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SPON Shiso & Fuyu Persimmon

We're happy to announce the return of SPON Shiso & Fuyu Persimmon! This is three-year-old spontaneously fermented beer from the winter of 2019 (Jester King coolship season no. 7). We created a soft, mellow blend and re-fermented with Texas Fuyu Persimmons grown in Mexia, Texas to the east of Waco. We then added Japanese Red Shiso before bottling.

SPON Shiso & Fuyu Persimmon is bright, refreshing, and tangy with a subtle earthiness from the Shiso. 100% spontaneously fermented with native yeast and naturally conditioned. 6.0% abv.

Head to Jester King this Wed-Sun to get a glass or purchase bottles to go (750ml/$36). Also available curbside at the link: We have about 200 bottles available. 11 bottle limit per person. Shipping/delivery illegal in Texas.

Artwork by Joshua Cockrell. Photo by Jess Attie.