QR Code Ordering is Back

We're happy to announce that QR code ordering is back at Jester King. Starting this Friday, our guests can order food and drink at any bar or QR code. It's that simple. Order whatever you'd like in person or from any QR code on our ranch.

We started QR code ordering back in 2020, which helped shorten lines. People seemed to like them. We understand that people come out to Jester King to enjoy great pizza and beer in a beautiful place while getting to spend disconnected, quality time with friends and family. We care deeply about our food and beer, but we see helping create enjoyable, disconnected time with friends and family as our core purpose for existing. Waiting in line too much obviously defeats all that. With QR codes, even if we're very busy on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and pizza times are long, at least folks can get a quick beer and enjoy the company of their friends from their table instead of waiting in line to order.

Why did we move away from QR codes earlier this year? We don't love the impersonal nature of them and having to interface with a device. Service and hospitality are important to us, and a lot of love goes into our food and beer, so we felt the Jester King experience was suffering due to the lack of personal connection. But like most things, one extreme or the other isn't great, and we're back with a hybrid — order at any bar in person or by QR code.

We're hopeful and confident this will be right, and we try to be open and communicative about when we didn't get it right. Serving food and drink on a multi-acre, quasi-public / private, outdoor ranch can be tricky, but again, we feel we got it right. We hope you will agree and that we'll see you soon at Jester King for some pizza, beer, goats, and great times with family and friends!