2022 Balcones Distilling Bourbon Barrel-Aged Atrial Rubicite

To help celebrate the release of 2022 Atrial Rubicite, we're also releasing a portion of 2021 Atrial Rubicite that was aged in Balcones Distilling Bourbon barrels!

We took some of last year's World Beer Cup Gold Medal-winning Atrial Rubicite and racked it into Balcones Distilling Bourbon barrels and aged it for a year. We then blended and naturally conditioned. The 2021 Atrial Rubicite must have absorbed residual bourbon in the barrels, because the alcohol by volume about doubled during the year of aging (10.9% abv).

We hope you enjoy 2022 Balcones Distilling Bourbon Barrel-Aged Atrial Rubicite! It's the first specialty barrel-aged Atrial Rubicite we've released since Sherry-Barrel Atrial Rubcitie several years ago. Cheers!


The past few years, Atrial Rubicite has been an online release. This is contrary to most of its history. In the spirit of bringing the release back to its roots, our 2022 Balcones Distilling Bourbon Barrel-Aged Atrial Rubicite will go on sale at Jester King on Friday, July 15th at 12pm CST, EXCLUSIVELY IN-PERSON AT JESTER KING.

What's left (if any) of the bottles will be available for sale online starting at 8am CST on Saturday, July 16th here: Bottle pickup starts at 11am CST the same day. Beer shipping is illegal for Texas breweries, so in-person pickup only. Proxies welcome (please designate when ordering). We'll keep you posted on the remaining bottle counts after Friday via our social media.

We have 275 bottles of our 2022 Balcones Distilling Bourbon Barrel-Aged Atrial Rubicite. 750mL bottle for $50. Limit 1 bottle per person.

We hope to see you in person this Friday for the 2022 Atrial Rubicite release! There are lots of cool events and great food surrounding the release, so please check that out on our social media.

Artwork by Joshua Cockrell. Photo by Regan Vaca.