2018 Blog

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We’re happy to announce that we are releasing our second batch of Super Ultramega Hyperforce today at 4pm! Super Ultramega Hyperforce is a farmhouse ale with dried tarragon, ginger salt, and refermented with cantaloupe.

This beer was brewed in July with Texas Hill Country water, malted barley from Blacklands Malt, and rolled oats. Ginger salt was added to the boil. It then fermented in stainless steel with our mixed culture of native...

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We sometimes forget the key word of agriculture is "culture" -- the myriad of learned experiences unique to countless societies around the planet. We share our humanity through dance, music and art, but we must also share it by working together for the development of plants, animals, and food.

To help toward this end, we recently hosted our first ever international farmer here at Jester King named Luke Barbuto. Luke is...

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We're pleased to announce that our next Founder's Tour & Guided Tasting will be this Saturday, December 22nd from Noon to 1:30pm! Jester King founder Jeffrey Stuffings will take guests on a private tour of the brewery, followed by a guided tasting of rare and vintage Jester King beers.

- Guests will receive a welcome pour of one of Jester King's farmhouse ales.

- The tour will progress through...


Today at 4pm, we'll be releasing our latest batches of Noble King Hoppy Farmhouse Ale and El Cedro Hoppy Cedar-Aged Farmhouse Ale!

Noble King, along with Le Petit Prince, is about as simple, straightforward expression of place as we're capable of achieving through beer. We brew with well water and local grains, boil with noble varieties of hops, and ferment in stainless steel with our mixed culture. The result is a hoppy, bitter, dry,...

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For SPON Day on Saturday, December 8th, we'll be releasing 2018 SPON Three Year Blend, 2018 SPON Still and 2018 SPON Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon!

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We're pleased and excited to announce 2018 SPON Estate Peach — our first-ever beer refermented with fruit grown at Jester King!

Back in 2014, we planted a peach tree right next to the brewery. We don't actually know what variety of peach tree it is, but we do know it's an early fruiting tree. Its peaches are low in sugar content, high in acidity, and very aromatic. We've watched the tree slowly grow over the past four...

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This Friday at 4pm when our Tasting Room opens, we will be releasing our 4th batch of Foudreweizen, a collaboration with Live Oak Brewery in Austin, TX!

For this beer, Live Oak brews the wort for their Hefeweizen. The wort is transported to Jester King and placed in one of our oak foudres, then fermented with hefeweizen yeast and our mixed culture of native yeasts and bacteria.

This batch...

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We're pleased to announce that our private event hall at Jester King is now open for bookings!

Earlier this year when we purchased the ranch we've called home since 2010, we inherited a beautiful, secluded private event space at the heart of the property. We're happy to now be accepting bookings for weddings, rehearsal...



Thank you very much to everyone who came our to SPON Day yesterday! We hope you had a great time, and enjoyed good food, drink and community with friends and family.

As far as the spontaneous beer and wine we have left today, here's the list. Everything is available by the glass and to go unless otherwise noted. We're open from 12-9pm Sundays (kitchen closes...


We're happy to announce that our restaurant is now open on Thursday nights! Starting this Thursday, November 29th, we'll be open every Thursday from 4pm to 10pm with our kitchen closing at 9pm.

Our restaurant is located just down the hill from the brewery in an old barn. It's the space formerly occupied by Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza. There are two bars, three wood-fired ovens, a kitchen, a large beer hall, and an...

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This Friday, November 23rd (Black Friday) at Noon, we'll be releasing our 2018 blends of Cerveza de Tempranillo, Bière de Blanc du Bois & Birra de Sangiovese! All three of these beers are aged in oak barrels for roughly a year, blended, then refermented with Texas-grown Tempranillo, Blanc du Bois and Sangiovese grapes respectively.

The overlap between wild beer and...

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We are excited to announce that we are releasing Le Petit Prince in magnum bottles today when our tasting room opens at 4pm. The magnum sized bottle is meant for sharing, and what a better time to share than on Thanksgiving!

Le Petit Prince is about as simple as a farmhouse beer can be - unfiltered well water from the Trinity aquifer, a small amount of Texas-grown barley and wheat, and a good amount of Saaz hops. We...

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This week we'll be releasing our third-ever batch of Jester King Buddha's Brew — our farmhouse ale blended and re-fermented with Buddha's Brew Kombucha tea!

What would later be called "Jester King Buddha's Brew" was one of our first-ever test batches. In 2010, we took some of our homebrew and blended it with kombucha tea from Buddha's Brew at about a 10:1 ratio. The idea was to...

