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Space Waves Batch 2

We're pleased and excited to bring back Space Waves -- our collaboration with Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales!

Space Waves is a farmhouse ale with cherries, lime juice, and lime zest, originally brewed in 2016. For batch 2, we brewed with well water, White Horn Pilsner malt from Blacklands, flaked oats from TexMalt, and Mandarina Bavaria hops. We added two pounds per gallon of Montmorency and Balaton cherries and 400 pounds of limes (juiced and zested) to the fermentation. For batch 2, we upped the quantity of the cherries and limes from batch 1, as well as decided to forgo the salt addition. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned. 4.8% abv.

Space Waves batch 2 is now available for online ordering and pickup at Jester King. Here's the link to order: We have about 5,500 bottles (750ml/$18). No purchase limit. Proxies welcome (please designate when ordering). A portion of the batch will see distro. Texas law unfortunately doesn't allow us to ship or deliver.

Please make a reservation to visit our beautiful setting in the Texas Hill Country on the outskirts of Austin! We're open Wednesday to Sunday:

We'd like to thanks Ron & Laurie Jeffries for the years of friendship and inspiration. Their work at Jolly Pumpkin massively inspired Jester King's course and made an indelible mark on who we are today as a brewery. Mahalo Ron & Laurie! We love y'all.

Art by Joshua Cockrell

Photos by Granger Coats