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Did Your Wedding Even Count if There Were No Goats?

March 27, 2023

(By Lauren Larson, Texas Monthly | March 27, 2023) – The new party VIPs are beer-drinking goats, beer-toting donkeys, and the occasional giraffe. READ MORE


The 16 Best Restaurants And Bars In Texas Hill Country

February 12, 2023

(By Matt Kirouac, Tasting Table | February 12, 2023) – Nestled between cities like Austin and San Antonio, two foodie meccas in their own right, the Texas Hill Country is a sprawling swath of pastoral paradise that's low-key one of the most immersive and singular dining destinations in the U.S. READ MORE


Jester King Wins Three Medals at 2023 Texas Craft Brewers Cup

February 11, 2023

Jester King Brewery was awarded one silver and two bronze medals at the 2023 Texas Craft Brewers Cup presented by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. The best beers in 27 medal categories covering 150+ different beer styles were awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals during an awards ceremony at the Texas Craft Brewers Guild’s Annual Meeting at Hilton Austin on Saturday, February 11.

  • Jester King Brewery was recognized in the Wood & Barrel-Aged Sour & Brett Beer category for Bourbon Barrel Aged Moderne Dansk, a blend of mature farmhouse ale aged in neutral oak wine barrels for about a year, re-fermented with Danish Stevnsbær cherry juice from the renowned Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin, then barrel-aged for another year in Bourbon barrels from Balcones Distilling.
  • Jester King Brewery was awarded bronze in the Belgian & Farmhouse Ales category for Atrial...

The 25 Best Breweries in the Country Right Now, According to Beer Bars

December 6, 2022

(By Niko Krommydas, VinePair | December 6, 2022) – The below panel of publicans and beverage directors was asked to name the one brewery that is considered a no-exceptions fixture at their business, and how that devotion came to be. Their answers, gathered below, showcase both neophyte and well-established beer makers and, within this group, present a wide range of focuses and specialities. READ MORE


Best in Beer 2022, Readers’ Choice: Who Brews It Best?

November 8, 2022

(By Craft Beer & Brewing Staff, Craft Beer & Brewing | November 8, 2022) – Which brewery makes the best saison? Who brews the best lagers? We asked, you voted. Here are the results. READ MORE


Austin's Best Breweries of 2022, Power-Ranked

October 13, 2022

(By Eric Puga, The Austin Chronicle | October 13, 2022) – Craft beer has begun its redemption arc. Out are the big bourbon barrel-aged confectionary stouts, the biting quintuple IPAs, the gut-melting sours. In: Lagers. Clean, crisp, confident lagers.

So, you ask, which ones are trending the hottest right now? Which frosty lager under a leafy tree is going to beat this heat on a Saturday afternoon? Here, loyal readers, is our annual BREWERY POWER RANKINGS to guide you square and true through those weekend brewery plans, a list many people are saying is more anticipated than season 2 of Severance. READ MORE


These Are The Best Beers In America, According To The Great American Beer Festival

October 8, 2022

(By Emily Price, Forbes | October 8, 2022) – There are beer festivals and then there’s the Great American Beer Festival. The largest beer festival in the world the event is part drunken festival, part serious beer competition with the nation’s best breweries battling it out for one of the events coveted gold, silver, and bronze medals. Read more


Here are the best breweries in each state; which brewery do you think is the best in Texas?

August 29, 2022

(By Tyler Manning, KDAF News Dallas | August 29, 2022) – Everyone has their go-to spot that they frequent and everyone thinks their favorite brewery is the best. So in the spirit of comparison and out of a deep love of breweries, we are looking at’s list of the best breweries in each state. Read more

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Texas Brewers Are Using Native Yeasts to Create Some Truly Wild Beers

June 6, 2022

(By Laurel Miller, Texas Monthly | June 6, 2022) – San Antonio’s Community Cultures Yeast Lab—the only one of its kind in the southern U.S.—collects indigenous strains for craft breweries. Read more


The Best Breweries in Austin

April 18, 2022

(By Holly Cowart, Tribeza | April 18, 2022) – Here are some of our favorite breweries around the city specializing in craveable brews and high-quality vibes that will undoubtedly make you a regular. Read more


Where to Eat, Stay, and Play in Texas Hill Country

April 15, 2022

(By Matt Kirouac, Condé Nast Traveler | April 15, 2022) – Come for the blooming wildflowers and wine tasting, stay for the barbecue spots that are nearly as old as Texas. Read more


Jester King, one of best breweries in Texas, now making wine and cider

July 28, 2021

(By Matthew Odam, Austin 360 | July 28, 2021) – Jester King Brewery co-founder Jeffrey Stuffings uncorks a bottle of wine in the open-air, barn-like structure at his pastoral operation southwest of Austin and relays a cliché he says has long bubbled in the beverage community: “Brewers wanna be winemakers, and winemakers wanna be brewers.” Read more


