High gravity, English-inspired stout, sometimes with some fun adjunct ingredients.


Black Atrial

black metal imperial stout refermented with raspberries

Black is beautiful2-1.jpg

Black is Beautiful

imperial stout with marshmallows, toasted coconut, and Madagascar vanilla

Commercial Suicide.jpeg


english mild ale

Liquid Bake Sale-3-1.jpg

Liquid Bake Sale

imperial babka stout

Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Nocturne Serenade07 (1).jpg

Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Nocturn Serenade

Nocturn Serenade aged for 13 months in maple syrup bourbon barrels

nocturn serenade-8-1.jpg

Nocturne Serenade

imperial stout refermented with blackberries

black metal-7-1.jpg

OG Black Metal

imperial stout