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English-style Summer Ale

We're excited to release the next English-style beer we've brewed at Jester King — English-style Summer Ale. While English beers are by no means our focus, we love brewing and drinking them. The complexity packed into relatively small beers, the blend of herbal hops and fruity esters, the drinkability, and the pub culture surrounding them make English-style beers among our most favorite.

For the hottest time of year, we brewed a simple, drinkable, golden English-style Summer Ale. The recipe was remarkably simple with "Burtonized" water, Golden Promise base malt, a touch of Caramalt and malted wheat, and East Kent Golding hops during the boil and in the whirlpool. We fermented in stainless steel with West Yorkshire yeast. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, 3.5% abv.

Most of the batch was force carbonated and packaged in cans and kegs. However, we filled a handful of firkins that will be served at Jester King using a traditional beer engine sometime in the next few weeks, so please be on the lookout!

Available now onsite and for curbside pickup here: 50 cases available. 16oz. four-pack cans = $14. Proxies welcome. Shipping & delivery illegal in Texas.

Artwork by Joshua Cockrell. Photo by Regan Vaca.