Our Restaurant is Now Open on Thursday Nights!

We're happy to announce that our restaurant is now open on Thursday nights! Starting this Thursday, November 29th, we'll be open every Thursday from 4pm to 10pm with our kitchen closing at 9pm.

Our restaurant is located just down the hill from the brewery in an old barn. It's the space formerly occupied by Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza. There are two bars, three wood-fired ovens, a kitchen, a large beer hall, and an outdoor pasture area.

Please note that the brewery will still be closed on Thursdays. Only our restaurant will be open.

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Our kitchen is led by Executive Chef Damien Brockway. Chef Damien has put an emphasis on local agriculture, fermentation, and old-world techniques to make unique, exciting, delicious food that mirrors the philosophy of our beer. For instance, has begun curing meat in-house with wild cultures, spontaneously fermenting bread with local grains, and sourcing vegetables from our farm for cooking and fermentation. Wood-fired pizza is now accompanied by a host of exciting seasonal dishes tied to our time, place, and people.

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We have two bars at our restaurant -- The Kitchen Bar and The Pasture Bar! Both serve Jester King beer, natural wines and ciders, and guest beer by the glass. We also have Jester King beer and merchandise to go. Our bars will remain open until 10pm on Thursdays.

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Perhaps most importantly, our restaurant is very family-friendly, casual, and in our opinion has a great communal vibe. Beer has a unique ability to bring people together, and we take pride in our restaurant being a fun, relaxed, beautiful place for people to enjoy time with friends and family. We look forward to hopefully being a Thursday night hub for our local community.

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Lastly, our farm trail will be open on Thursdays as well for people to enjoy! The half-mile loop goes past our vineyard, orchard, goats, and hopyard.

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We hope you'll come visit us on Thursday nights to enjoy our food, drink and environment! Thank you for all your support over the last eight years that has brought us to this point!