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Happy International Beer Day! We're excited to announce the return of Bitter Death -- our Extra Hoppy Belgian-Style Pale Ale. For our second batch, we've packaged it in 16oz. cans in addition to draft.

Dry, bitter, drinkable, low-to-moderate ABV with some interesting fermentation character — that's a key mantra of ours when it comes to beer. And that's what Bitter Death is all about. We brewed a 5.0% abv pale beer with San Jacinto...


We're very excited to release our third wine from the 2021 grape harvest — our 2021 Red Blend. 2021 Red Blend is part of our Have We Met? series of wines. It features Texas-grown Black Spanish, Merlot, and Syrah grapes from Sulphur Bluff, Texas east of Dallas.

The grapes were harvested in August of 2021, crushed, and fermented in stainless steel at Jester King with the same mixed culture we use to ferment our farmhouse ales. We then...


Come out to try our new German-style Kölsch! This is a draft-only beer at Jester King. Our Kölsch was brewed as close to style as possible with softened well water, Texas-grown pilsner malt from Tex-Malt, Munich malt, and organic Perle hops. We fermented in stainless steel with Kölsch yeast, lagered for three weeks, filtered, force carbed, and packaged exclusively in kegs. 4.6% abv.

We hope you enjoy our crisp, drinkable, refreshing,...

ESSummerAle-1 (1).jpg

We're excited to release the next English-style beer we've brewed at Jester King — English-style Summer Ale. While English beers are by no means our focus, we love brewing and drinking them. The complexity packed into relatively small beers, the blend of herbal hops and fruity esters, the drinkability, and the pub culture surrounding them make English-style beers among our most favorite.

For the hottest time of year, we brewed a...

VernalDichotomous-3 (1).jpg

2022 Vernal Dichotomous out now — our farmhouse ale inspired by the Central Texas spring season.

For this year's batch, we kept the recipe quite simple. We created a blend of farmhouse ale aged in oak barrels, then re-fermented the blend with sencha green tea. We sought to capture some of the herbaceous, earthy, floral character of the season in the form of a farmhouse ale. Like all our Dichotomous beers, they are created during the...

BDCColorCorrect (1).jpg

We're excited to release our 2021 batch of Biere de Coupage! Biere de Coupage is a dry-hopped blend of fresh, hoppy farmhouse ale and mature, barrel-aged SPON. "Biere de Coupage" simply means beer that is cut or blended. We learned about the practice of blending young beer with old from the Franco-Belgian farmhouse tradition, and we adopted it into our beer making about a decade ago. We enjoy seeing how the microflora from the mature SPON...

das wunderkind 7.jpg

We're happy to announce the release of our latest batch of Das Wunderkind! Blended Saison.

Das Wunderkind is one of our oldest beers and one of the first to incorporate mature, barrel-aged wild beer. Back in November 2021, we brewed a young, fresh, hoppy farmhouse ale, blended it with mature, barrel-aged wild beer, then gave the blend a fresh dry hop of El Dorado, Motueka, Meridian, and Simcoe. We then naturally conditioned the blend...

BBAMod (1).jpg

We're excited to announce the release of 2022 Balcones Bourbon Barrel-Aged Moderne Dansk!

We created a blend of mature farmhouse ale aged in neutral oak wine barrels for about a year, re-fermented the blend with Danish Stevnsbær cherry juice from the renowned Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin, then barrel-aged the blend for another year in Bourbon barrels from our friends at Balcones Distilling in Waco! This two-year-old project involved...

O+P-28-1 (1).jpg

We're excited to release Batch No. 9 of Omniscience & Proselytism! Omniscience & Proselytism (or "O&P") is our blend of mature, barrel-aged farmhouse ale, re-fermented with fresh-picked strawberries from KH Farm in Poteet, Texas!

Our core philosophy is taking the natural ingredients around us (aquifer water, Texas grain, local produce, native yeast) and presenting them through the "magic" of fermentation. Fermentation has a...


Our original version of Mr. Mingo Hibiscus Saison is here! Our motto at Jester King is we brew what we like, drink what we want, and offer the rest to those who share our tastes. This summer, we felt like drinking the original version of Mr. Mingo, which is simply a farmhouse ale brewed with Roselle Hibiscus.

But don't let the simplicity of the recipe and concept belie the complexity of the beer. Mr. Mingo is brewed with well water,...


Le Petit Prince Farmhouse Table Beer in cans.

This feels a little surreal to write. It has certainly been a long-time coming. We first brewed Le Petit Prince Farmhouse Table Beer in 2012. We've been brewing it once or twice per year since. Originally inspired by Brasserie Dupont's table beer called Avril. We sought to make a low-alcohol beer that's dry, drinkable, refreshing, crisp, hoppy with a little bit of beguiling yeast character...

Hibernal (1).jpg

We're excited to announce the release of 2022 Hibernal Dichotomous! Our Dichotomous series seeks to create flavors and aromas tied to the season in which they're created using seasonal ingredients and naturally occurring yeast.

For 2022 Hibernal Dichotomous, we created a barrel-aged blend of wild beer, which included a portion aged in Mezcal barrels. We then took winter beets and fire-roasted them in-house at Jester King Kitchen. Prior...


To help celebrate the release of 2022 Atrial Rubicite, we're also releasing a portion of 2021 Atrial Rubicite that was aged in Balcones Distilling Bourbon barrels!

