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An authentic farmhouse brewery

Established in 2010, Jester King is an authentic brewer of farmhouse ales connected to a time, place and people. Our philosophy is to work in partnership with nature to create beer unique to our natural surroundings.

Over the years, we've grown into a welcoming destination for people of all ages to enjoy food, drink, friends, family and community. We invite you to visit us and enjoy all that our brewery, restaurant, farm, event hall and 165 acres of preserved land has to offer!

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DOOM METAL GOAT YOGA · HAIL! Shockwaves rattle the Earth below with the sound of DOOM. To celebrate the arrival of the newest members of our herd, we’re pleased to bring back DOOM METAL GOAT YOGA!!! · We call upon the ancient lords of the underworld, Doom Metal masters, and yoga practitioners of all skill sets to help us bring forth the beasts every Saturday during the entire month of March! We will be throwing up our horns every Saturday in March by hosting an hour long goat yoga class at our farm set to DOOM METAL \m/ \m/ · DOOM METAL GOAT YOGA DATES: Saturday, March 2nd Saturday, March 9th Saturday, March 16th Saturday, March 23rd Saturday, March 30th · Join forces at the brewery at 10:30am, bring your yoga mat, water, and your soul for darkening. We will bring you to our farm, surround you with baby goats, and pummel you from beyond with the sludgiest of riffs from 11am to noon. · Link to purchase tickets in our bio. We call out to the beasts of the land to come forth and JOIN US! · #jesterking #austin #drippingsprings #goats #babygoat #babygoats #goatyoga #doommetalgoatyoga #timeplacepeople #timeplacebabygoats

Food specials for this weekend: . . Dry aged strip loin w/ fermented chili lime butter & nasturtium chimichurri . . Heart shaped hand pies with Atrial Rubicite raspberry glaze or chocolate cream ❤️🖤 . . We're open today 12-10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm) and Sunday 12-9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm)!

Glorious weather this weekend in the Hill Country. Here are some of the highlights of what we have in store! . . HIGHLIGHTS - Goat babies (more on them soon)! Come walk our farm trail or take the farm tour and meet them! - Twlight Oblivion release, our collaboration with Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. - Did we say awesome weather!?! . . NEW / FEATURED FOOD - Peeler Ranch Strip Loin, Dry-aged steak w/ fermented chili lime butter & nasturtium chimichurri - Valentine's Day Hand Pies, chocolate cream & pink raspberry glaze, strawberry & raspberry filing . . NEW / FEATURED DRINK - Elements of Composition Blend Three (draft only) - Roughhouse Sordid Nature - Lewis Wines 2013 Terry County Red . . HOURS Thursday -- 4 to 10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm) Friday -- 4 to 10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm) Saturday -- 12 to 10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm) Sunday -- 12 to 9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm) . . LIVE MUSIC Friday – Wilson Marks Trio Saturday – Blue Squeezebox Sunday – Mazel Tov Kocktail Hour . . TOUR SCHEDULE Friday: Brewery 6pm Saturday: Brewery 1, 3, and 5pm; Farm 2 and 4pm Sunday: Brewery 1, 3, and 5pm . . . #jesterking #farmhouse #twighlightoblivion #farm #farmhouse #babygoats #farmtrail #gorgeousweather #fun #weekend #timeplacepeople @redhornbrew

INTRODUCING TWILIGHT OBLIVION · We're very pleased to introduce a new beer called Twilight Oblivion, brewed in collaboration with our friends at Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing Co. in Cedar Park, Texas! Twilight Oblivion is a Farmhouse Baltic Porter refermented with Mourvèdre grapes from Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg, Texas. · To make Twilight Oblivion, we brewed Baltic Porter wort at Red Horn, then drove the wort to Jester King for fermentation in one of our horizontal tanks with Red Horn's lager yeast. We then harvested Mourvèdre grapes from Wildseed Farms with our friends from Wedding Oak Winery for refermentation with our mixed culture of brewers yeast and native yeast and bacteria. · Twilight Oblivion is 9.3% alcohol by volume. It was packaged in October of last year and naturally reconditioned in bottles and kegs. It will be available by the glass and in bottles to go starting this Thursday at our restaurant and tasting room. It will also be featured at our sold out Valentine's Day pairing dinner. We have about 1,000 bottles available with a bottle limit of four per customer per day (750ml/$18). · We're pleased to say that $1 off of every pour of Twilight Oblivion will be donated to Integral Care in Austin. Since 1967, Integral Care has supported the health and well-being of adults and children living with mental illness, substance use disorder and intellectual and developmental disabilities in central Texas. · Finally, be on the lookout for the version of Twilight Oblivion brewed and fermented at Red Horn. We will also be pouring a keg of that version in our tasting room and restaurant this weekend! · #jesterking #jesterkingbrewery #austin #drippingsprings #craftbeer #collaboration @redhornbrew @weddingoakwine

