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We have an exciting Memorial Day weekend planned at Jester King! Join us for great food, drink, live music, and artisan goods on our beautiful ranch on the outskirts of Austin! Details below.


Saturday 12-3pm -- Moving Blues @movingblues

Saturday 4-6pm -- Torin Franklin @torin_franklin

Sunday 1-4pm -- Western Union Man @western_union_man

Sunday 5-8pm -- Matagorda...


Parking lots open at 8am! Please allow plenty of time to arrive Monday in case traffic is heavy. Puente Coffee Co. will start serving at 9am and Jester King will open at 10am. Please have your parking pass QR code ready for our attendants when you arrive....

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Here's the rundown of event times for Doom Forge Day this Sunday!


All Day -- Texas Viking Invasion (Pasture)

All Day -- Live blade smithing with Fearghal Blades & Angel Sword (Pole Barn & Beer Garden)

All Day -- Figure 8 Coffee (Beer Garden)

11am to out -- Specialty guest beers on tap (Beer Garden)

11am to sold out -- Pastrami Smash Burger (Beer...


Here's our specialty list of beers for DOOM FORGE DAY this Sunday, January 21st!

Jester King Doom Forge Imperial Coffee Stout

Jester King Whiskey Barrel Rodeo

Jester King Black Atrial

Jester King Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Atrial

Jester King Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Black Metal

Jester King Black is Beautiful

Jester King Black Metal

Jester King Funk Metal

(512) Whiskey Barrel...

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It's that time of year again that we break out some dusty old bottles from our cellar! Black Friday we'll be releasing the following bottles from our cellar starting at 11am when we open.

The bottles span a decade of experimentation, creativity, and commitment to artisan brewing principles and wild fermentation. We hope you enjoy these rare treats.

First come first serve. Limit one bottle per beer, but otherwise no limits....


We're happy to announce that QR code ordering is back at Jester King. Starting this Friday, our guests can order food and drink at any bar or QR code. It's that simple. Order whatever you'd like in person or from any QR code on our ranch.

We started QR code ordering back in 2020, which helped shorten lines. People seemed to like them. We understand that people come out to Jester King to enjoy great pizza and beer in a beautiful place...

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We're very excited to announce that Jester King will soon self-distribute our beer in parts of Texas! Starting next month, we'll be self-distributing kegs and cans of our lagers, IPAs, farmhouse ales, and fruit beers to select accounts.

If you're with a Texas bar, restaurant, or store interested in selling Jester King, please hit us up at 512-468-4646 or...

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We're honored, excited, and grateful to announce the release of OH! — farmhouse ale with Sansho pepper brewed in collaboration with Chef Yoshi Okai of Otoko in Austin.

We've been enormous fans of Chef Yoshi for the last several years. His culinary combination of restraint, subtlety, artistry, and creativity is very special, and he's a really friendly, down to Earth person on top of it.

For OH!, we felt a duty to create flavors...

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Our 2023 batch of Grim Harvest — farmhouse ale with blackberries — is now available at Jester King.

For Grim Harvest, we brew fresh wort with Hill Country well water, west Texas barley and wheat from TexMalt, fresh and aged hops, then ferment it on the blackberries from Nocturn Chrysalis (barrel-aged wild ale with blackberries). This second "maceration" of the fruit yields a more subtle fruit character, with elements of the base beer...


We're releasing our 4th batch of Moderne Dansk!Moderne Dansk is our barrel-aged wild ale refermented with Danish Stevnsbær cherry juice from Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin in Denmark.

The character of the Stevnsbær cherries is one of our favorite sensory experiences. The aroma is almost unreal. We created a nice, soft blend of pale/golden wild ale aged in oak barrels for about a year, then re-fermented the cherry juice with the beer to...

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We're excited to announce that as of this week, we're fully back to in-person ordering of food and drink at Jester King. This is the way it was at Jester King from 2011 to 2020, and we're glad to get back to our roots. Why? While QR codes can be helpful, we miss being able to talk about and present our farmhouse ales and wood-fired pizza to our guests in person. We put a lot of love and connection to place into what we do with local grains,...

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Our annual Star Party is back!

There are very few places that have dark, open night skies perfect for stargazing and we are happy to be one of them. Join us at The Hall at Jester King on Friday, April 21 from 5:30-10pm alongside the Hill Country Alliance for an evening of observation and exploration into our night sky.

