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Jester King / Tired Hands H.EXECUTE

Introducing H.EXECUTE -- a blend of Hazy Double IPA with Texas oranges and three-year-old Jester King SPON created in collaboration with Tired Hands Brewing Co.!

Back in April when we packaged CITRUSH.EXE -- our Hazy Double IPA with Texas oranges collab with Tired Hands -- we took a portion of the batch and blended it with mature, three-year-old SPON. The blending ratio was 75% Hazy Citrus Double IPA with 25% SPON. We then aged the blend in bottle for a few months to let some fruity, funky flavors and aromas develop and give the beer time to carbonate naturally. We relied upon the residual sugar in the Double IPA to carbonate the beer (no priming sugar added). We also chose to package the beer in clear glass to give it some lightstruck/cannabis character.

The results are pretty cool in our opinion! The fresh citrus character has been totally transformed into a melange of overripened, aromatic citrus -- funky in all the right ways. Our team gets notes of ruby red grapefruit, Meyer lemon, cloudberry, inflatable orca, strawberry guava, and Lacto-fermented pineapple papaya. 7.2% abv.

In the spirit of CITRUSH.EXE and in solidarity with our friends at Tired Hands, 100% of the proceeds from H.EXECUTE will be donated to charity. We've chosen to give the proceeds to the Austin Urban Technology Movement, which "bridges the gap between the Black and Hispanic communities and the technology industry through job placement, career development, and networking opportunities."

Available now at Jester King! Order online at www.jesterkingbrewery.com LINK IN BIO or visit us Wednesday to Sunday. We have 708 bottles (750ml/$24). No bottle limit. No draft. No distro. Proxies welcome. Shipping/delivery is illegal for TX craft brewers. Cheers!

Art by Joshua Cockrell and Katie Ross

Photo by Jessica Attie

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