Blackened Skies

We're excited to introduce Blackened Skies, our latest collaboration with our friends at Weathered Souls in San Antonio! Blackened Skies is a blend of two-year-old spontaneously fermented stout, whisky barrel-aged Imperial Porter, and Imperial Stout from Weathered Souls.

On a winter night about two years ago, we were joined by Weathered Souls Co-Founder Marcus Baskerville for a coolship brew. We brewed a medium gravity wort with Texas pilsner malt, raw wheat, brown malt, chocolate malt, and aged hops. We chilled the wort overnight in our coolship and spontaneously fermented it in oak barrels. After two years of maturation, we blended with spontaneous stout with Wild Imperial Porter aged in Balcones Baby Blue Texas Corn Whisky barrels, as well as some Imperial Stout from Weathered Souls. We naturally conditioned the blend in kegs and 750ml bottles. 7.5% abv.

A special thank you to Marcus of Weathered Souls for the years of friendship, inspiration, and leadership he's provided.

Available by the glass or in bottles to go (750ml/$24) onsite in the Jester King shop and to-go. We have about 500 bottles available. 11 bottle limit per person. Shipping/delivery illegal in Texas.

Photo by Jess Attie. Artwork by Joshua Cockrell.