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OH! - An Otoko Collaboration Beer

We're honored, excited, and grateful to announce the release of OH! — farmhouse ale with Sansho pepper brewed in collaboration with Chef Yoshi Okai of Otoko in Austin.

We've been enormous fans of Chef Yoshi for the last several years. His culinary combination of restraint, subtlety, artistry, and creativity is very special, and he's a really friendly, down to Earth person on top of it.

For OH!, we felt a duty to create flavors and harmony that would meld with his cuisine. To this end, we took Chef Yoshi up on his suggestion to use Sansho pepper, a common element in his cooking. From there, brewing and achieving balance with OH! was an exercise in restraint. We were tempted at multiple points throughout the creative and brewing process to add more ingredients and boldness of flavors. But in the end, throughout several test blends, we found a beer we believe beautifully integrates fermentation character, crisp Texas malt flavor, and a subtle floral/fruit character from the Sansho pepper. We're proud and excited to see OH! paired alongside Chef Yoshi's outstanding cuisine at Otoko!

Apart from Otoko, be on the lookout for OH! at Jester King and in some places abroad given limited distribution. Finally, a special thank you to Chef Yoshi and his team at Otoko for the opportunity to collaborate with them. They curate a special experience and are even better people!

Artwork for OH! is by Jester King artist Katie Ross. Photography by Regan Vaca.