Blueberry Wine

We're excited to release this year's batch of Jester King Blueberry Wine! This wine is 100% blueberries fermented with our house mixed culture. We don't add anything else but blueberries and yeast.

After the crush, we did primary fermentation in stainless steel, then pressed and racked to neutral oak for six months. We blended and packaged the wine still. 7.9% abv.

This year, the blueberries came from Michigan instead of Texas. The 2021 Texas freeze severely reduced the quantity of blueberries we were able to get from Texas growers. The Texas-grown ones we were able to get went to Colour Five and Recented, our collaboration with Pinthouse. We hope you enjoy our latest wine from Jester King! More to come...

Head to the brewery starting April 12, 2022 to get a glass or purchase bottles to go (750ml/$30) onsite in the Jester King shop. We have about 400 bottles available. 11 bottle limit per person. Shipping/delivery illegal in Texas.

Artwork by Joshua Cockrell. Photo by Jess Attie.