A panel of esteemed voices from the ATX astronomy community will discuss the impact of astronomy in the Hill...

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We're excited to release a new dry-hopped farmhouse ale re-fermented with fresh lime juice, grapefruit juice, and wildflower honey called Landive!

Landive falls in line with our long tradition of making dry, drinkable, low-to-medium strength farmhouse ales with interesting fermentation, fruit re-fermentation, and dry hop flavors / aromas. We brewed with Hill Country well water, Texas malted barley and wheat, and Sabro hops. We...


Mel Erwin, Assistant Production Manager/Brewer at Jester King, on Nocturn Chrysalis – our barrel-aged wild ale refermented with Marion Blackberries.

"I tried Nocturn Chrysalis on my very first visit out to Jester King in 2016 and it completely changed what I thought about farmhouse beers and fruited sours. I had only started getting into funky barrel aged and mixed culture beers and prior to that most sours just tasted like sugar and...

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For our 2022 Estival Dichotomous beer, we made a farmhouse ale with grilled peaches, cardamon, and cinnamon. Our Dichotomous series of seasonal saisons seeks to capture the character of the season in which they're brewed. "Estival" is our summer version.

The peaches were grown last summer at Vogel Orchard in Fredericksburg, Texas. We de-pitted them and grilled some of the peach flesh on a flat top grill & others over an open flame...


Wacth the Austin FC Game on our screens in the Pole Barn! Please be advised there's no audio accompanying the games.

We'll have AFC bingo, food & drink specials, and more.

Game day specials:

  • Verde Burger – double patty smash burger with Monterey jack cheese, salsa verde, crispy tostada, seasoned smashed avocado, and pickled red onions.
  • Mint Gimlet – gin, lime juice, and mint simple...
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For the second time ever, we're releasing a batch of Feral Dampf — our farmhouse Dampfbier brewed in collaboration with...

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We love brewing hoppy farmhouse ales (arguably our favorite thing to make), and up until now we haven't done one with exclusively New Zealand hops.

So we're happy to introduce Jester King Bird Bump — hoppy farmhouse ale brewed with New Zealand Motueka, Rakau, and Nelson Sauvin from our friends at Freestyle Hops. The fruity, tropical character of the hops melds really well with the fermentation profile from our mixed culture. Aside from...

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On Doom Forge Day this Sunday, 1/22, get your photo taken with our doom metal goats. Suggested donation of $10+ to the SIMS Foundation and our photographer will take a professional photo with you and a group of our goats in the triangle garden. Garden located next to the Pole Barn and Kitchen. Photos from 12pm-3pm. Photos will be available for download on this page starting January 25th.

If you'd like to meet our entire herd, take a...

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Doom Forge Day is back! Join us on Sunday, January 22nd from 11am-9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm) for an event most brutal, where we celebrate all things metal.

We're excited to release:

  • Original Black Metal
  • Doom Forge Coffee Stout
  • Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel Aged Black is Beautiful (draft only)
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Atrial (draft only)

At 12pm, we'll be serving a Beet Blood Red Ramen Bowl...

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Our latest batch of Jester King Gotlandsdricka is out now!

Gotlandsdricka, meaning "Drink of Gotland", is a farmhouse ale brewed with smoked malt, juniper, and myrica gale. It's inspired by the Scandanavian farmhouse brewing tradition. Gontlandsdricka is fabled to be the beer of the Vikings. Rudimentary malting techniques would likely have lent a smokey character to the beer and other plants besides hops (such as juniper and gale) were...

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Our next blend of Jester King Viridium is out today!

Viridium is a blend of mature Jester King SPON with a special coolship brew in 2019 with toasted yaupon, juniper, and rosemary. We foraged the herbs from the land around Jester King, added them to our coolship, and let the herbs steep in the hot wort overnight. We then spontaneously fermented the herbal wort in oak barrels and allowed it to slowly mature over a few years. We then...

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Black Metal, a.k.a. Iron Sword, a.k.a. Blackened Death, a.k.a. Suds of Northern Darkness, a.k.a. El Martillo del Muerte, is a cruel and punishing beer fermented by the sheer force of its awesome will.

Brewed with Hill Country well water, Texas-grown pale malt, British caramel, brown, and chocolate malts, and Belgian candi sugar and fermented in with British yeast. 9.3% alcohol by volume.

Black Metal is available onsite and online...