farmhouse ales and barrel aging. We met Topher at Jester King back in 2014, then had him intern at our brewery a year later. It's wonderful to see how his vision has become a reality, and how he's now creating beautiful beers half-a-world away. We remember receiving so much helpful guidance from brewers we highly respect when we were getting started, so having an opportunity to pay it forward is very special to us. · Topher embraces many of the same principles that we do at Jester King -- subtlety, balance, native ingredients, wild fermentation, full attenuation, lower alcohol and restrained acidity. Like us, Topher also receives much of his inspiration from the wine world. In light of our shared philosophies, we're making a beer together with native Australian grains, aged hops from our barn at Jester King, fermented in oak puncheons with native cultures from Wildflower and Jester King. After several months of maturation, it will be blended and bottle conditioned. · We thank Topher for inviting us to his brewery in Australia and showing us the wonderful beers and environment he's created! Beer at its heart is about community and friendship, which are things that Wildflower wholly embodies.

2018 Atrial Rubicite Magnum Bottle Lottery · We are excited to announce that we will be opening the lottery for this year’s Atrial Rubicite Magnums! We decided last year to move to a lottery system for super-limited releases such as this. Starting today, Wednesday, August 8th at 7pm, you may enter the lottery for the chance to purchase an Atrial Rubicite magnum (1.5L). Please note that entering the lottery does not guarantee you a bottle. · Submissions open today at 7pm and close at 4pm (CDT) on Saturday, August 11th. Winners will be contacted by 10pm (CDT) on Wednesday, August 15th. Bottles must be purchased through the ticketing site by 4pm (CDT) on Friday, August 17th. Winners may pick up their bottles only on the weekends designated in the detailed description. · Please make sure to read through the rules before entering your name. You can find the link to enter in our bio.

Here’s this weekend’s Brewery Bar menu. Kitchen Bar, Pasture Bar, and Courtyard Bar menus can be found on our website under “Tasting Room & Kitchen.” We’re open 4pm-10pm today, 12pm-10pm on Saturday, and 12pm-9pm on Sunday. Come out and see us!

We're honored and grateful to once again be selected as a venue to host Brasserie Cantillon Zwanze Day! Thank you very much to Cantillon and our friends at Shelton Brothers Importers! · This year's Zwanze Day is Saturday, September 29th! We'll be announcing details on this year's Zwanze Day later on. Here's the a message from Jean Van Roy about 2018 Zwanze Day: · "At the end of 2014, determined to increase our production, we acquired a new building. In the course of the 14/15 and 15/16 brewing seasons, we had to obtain lots of new barrels to bring our dear lambic to maturity. · Hundreds of barrels, coming from various origins in France and Italy, most having contained red wine beforehand, thus came to furnish our new location. Among them, three origins stood out : those that had held Sangiovese, Amarone and Chianti. Sangiovese is a wine grape typically coming from the center of Italy, Amarone is a wine from the area of Verona that’s obtained from dried grapes, and Chianti is a region of Tuscany where the wine is made with a base of Sangiovese grapes. · At the time of the purchase of these barrels, my intention wasn’t to make a special blend, even though I must admit that seeing the results of aging Lambic in something other than a wine barrel has always been of special interest to me. The result of these experiments is often unpredictable, sometimes with a strong vinous quality, and sometimes with none at all. · During the 2015/2016 season, the Amarone barrels were filled with Lambic wort in December, and the Sangiovese and Chianti barrels were filled in January. · While tasting these beers the following year, I realized the potential that these barrels had. I decided then to age the barrels an additional year. · It was the right move. After two years of aging, each type of barrel produced a different Lambic. Different than a classic Lambic, but also different from one another. The Amarone barrels had birthed a delicate Lambic, the Sangiovese had a superb fruitiness, and the Chianti had developed a dry, tangy vinous quality. [Please visit Cantillon’s website to read the rest of Jean’s post]

Check out our new beanies! They’ve arrived just in time to keep your head warm on these chilly July days. They’re available online and at our tasting room. Link to purchase online is in the bio.

We're a little late posting this, but it was five years ago last month that we legally sold our first beer at Jester King. When we opened in 2010, it was illegal to sell beer at our brewery. · The legal right to sell beer at our brewery has made a world of difference for sustaining a small, independent business. The remaining hurdle in Texas is that production breweries still can't sell beer to go from their tasting rooms. It's legal for production breweries to sell beer to go from their tasting rooms in 49 other states besides Texas.