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Super Ultramega Hyperforce this Thursday

We’re happy to announce that we are releasing our second batch of Super Ultramega Hyperforce today at 4pm! Super Ultramega Hyperforce is a farmhouse ale with dried tarragon, ginger salt, and refermented with cantaloupe.

This beer was brewed in July with Texas Hill Country water, malted barley from Blacklands Malt, and rolled oats. Ginger salt was added to the boil. It then fermented in stainless steel with our mixed culture of native yeasts and bacteria, then refermented with cantaloupe. The dried tarragon was added post-fermentation to preserve the aromatics. The hops vary in this beer. Cascade and Sorachi Ace were used for this batch.

Super Ultramega Hyperfoce is crafted to be a food friendly table beer, thus appropriate that it inadvertently comes out during the holiday season! It is packaged in 1.5L Magnum bottles meant for sharing at the table. We hope you enjoy!

Super Ultramega Hyperforce has an ABV of 3.8% and will be available by the glass and as bottles to go (1.5L/$26). There are around 3,000 bottles available. This beer will see some distribution.

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