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Introducing Jester King Farmhouse Cider

We're very excited to introduce our first-ever cider! Jester King Farmhouse Cider is a mixed fermentation cider made from 100% Texas-grown apples!

Last October, we received Red Cortland, Winesap, and Arkansas Black apples from Sweet Ruthie's River Ranch in Canadian, Texas (Texas panhandle). Our team juiced the apples in-house at Jester King. We pitched the juice with our mixed culture -- the same one used to ferment our farmhouse ales -- and fermented to total dryness in stainless steel. We then naturally conditioned the cider in 750ml bottles. No additives or sulfites. Our process was remarkably simple so as to feature the character of the Texas apples and the complexity of mixed culture fermentation with native yeast and bacteria. 8.0% abv.

We get notes of yellow plum, cinnamon sugar, muscat grapes, golden raisins, honeydew melons, and lemon meringue.

Jester King Farmhouse Cider is now available at Jester King! Because of the low bottle count (384 bottles), we're limiting Farmhouse Cider to onsite drinking only (sorry, no bottles to go). 750ml bottles are $24.

Thank you to Sweet Ruthie's for growing the apples and Valarie Broussard for helping us source them. Artwork by Joshua Cockrell. Photo by Jessica Attie.

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