The Beer is Alive at Jester King | Glass Half Full

"Come with us down a winding country road from Austin, Texas to Dripping Springs, for some true Texas Hill Country beer at Jester King, a craft farmhouse brewery on 165 acres of wild and wonderful ranchland.

A world-renowned brewery, Jester King crafts farmhouse ales and barrel-aged wild ales using natural yeasts and spontaneous fermentation, an older way of brewing that takes time and care. Each beer is a true and unique expression of the land, the season, and the people who are making it.

Join us for Glass Half Full at Jester King, where we taste the season’s finest with co-founder Jeffrey Stuffings who explains how their brewing philosophy is rooted in a love for nature and a responsibility to conserve the Texas Hill Country land they steward.

Goats play a big part in that land restoration, says Lissa Rowe, a veterinarian turned goat shepherd at Jester King. She and Farmer Phil Green manage 68 Nigerian Dwarf goats whose job it is to eat less helpful vegetation and return rich organic matter to the land, so native plants can flourish.

Regenerative agriculture and fine fine beer. What more could you ask for? How about wine? Farmer Phil is cultivating grapevines on the property since Jester King treats beer and wine as close cousins, barrel aging beers, refermenting with local seasonal fruits, and now, trying their hand at grape-based spirits too.

But don’t expect to get your hand on any of that, because Jester King never makes the same beer (or wine) twice, so we suggest you head down to Austin and find out what nature has in store for you. It’s a worthy pilgrimage with great reward."

The Beer is Alive at Jester King | Glass Half Full

  • Directed by Jessie English
  • Created by Conor Gaughan and Kate Tucker
  • Written and hosted by Kate Tucker

Produced by Consensus Digital Media in partnership with Remedial Media

  • Executive Producer - Kate Tucker
  • Executive Producer - Jessie English
  • Executive Producer - Eric Feigenbaum
  • Executive Producer - Conor Gaughan

Featuring: Jeffrey Stuffings - Co-Founder, Jester King Brewery

Phil Green - Farmer, Jester King Brewery

Lissa Rowe, LVT - Lead Goat Shepherd, Jester King Brewery

Filmed at Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas

  • Supervising Producer - Geoff Rock
  • Editor - Nick Nazmi
  • Assistant Editor - Dustin Waldman
  • Director of Photography - Isaac Rosenthal
  • Camera Operator - Eddie Bernard
  • Gaffer / Drone Operator - Fletcher Anstis
  • Sound Engineer - Tom Eichler
  • Production Coordinator - John Ryan Gage
  • Makeup & Hair - Lindsay Hendrix
  • Wardrobe - Hollie Van Osenbruggen
  • Audio Mixer / Sound Design - Dillon Terry
  • Color Grading - Rita Mansinho
  • Motion Graphics - Yuriy Netrebyuk
  • Graphic Design - Stephen Lepsch

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