May 18

Doom Metal Goat Yoga Spring 2024

We call upon ancient lords of the underworld, masters of Doom Metal, and yoga practitioners of all skill levels to partake in a unique experience that combines the depths of yoga's wisdom with the captivating essence of Doom Metal. We are excited to announce our Doom Metal Goat Yoga series in partnership with Taylor Fox Yoga (

Every Saturday at 10:00 AM, March 2nd - May 25th, we will bridge the realms of darkness and tranquility and embark on a journey of connection and introspection. Immerse yourself in a fusion of doomy and melodic sounds, guiding you through a yoga session in the presence of our gentle and magical goat herd. These incredible beings will accompany you throughout the class, offering an opportunity for profound connection.

Our immersive experience blends the raw power of Doom Metal with the serene philosophy of yoga, allowing you to uncover a deep connection within yourself and the natural world. We invite you to explore the contrasting yet harmonious elements of both Doom Metal and yoga. We believe that within this juxtaposition, you'll find a unique and profound connection that enriches your practice and transcends the boundaries of tradition. Just as yoga has ancient roots in India, our session encourages you to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit with the gentle presence of our goats, which symbolize the simplicity and grounding essence of life.

Tickets are valid per session. Also, we are excited to offer an All Season Pass! Season Passes for 13 sessions are $200 (a $375 Value). Please select the Season Pass as an Add On during check out.

Class will be held in the goat pen. We will have yoga mats for rent for $5 (limited availability) and drinks for sale at the goat pen entrance.

Please arrive at the goat pen at 9:30 AM for check in and drink purchase.

Inclement Weather: We have no bad weather backup, so if necessary, we'll cancel with full refunds (excluding season pass purchase).

No dogs allowed

No outside food or drinks, water is okay and encouraged!