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2021 Afield Cinsaut

We're excited to announce the release of Afield — our 2021 Cinsaut wine made in collaboration with our friends at Field Recordings Winery in Paso Robles, California, and American Solera Brewery in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

For Afield, we took 100% 2021 Cinsaut grapes grown in the California Central Coast and had them undergo carbonic maceration (fermenting the grapes from the inside out using natural CO2 pressure). Interestingly, the carbonic maceration took place in transit! The grapes were sealed upon shipment to Texas, and spontaneously fermented during their journey in the presence of native yeast. After we received the grapes at Jester King, we pressed them and racked the wine to neutral oak for about four months. We then blended and bottled without the addition of any sulfites or other preservatives. Afield is just Cinsaut grapes and native yeast, nothing else. 8.8% abv.

Thank you to Field Recordings and American Solera for working this us! Both our industry friends we greatly respect, admire, and draw inspiration from.

Head to the brewery today to get a glass or purchase bottles to go (750ml/$30) onsite in the Jester King shop. Also available for pickup at the link at 2pm today: We have about 400 bottles available. 11 bottle limit per person. Shipping/delivery illegal in Texas.

Artwork by Joshua Cockrell. Photo by Regan Vaca.