Back in July when it was blazing hot in Texas (it's the first day of Fall and it's still hot), we got the idea of making a nice, light refreshing farmhouse ale inspired by a Shandy cocktail we were serving. We came up with a recipe using lemon peel and ginger root, and we called the beer "100°" to coincide with some cool label art designed by Jester King Artist Katie Ross. In true Jester King fashion given the time it takes to make and condition our beer, 100° is being released just when there's a glimmer of nice weather ahead. But it's still a delicious beer we're excited for you to drink.

100° is a farmhouse ale brewed with well water, San Jacinto Heritage Malt and Denton County Wheat Malt from TexMalt, organic Perle hops from The Oregon Hophouse, dried lemon peel, and ginger root. It was fermented in stainless steel with a mix of farmhouse yeast and native yeast, then naturally conditioned in bottles and kegs.

Available today at 2pm onsite and for pickup here. We have about 3,000 bottles available. 11 bottle limit per person. Shipping/delivery illegal in Texas.

Artwork by Katie Ross. Photo by Regan Vaca.