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We're excited to announce that our Inaugural Vineyard Tour & Wine Tasting will be Saturday, November 24th from Noon to 1:30pm at Jester King!

Jester King Wine Coordinator Traci Walker will lead guests on a private tour of our 3.5 acre vineyard, followed by a guided tasting of some of Traci's favorite natural wines!

Here are more details:

- Guests will receive a welcome pour of Jester King Terroir...


We're pleased to announce that we will be releasing our latest batch of Figlet today! Figlet is a farmhouse ale refermented with Texas figs smoked by our friends at Franklin BBQ.

For this year’s Figlet, we sourced 200 pounds of figs from Little Om Farm in Elgin, Texas. Those figs were taken to Franklin BBQ where they...


We're excited to once again be hosting our tree planting day at Jester King! This Sunday, November 11th at Noon, we're looking for 100 volunteers to help us plant fruit trees at our farm. We promise an early afternoon of nature, music, beer, camaraderie, education and fun. We hope you'll join us!

We ask that all volunteers arrive at Noon on the 11th with gloves, a shovel or spade, water, and closed-toe shoes. After...

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We're happy to release our latest batch of Colonel Toby today! Colonel Toby is our hoppy little farmhouse ale brewed in collaboration with The Kernel Brewery in London, England. We love simple, little, crisp, bitter, drinkable beers, and Colonel Toby fits this bill. Over the last few years, it has emerged as a favorite amongst our staff here at Jester King and garners excitement...

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We have a new goat in our herd for mating season! His name is Prince Charming, and he's a Nigerian Dwarf goat from Darla Faye's Mini-Farm near San Antonio.

We're really excited to have Prince Charming join us. His grandfather was the grand champion best Nigerian Dwarf goat in the country two-years running, and he has a lovely demeanor that exudes warmth and kindness. He'll be...

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We're very happy to introduce 2018 SPON — Texas Plum & Nectarine! It's a blend of one and two year old 100% spontaneously fermented beer from 2016 and 2017, refermented with Bruce sour plums from Lightsey Farms in Mexia, Texas, Morris plums from Engel Farms in Stonewall, Texas, and white nectarines from Cooper Farms in Fairfield, Texas!

Our SPON beers are 100% spontaneously fermented with airborne yeast and bacteria collected...

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We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve hired Damien Brockway to be our Executive Chef at Jester King! Damien is a very talented, thoughtful, passionate chef, who now runs the kitchen at our restaurant (formerly Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza). Over the last few months, Damien has begun creating food that mirrors the philosophy of our beer. He's been using local agriculture, fermentation, and old-world techniques to make...


We're very happy to introduce Jester King Terroir Project!

Terroir Project is collaborative endeavor organized by our friends at Firestone Walker Brewing Company in Paso Robles, California. It involves stretching the limits between wine and beer by co-fermenting 51% wort with 49% native grapes....

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This Friday, October 5th, we're pleased to release CRU-55 Blend 2!

CRU-55 is our "grand cru" version of RU-55 Barrel Aged Sour Red Ale. For Blend 2, we aged RU-55 for 26 months in Pinot Noir Barrels. Soft, elegant acidity slowly developed over time as the beer took on a vinous character.

This is our second blend of CRU-55. It's 6.9% alcohol by volume and was packaged in August. It's 100%...


We are extremely excited to announce the lineup for 2018 Jester King Funk n' Sour Fest on October 25th! We believe it's the best lineup yet and brings together an incredible collection of food and drink talent from our area.

For those unfamiliar, Funk n' Sour Fest is the night when we pair some of the best restaurants in and around Austin with some of our favorite producers of beer, wine and cider. Each restaurant...

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We are excited to host Zwanze Day this Saturday! This celebration marks our eighth year hosting. Unlike past years, 2018 Zwanze Day is open to the public! No ticket is necessary to join the festivities.

Here's what to expect:

Our 30 liter keg of 2018 Zwanze will be available at a tent located south of the brewery towards our farm. We ask that you please wait until Noon to start a line at the...

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In our effort to farm here at Jester King, a major challenge we face is the condition of our soil. Our soil, along with much throughout central Texas, has been either abandoned, overtilled or overgrazed. What’s left behind is often in need of much repair in order to support local agriculture. Fortunately, we have a familiar friend we can turn to for help – fermentation.

To fertilize our soil, we’ve chosen to use a technique adapted...