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Mr. Mingo Raspberry & Vanilla Edition

Our latest batch of Mr. Mingo Hibiscus Saison is out today! Continuing the Tiki-inspiration behind Mr. Mingo, we added Tahitian vanilla and raspberries from this year's Atrial Rubicite.

Brewed with well water, Texas barley, oats, milk sugar, raw wheat, hops, and roselle hibiscus. Fermented with JK mixed culture in stainless steel. We get notes of berries and cream and raspberry Greek yogurt. 6.6% abv.

Released today at Jester King. By the glass and in 750ml bottles ($18). About 1,500 bottles available. Limited distro. Proxies welcome. Shipping/delivery illegal in Texas.

Art by Joshua Cockrell

Photos by Jessica Attie

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