Solar-Powered Suds

April 23, 2021

(By Lina Fisher, The Austin Chronicle | April 23, 2021) – Texas breweries reducing beer’s carbon footprint. Read more

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Brewery farmer combats cedar with goats, and they drink the beer, too

March 2, 2021

(By Eric Henrikson, KXAN News | March 2, 2021) – For many Central Texans, cedar is a dirty word. The coniferous plant, actually Ashe Juniper, grows rampant across the region. In the winter, it releases massive amounts of fine pollen into the air, driving allergy sufferers crazy. Because the plant grows so easily in Central Texas, removing it seems impossible. Read more


As Travel Resumes, Wineries, Cooking Schools and Others Get Creative

June 16, 2020

(By Lauren Sloss, New York Times | June 16, 2020) – Distilleries, cooking schools, wineries and food halls from California to South Minneapolis are adjusting to social distancing and hygiene in a new era of travel. Read more


This Texas Brewery Is Reopening as a Beer-Friendly Park

June 10, 2020

(By Mike Pomranz, Food & Wine | June 3, 2020) – Guests at Austin's Jester King Brewery will have access to 165 acres of picnic grounds and hiking trails. Read more


Top 20 Austin Breweries of 2020

November 11, 2020

(By Eric Puga, The Austin Chronicle | November 11, 2020) – It's time for our annual Central Texas Brewery Power Rankings. Read more


Here are 5 significant Austin breweries to come out of the last decade

January 2, 2020

(By Arianna Auber, Austin 360 | January 2, 2020) – One thing you can say with certainty about the 2010s — that they delivered a bona fide brewery boom from coast to coast. Breweries proliferated all over the country and especially in Austin, where there are more breweries within city limits than any other city in Texas. Read more

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No Need To Fear Light Strike In Beer

May 5, 2016

(By Justin Grant, Tampa Bay Times | May 5, 2016) For years, Bob Sylvester of Saint Somewhere Brewing Co. has produced unique, farmhouse-style ales at his Tarpon Springs brewery, inspired by the rustic beers of the Belgian countryside — right down to the green bottles they're generally packaged in. Read more


CNBC's Battle Of The Beer Labels: Underdogs To Watch

March 15, 2016

(By Tom Rotunno, CNBC | March 15, 2016) – CNBC's Battle of the Beer Labels is back. Read more

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Jester King Aurelian Lure Review

February 5, 2016

(By Billy Steele, Paste Magazine | February 5, 2016) For fans of sours, farmhouse ales and other funky styles, Jester King is a name that probably comes up often. Read more


Jester King Buys Surrounding Land

January 8, 2016

(By Brandon Watson, The Austin Chronicle | January 8, 2016) – Brewer to start working farm. Read more


Jester King Brewery Plans On Creating A Farm Wonderland

January 6, 2016

(By Nadia Chaudhury, Eater Austin | January 6, 2016) – With a restaurant in the works. Read more


The American Brewers Redefining Farmhouse Ale

October 29, 2015

(By Aaron Goldfarb, Punch | October 29, 2015) – Farmhouse ales, long the domain of Belgium and France, have been co-opted and riffed on by American brewers. Aaron Goldfarb on the ten breweries—on and off the farm—who are redefining the style. Read more


What’s the Brew-Haha?

September 17, 2015

(By Jordan Breal and Aaron Chamberlain, Texas Monthly | September 17, 2015) – These eight breweries—as scenic as they are savory—are creating quite the buzz. Read more


King Of Hop

September 17, 2015

(Aaron Chamberlain, Texas Monthly | September 17, 2015) – The founder of Austin’s maverick Jester King Brewery talks about his big new project. Read more


Six Memorable Beers From The Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival

(By John Verive, Paste | June 6, 2014) – On May 31st, 50 breweries from around the globe, nearly 3000 thirsty craft beer fans, and dozens of beer media and industry insiders took over the California Mid State Fairgrounds in Paso Robles for what’s become one of the world’s premier beer festivals. Read more


All Hail the Jester

(By Anna Toon, The Austin Chronicle | May 2, 2014) – The jester is nobody's fool. Often dismissed as dim-witted and simple, the jester carries compelling historical and literary significance. Just ask King Lear. Existing beyond societal norms and confines, the jester has the unique ability to criticize established power structures with little rebuke. It's all in good fun, after all. Indeed, craft brewers who are more playful, artful, and creative are often said to collectively wear the beermaking crown. In the case of Jester King Brewery, the idea is to assume the crown. All hail the jester. Read more


Beer in Bloom: A bounty of New Local Microbreweries

(By Lee Nichols, Austin Chronicle | June 18, 2010) - It's a beautiful Hill Country April day just west of Oak Hill – the perfect time of year to cruise a little country road. Bluebonnets are popping up everywhere. It's a time and place that makes any native Texan giddy, and I am.

On this particular journey, the drive makes me even more delirious than usual – at the end of it, delicious beer awaits. The occasion is the groundbreaking for Jester King Craft Brewery, an aspiring entrant into Austin's small microbrewing industry. Read more