11 Years of Jester King

We're grateful to be celebrating our 11th year of Jester King! Year 11 was a big one for us. We released our first wine and cider, added BBQ to our kitchen menu, opened the Jester King Inn, built Noble's Nest — a natural playscape for our younger guests, and donated $56,000 to charity. While we've grown over the years, we're still fundamentally about enjoying excellent food and beer with family and friends in a beautiful place.


11th Anniversary Hazy Pale Ale

We're excited to announce our 11th Anniversary Hazy Pale Ale! Our Hazy Pale Ale is one of two anniversary beers we're releasing, the other being our 11th Anniversary Saison!

Our 11th Anniversary Hazy Pale Ale was brewed with San Jacinto Two-Row Barley from TexMalt, flaked oats, and raw wheat. It was dry-hopped with Citra, Belma, Meridian, and Sabro Cryo, and fermented with Omega Yeast Labs Cosmic Punch. 5.5% abv.

Available in 16oz. four-pack cans ($16) to go at Jester King. Also available online for curbside pickup: order here. Approximately 80 cases available. Shipping/delivery illegal in Texas. Proxies welcome.


11th Anniversary Saison

Our second 11-year anniversary beer is the 11th Anniversary Saison! It's a hoppy farmhouse ale brewed with oat malt and blue corn. We love drinking hoppy, dry, low-to-medium strength farmhouse ales, especially ones that have been dry-hopped. An abundance of hop flavor and aroma from low-alpha acid noble or noble derived hops is something we've always enjoyed.

For our 11th anniversary saison, we mashed with well water, Llano Pilsner, Denton County Wheat, Aurum Oat Malt, and Texas Blue Corn Malt, all from our friends at TexMalt in Fort Worth. We kettle hopped with Organic Fuggles and Organic Perle from The Oregon Hophouse. Following fermentation with our mixed culture of brewers yeast and wild yeast in stainless, we dry-hopped with more Fuggles and Perle. Finally, we naturally conditioned the beer through 100% re-fermentation in the bottle/keg. The result is a wonderfully drinkable, hoppy, complex, enjoyable farm beer that we're excited to call our 11th Anniversary Saison. 5.6% abv.

Available in bottles to go (750ml/$14) at Jester King starting Wednesday, December 22nd. Also available online for curbside pickup starting 12/22: order here. Approximately 4,200 bottles available. 11 bottle limit. Shipping/delivery illegal in Texas. Proxies welcome.

Art by Joshua Cockrell. Photos by Jess Attie.