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Jester King / New Image Real Science -- Hazy Double IPA with Hop Plasma & Terpenes

We're excited to announce Jester King / New Image Brewing Real Science! Real Science is a Hazy Double IPA (8%) brewed with hop plasma derived from our aged hops and hop terpenes extracted from Strata!

We first learned about hop plasma and terpenes from our friends at New Image Brewing in Arvada, CO. New Image works with Oast House Oils in nearby Louisville, which engages in supercritical CO2 hop extraction. The "plasma" is a hot side product they've developed, which includes everything but the vegetal matter in hops, meaning oils, terpenes, acids, etc. By comparison, the terpenes are added cold-side and consist of the pure isolates from the plasma.

Real Science began with a grist of Wildfire Pale and San Jacinto 2-Row from TexMalt and raw, flaked, and torrified wheat. At whirlpool, we added the aged hop plasma, along with Mosaic Cryo and Mosaic Incognito. Cold side we dry-hopped with Galaxy and blended in Strata terpenes right before packaging.

Experiencing the aged hop plasma was an eye-opening experience for our team! We've brewed with aged hops for years, but never imagined how they could be transformed through supercritical CO2 extraction. The sensory transformation was quite striking! In the finished beer, we get huge notes of overripened fruit (papaya, guava, mango) that's funky in the right ways.

Real Science is now available at Jester King. Order online (LINK IN BIO) or visit us Wednesday to Friday! 16 oz. 4-pack cans are $18. About 100 cases. No purchase limit. Proxies welcome. No distro, but also available at New Image Brewing's tap room.

We want to sincerely thank New Image Brewing -- particularly Founder Brandon Capps and Director of Operations Gavin Estes -- for teaching us new techniques and introducing us to new ingredients! Again, it was an eye-opening experience for our team and resulted in some really fun creativity. We have a few more cool projects in the works with New Image, so please be on the lookout! Cheers again to New Image and Oast House Labs for the inspiration and friendship!

Artwork by Joshua Cockrell

Photography by Jessica Attie

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