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Return to In-Person Ordering

We're excited to announce that as of this week, we're fully back to in-person ordering of food and drink at Jester King. This is the way it was at Jester King from 2011 to 2020, and we're glad to get back to our roots. Why? While QR codes can be helpful, we miss being able to talk about and present our farmhouse ales and wood-fired pizza to our guests in person. We put a lot of love and connection to place into what we do with local grains, wild yeast, and ingredients from Texas farms, and we feel a bit of what makes these things special get lost in the impersonalism of a QR code/screen.

But what about long lines? This was a knock on us prior to QR codes. Today, we're different in that we now run four bars (Pasture, Brewery, Pizzeria, Goat Pen), have our own food truck (JK Kwik Kitchen) to complement our pizza, and can our beer now so we can offer cold cans quickly. Technology has improved too from back when we used to write names and numbers on pizza boxes by hand. We think you'll find our onsite experience for ordering food and drink pretty smooth and fast.

We've always seen Jester King as a beautiful place to enjoy food and drink tied to time, place, and people with friends and family. Ditching screens and connectivity for a bit is something that's part of this. We're happy to be taking a step back in this direction and hope you like it too. Come out and check it out starting this Thursday.