We took some of last year's World Beer Cup Gold Medal-winning Atrial Rubicite and racked it into Balcones Distilling Bourbon barrels and aged it for a year. We then blended and naturally conditioned. The 2021 Atrial Rubicite must have absorbed residual bourbon in the...


We're excited to announce the release of Atrial Rubicite Batch 12 this Friday, July 15th! Atrial Rubicite is our barrel-aged wild ale re-fermented with raspberries. Originally released in 2013, it's our first-ever fruit beer.

When Atrial Rubicite was first released nine years ago, we wrote, "We love taking fruit that is highly aromatic and flavorful and fermenting it to dryness, so that the beer is imbued with the rich character of the...

Atrial Art Poster (1).jpg

We are honored to have won gold for Atrial Rubicite in the Belgian Fruit Beer category at this year's World Beer Cup!

⁠Celebrate the win with us at our 2022 Atrial Rubicite release party on Friday, July 15 from 12-9pm.

  • We'll be pouring glasses of Atrial Rubicite all day
  • Bottles of Atrial Rubicite available for purchase in the Beer Garden (while supplies last). 6 bottle limit.
  • Bottles of...

Borgberg (1).jpg

We're excited to announce a new collaboration beer with our longtime friends Nicole and Lumbri Stufflebeme of Lupinus Artisan Ales! We brewed a Danish-style lager with 100% Viking Pilsner Malt, Czech Saaz Hops, and Danish Lager Yeast from Omega Yeast. Eight weeks total lagering time. Filtered. 4.8% abv.

Thank you Nicole and Lumbri for the friendship over the years and helping us craft a new tasty lager!

Head to the brewery today...


Tomorrow we're releasing a re-brew of Enigmatic Taxa, our 2017 collaboration with Perennial Artisan Ales in St. Louis, Missouri! Enigmatic Taxa is a hoppy farmhouse ale with grapefruit juice and zest added to the coolship. A portion of the grapefruits is from our friends down the road at Revolution Spirits.

The base beer is inspired by Belgian Hommel Bier. We brewed a 13 Plato wort with Llano, Texas Pilsner malt, Biscuit, Carafoam, and...

SummerSessions Banners_Facebook Banner 1640x924 (1).jpg

We're excited to announce Jester King Summer Sessions this July through August! A one-of-a-kind concert series at The Hall at Jester King with live music, dinner, and Jester King's world-renowned farmhouse ales.


  • 7/14 -...
KickballBeer-5 (1).jpg

Out today is a new Belgian-Style Pale Ale brewed to celebrate our kickball beer league at Jester King!

The beer was brewed with well water, Texas-grown malted barley and wheat, flaked oats, and Perle, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, and Tettnanger hops. It was fermented in stainless steel with a pure culture of Belgian Pale Ale yeast, then dry hopped with more Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and Tettnanger hops. It's unfiltered and naturally conditioned...

QueensOrder-10 (1).jpg

We're excited to announce the re-release of Jester King Queen's Order — farmhouse ale with tallow honey and dried lemon peel. This staff favorite is dry, drinkable, flavorful, and timely for the hot Texas summer.

Queen's Order is brewed with well water, TexMalt Llano Pilsner, malted spelt, flaked oats, organic Perle hops, tallow honey and dried lemon peel. It was fermented in stainless steel with our house mixed culture. 100% naturally...

AtrialWBCCrop (1).jpg

We are honored to have won gold for Atrial Rubicite in the Belgian Fruit Beer category at this year's World Beer Cup.

Atrial Rubicite competed amongst 76 other beers in the Belgian Fruit Beer category from breweries across the world. ⁠Congratulations to Oud Beersel for taking home silver and ColdFire Brewing for securing...

Viridium-3 (1).jpg

We're pleased to introduce Jester King Viridium — 100% spontaneously fermented beer brewed with toasted yaupon, juniper, and rosemary. All of the herbs were foraged from the land surrounding the brewery.

We first brewed a batch of Viridium in 2019, and then we brewed another batch in 2020. After the beer matured in oak barrels for two to three years, we blended it with some one-year-old spontaneous beer in our cellar. The blend was...


Jester King Hazy IPA out tomorrow! The base was Texas-grown malted barley and wheat from TexMalt. We kettle hopped with Idaho 7 and Simcoe. We dry-hopped with Simcoe, Citra, Galaxy, Strata, and Nelson Sauvin. We also added an enzyme called Beta glucosidase during the early dry hopping to aid in biotransformation (i.e. the interaction of yeast and hop oils to create new flavor compounds). 6.5% abv. Drink as fresh as possible.

Place your...


Today we're releasing our 2022 blend of Montmorency vs. Balaton! "MvB" is our barrel aged wild ale re-fermented with Montmorency and Balaton cherries from Michigan. 🍒 One of our running jokes at Jester King is, "What is your favorite fruit to ferment with beer, and why is it cherry?" Cherries are indeed hard to beat when it comes to fruit re-fermentation. We get delicious notes of cherry pie, cinnamon, and marzipan.

2022 Montmorency...


Chef Brad Leone visited Jester King over Memorial Day weekend for a Q&A with Jester King Brewery founder Jeff Stuffings. They discussed food, beer, and all things fermentation. Brad talked about a few stories and recipes from his new book 'Field Notes for Food Adventure' as well.

Three lucky winners won a Gozney oven with the purchase of one of Brad's books. Gozney makes live-fire cooking easy...