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On Doom Forge Day this Sunday, 1/22, get your photo taken with our doom metal goats. Suggested donation of $10+ to the SIMS Foundation and our photographer will take a professional photo with you and a group of our goats in the triangle garden. Garden located next to the Pole Barn and Kitchen. Photos from 12pm-3pm. Photos will be available for download on this page starting January 25th.

If you'd like to meet our entire herd, take a...

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Doom Forge Day is back! Join us on Sunday, January 22nd from 11am-9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm) for an event most brutal, where we celebrate all things metal.

We're excited to release:

  • Original Black Metal
  • Doom Forge Coffee Stout
  • Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel Aged Black is Beautiful (draft only)
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Atrial (draft only)

At 12pm, we'll be serving a Beet Blood Red Ramen Bowl...

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Our latest batch of Jester King Gotlandsdricka is out now!

Gotlandsdricka, meaning "Drink of Gotland", is a farmhouse ale brewed with smoked malt, juniper, and myrica gale. It's inspired by the Scandanavian farmhouse brewing tradition. Gontlandsdricka is fabled to be the beer of the Vikings. Rudimentary malting techniques would likely have lent a smokey character to the beer and other plants besides hops (such as juniper and gale) were...

Viridium22 (1).jpg

Our next blend of Jester King Viridium is out today!

Viridium is a blend of mature Jester King SPON with a special coolship brew in 2019 with toasted yaupon, juniper, and rosemary. We foraged the herbs from the land around Jester King, added them to our coolship, and let the herbs steep in the hot wort overnight. We then spontaneously fermented the herbal wort in oak barrels and allowed it to slowly mature over a few years. We then...

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Black Metal, a.k.a. Iron Sword, a.k.a. Blackened Death, a.k.a. Suds of Northern Darkness, a.k.a. El Martillo del Muerte, is a cruel and punishing beer fermented by the sheer force of its awesome will.

Brewed with Hill Country well water, Texas-grown pale malt, British caramel, brown, and chocolate malts, and Belgian candi sugar and fermented in with British yeast. 9.3% alcohol by volume.

Black Metal is available onsite and online...

2022 Open House FB Cover.png

Find us at the Wedding Capital of Texas Showcase on Sunday, January 29 from 10AM - 2PM. Then head over to The Hall at Jester King from 2PM - 5PM for our open house!

We'll have open tours, small bites, drinks, and local vendors. Some of our vendors include, Austin Yard Games

Bee Lavish, Melanie Agee (Wedding Coordinator), and photographer Lauren Slusher. Lauren will be providing a complimentary portrait to couples who attend (so...

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After a long hiatus, we're happy to release a new batch of Jester King Mad Meg Farmhouse Provision Ale!

Mad Meg is a Franco-Belgian inspired "bière de provision," which means beer for keeping or storing. Provision ales were typically higher in alcohol and cellared for longer periods of time than their lower abv counterparts. Jester King Mad Meg is a simple beer with well water, Texas barley and wheat, and organic Fuggle and Perle hops....


We're excited to release our 2022 batch of Commerical Suicide English-Style Dark Mild. It was brewed to style with Golden Promise, Biscuit, Caramel, and Chocolate malts and East Kent Golding hops. We fermented in stainless steel with English yeast.

Commercial Suicide was actually the first Jester King beer ever released in 2010. We called it Commercial Suicide because the beer effectively had no audience. We considered it too dark for...


Happy Holidays! Thanks to everyone that came out to take holiday photos with our goats on SPON Day. We appreciate all of your donations to Helping Hand Home. Please find & download your photos at the button below.


We're pleased to announce the release of 2022 SPON Three Year Blend tomorrow, 12/10 starting at 11am CT (onsite only)!

2022 SPON Three Year Blend is a blend of 100% spontaneously fermented beer from our 2021, 2020, and 2019 coolship seasons. Taking inspiration from authentic Belgian Gueuze, our aim is to follow a time-honored, classical method developed overseas, but with our own well water, Texas grain, aged hops, and native yeast to...

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Bug Farm Batch 3 is now available at Jester King!

Bug Farm is our farmhouse ale with rosemary, lavender, and spearmint, re-fermented with watermelon. We brewed the base beer with Trinity well water, TexMalt Llano Pilsner, malted wheat, raw wheat, and organic Perle hops. We fermented in stainless steel with JK mixed culture, added rosemary, lavender, and spearmint to taste, then re-fermented with over two tons of fresh watermelon...


Our latest batch of Mr. Mingo — farmhouse ale with Roselle hibiscus — is now available.

Brewed with Trinity well water, TexMalt Llano pilsner and Denton County wheat, flaked oats, Columbus hops, and Roselle hibiscus. Fermented in stainless steel with our JK mixed culture. Packaged in kegs and (for the first time) cans. Light, dry, drinkable, mildly tart, and slightly herbaceous.

Available today onsite and online at the link:...

