We're happy to introduce a new beer called EEZY PEEL* — farmhouse ale refermented with mangoes! We find this beer simple, fun, highly drinkable, and really enjoyable. It's quickly emerged as a staff favorite here at Jester King.

EEZY PEEL* is a farmhouse ale brewed with well water, TexMalt Llano Pilsner, Denton County Wheat Malt, and a touch of raw wheat. We kettle hopped it with Organic Golding from The Oregon Hophouse for about 18 IBUs. Around this mark, we find the acidity from fermentation and the fruit creates a harmonious, well-integrated soft, drinkable tanginess. After primary fermentation in stainless steel with our mixed culture, we re-fermented with fresh/frozen mangoes at a ratio of two pounds per gallon. While this sounds like a lot of fruit (and it is), the result is a really dry, drinkable, quenching fruit beer, which again has been one of our go-to's lately.

EEZY PEEL* is 7.2% abv. Available by the glass and in bottles to go (750ml/$18) at Jester King, as well as curbside pickup (order here) starting December 22, 2021. We have about 1,575 bottles available. 11 bottle limit. Shipping/delivery illegal in Texas. Proxies welcome.

Art by Joshua Cockrell. Glassware by Pretentious Glass Co. Photo by Jess Attie.