New to our menu: Wood-fired Boggy Creek Farm bok choy, green garlic & fermented chili vinaigrette with fennel, coriander seed and year-old tomato leaf vinegar! Vegan friendly. . . We're open (rain, shine or cold) from 12-10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm)! . . Full food menu: https://bit.ly/2tejeqB . . #jesterking #farmhouse #chefdbrock #austineats #austin360eats #austinfoodie #austinfoodstagram #buzzfeedfood #365thingsaustin #atxfoodie #eatdrinkaustin #eateraustin #timeplacepeople @chefdbrock @boggycreekfarmstand

Despite the cold, we'll have a weekend filled with great food, drink, music and fun here at Jester King! Here are some of the highlights. We hope to see you! . . NEW / FEATURED BEER, WINE & CIDER Elements of Composition Blend Three (draft only) Le Petit Prince (new batch!) Fairweather Pet Nat Drink Menu: https://bit.ly/2GdGKws . . NEW / FEATURED FOOD Smoke Roasted Bok Choy -- fermented green garlic & chili vinaigrette, fennel, coriander seed, toasted flax seed Food Menu: https://bit.ly/2tejeqB . . HOURS Thursday -- 4 to 10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm) Friday -- 4 to 10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm) Saturday -- 12 to 10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm) Sunday -- 12 to 9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm) . . LIVE MUSIC Friday – Sasha K.A & Friends Saturday – Tommy Howard Group Sunday – Djamberry Caravan . . TOUR SCHEDULE Friday: Brewery 6pm Saturday: Brewery 1, 3, and 5pm; Farm 2 and 4pm Sunday: Brewery 1, 3, and 5pm . . https://jesterkingbrewery.com/tasting-room-restaurant . . . #jesterking #tastingroom #restaurant #weekend #farmhouse #drippingsprings #austin #beer #wine #independent #farm #timeplacepeople

This Thursday at 4pm when the Tasting Room and Restaurant opens, we will release our recent batch of Le Petit Prince – farmhouse table beer. · Le Petit Prince is about as simple as a beer can get here at Jester King. It is made with Texas Hill Country well water, Texas-grown barley and wheat, and a blend of hops then fermented in stainless steel with our mixed culture of native yeast and bacteria. We then dry hop and condition the beer in its vessel for a few weeks. · Le Petit Prince will be available by the glass and in bottles to go ($9/750mL). We anticipate distribution of this beer. · #jesterking #austin #drippingsprings #farmhouse #craftbeer #timeplacepeople

North Carolina friends! We’re pouring our beers tonight at @fontaflorabrew in Morgantown! Noble King, Vague Recollection, MvB, O&P, Fen Tao, SPON Three Year Blend. Co-founder Jeffrey Stuffings will be there too! #jesterking #fontaflora #friends #timeplacepeople

Happy Sunday! Our cellar release starts at Noon! Here's the details. Have a wonderful day with friends and family! . . Bottles to Go ------------------ 2018 Atrial Rubicite -- 120 bottles (last bottles until new batch!) (limit 1) 2018 Montmorency vs Balaton -- 60 bottles (limit 1) 2018 Omniscience & Proselytism -- 48 bottles (limit 1) Aurastone -- 36 bottles (limit 1) 2016 SPON Flor -- 24 bottles (limit 1) 2017 SPON Syrah & Sangiovese Magnums -- 6 bottles (limit 1) 2017 SPON Peach & Apricot Magnums -- 6 bottles (limit 1) 2018 SPON Three Year Blend Magnums -- 18 bottles (limit 1) . . By the Glass ------------------ 2017 Atrial Rubicite Cask (Conditioned w/ lavender) -- 20L 2018 Atrial Rubicite -- 20L 2018 分 桃 (Fēn táo) -- 40L 2018 Aurelian Lure -- 40L 2018 Montmorency vs Balaton -- 40L Cantillon Lambic d'Aunis -- 30L . . #jesterking #superbowl #sunday #cellarrelease #spon #sponflor #atrialrubicite #cantillon #timeplacepeople