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Black is Beautiful 5K Fun Run Online Auction and Wrap-up

Nearly one hundred runners participated in the Black is Beautiful 5K Fun Run co-presented by Jester King, Beer Garden Run, and Marvis Dixon on Saturday, October 17th. In the interest of health and safety on our trails, masked runners took to the course in physically distanced waves of ten. Participants were encouraged to time themselves rather than compete against others. Check out the photo gallery by Granger Coats below for highlights, as well as Kim Dalbert's Instagram images of the event.

In conjunction with the Black is Beautiful 5K Fun Run, Jester King is hosting an online auction for various packaged experiences. Packages include a weekend stay at the Tipping T Inn, wine tasting for two at Jester King, run with our goats and more!

Check out the auction packages and bid online here through Saturday, October 24th -- the auction ends at 11 pm Eastern Time.

All proceeds from this auction benefit our event charitable recipient, Urban Roots Austin. Urban Roots cultivates leadership skills through food and farming to transform the lives of young people and inspire, engage, and nourish the community. Find out more at their website.

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We selected Urban Roots Austin as our community partner due to its social impact on vulnerable communities in Central Texas, inspired by a recent dialogue hosted by Teo Hunter, co-founder of Crowns & Hops and the 8 Trill Pils Initiative. "The initiative is intended to demonstrate that with investment (capital and resources) in Black-owned businesses, the entire country stands to realize the benefit and fiscal impact of Racial Equity."

Much of the discussion centered upon the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's "The Business Case for Racial Equity: A Strategy for Growth" 2018 report, which states:

"Children and adults of color are more likely to live in neighborhood conditions that contribute to poor health, including lower air and water quality, less access to healthy food, less opportunity for outdoor play and physical exercise, and greater exposure to the ongoing negative stresses of crime, violence, and financial instability."

Simply providing people with food is not a viable solution to end hunger in the U.S. Acknowledging and helping people heal from the racism and discrimination in our systems and society is vital in order to intervene in systemic oppression and reduce food insecurity in the U.S.

Our Noble Cause program continues to support nonprofits including -- but not limited to -- Urban Roots, Austin Justice Coalition, NAACP, Central Texas Food Bank, and Texas Bakers Against Racism. We truly appreciate your support in our charitable endeavors, and hope that you'll participate in our Black is Beautiful 5K Fun Run online auction.

Thank you again to all of the sponsors, organizers, staff, volunteers, and runners for their support for this nonprofit event. Thanks to 100 Black Men of Austin for providing snack bars and Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. for additional support.

A special thanks to our friend and colleague Marcus Baskerville of Weathered Souls Brewing Co. for his constant dedication and inspiration of his Black is Beautiful initiative. Most of all, thanks and recognition to Marvis Dixon for his unwavering advocacy of this initiative as "a collaborative effort amongst the brewing community and its customers, in an attempt to bring awareness to the injustices that many people of color face daily."