QueensOrderCans-1 (2).jpg

Our latest batch of Queen's Order — farmhouse ale with Tallow honey and dried lemon peel — is out today!

Queen's Order is designed to be a nice, pillowy, low abv, dry and drinkable farmhouse ale with pleasant fruit-forward aromas and a nice quenching hop bitterness and fermentation tartness. It's brewed with Trinity well water, TexMalt Llano Pilsner, malted spelt, flaked oats, organic Perle hops, dried lemon peel, and Tallow honey. It...

UrbanMutation-2 (3).jpg

Today we're releasing Batch 2 of Urban Mutation, our collaboration with...


We’re excited to celebrate SPON Day this year! Join us on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2022 FROM 11AM-9PM CT as we release our annual three year blend of spontaneously fermented beer, feature some of our favorite spontaneously fermented beers and wines, and celebrate the season with a holiday market featuring local vendors, delicious food from Jester King Kitchen, private tours & tastings, live music, holiday goat photos, and...


We're excited to release Gin Barrel-Aged Nocturn Chrysalis Batch 3 on Black Friday!

To make Gin Barrel-Aged Nocturn Chrysalis, we brew farmhouse ale with well water, Texas grain, and fresh and aged hops. We primary ferment in stainless steel with our mixed culture, then age the beer in neutral oak for about a year. We then create a blend and add a very high ratio of Marion Blackberries (6 pounds per gallon) to the beer. We let the...

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Start your holiday shopping on Black Friday at Jester King! We'll be open Friday, 11/25 from 11am-9pm. Black Friday cellar release includes:

  • Black Metal - Batch #18 (June 2016) Farmhouse imperial stout - 10.8% abv - $30 (750mLx12 available)
  • Vanilla & Balcones Bourbon Barrel Aged OG Black Metal - Batch #1 (Nov 2021) - Imperial stout aged in Balcones bourbon barrels for 9 months w/ Madagascar vanilla beans added prior to...

Happy Holidays! We'd love to be a part of your celebrations this year. We have a delicious selection of cookies, pies, and baked goods available for pre-order from our Pastry Chef Mattie Grey.

Cookie Boxes ($25/12 cookies):

  • Ginger molasses cookies (3 each)

  • Peppermint shortbread sandwich cookies (3 each)

  • Chocolate...

AceroseEfflorscence-3 (1).jpg

Introducing Jester King Acerose Efflorescence! This is a collaboration with our longtime friends at Novare Res Bier Café in Portland, Maine. Acerose Efflorescence is a bière de coupage (young beer cut or blended with mature spontaneous beer) of fresh Belgian-style Blond Ale and mature Jester King SPON.

The Belgian-style Blond Ale was brewed well water, malted barley and wheat, and Adreena hops from Roy Farms in Washington. After primary...

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Our latest batch of Jester King DDH IPA is out today. It's a West Coast Hazy IPA brewed with Texas-grown malted barley and wheat, flaked oats, and Idaho 7 and Mosaic Cryo hops. It was fermented with California Ale yeast and dry hopped with more Mosaic Cryo and Citra Cryo.

Available at Jester King starting at 2pm today and at a small number of bars around Texas (draft only) from our friends at Flood Independent Distribution. Enjoy...

BiereDeLenoir (1).jpg

We're happy to announce the return of Jester King Biere de Lenoir!

Biere de Lenoir is barrel-aged wild ale brewed with well water, Texas grain, and a blend of fresh hops and aged hops from our barn. It's fermented with our mixed culture and aged in neutral oak wine barrels. After about a year of maturation, it was re-fermented with a very high ratio (fruit to beer) of Lenoir (aka Black Spanish) grapes from Sulphur Bluff, Texas. After...


We canned a fresh batch of Helles Lager this week!

We brewed a simple wort with Weyermann Pilsner Malt and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops. Primary fermented with pure culture German lager yeast and lagered for eight weeks prior to filtration and packaging. Clean, crisp, drinkable, and refreshing.

Available now onsite and online at the link:...


We're excited to announce our latest IPA — Jester King Star Party!

Star Party is both kettle and dry hopped with Comet, Apollo, and Galaxy hops and fermented with Star Party yeast from Omega Yeast Labs. The Star Party strain is a "Thiolized™️ version of the beloved Chico strain...with aromas of passion fruit, dank pink guava, and citrus zest." We get big Tiki, limeade, and mango notes from Jester King Star Party IPA.

Be on the...

6 grain saison-10-1 (1).jpg

Today we're releasing a more recent favorite of ours — Hoppy 6 Grain Saison!

This beer is fairly new (batch 2), but it relates back to the origins of farmhouse ale at Jester King. Mineral-rich water, combined with a rustic malt character, herbal/spicy hoppiness, and wild fermentation is our main calling card. To achieve a rustic malt character, we brewed with malted barley, rye, spelt, and wheat, naked oats, and unmalted purple corn....