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Jester King Hominimania

We're happy to release a new beer today called Hominimania -- a pale lager brewed with hominy (corn that has been nixtamalized)!

We've been really interested in corn as a brewing ingredient for some time now, and we wanted to experiment with nixtamalized corn. Nixtamalization involves soaking the dried corn kernels in a lye solution to soften them. Once softened, the kernels can be ground to make grits or masa flour. In our case, we added the nixtamalized corn to our mash!

We sourced Texas-grown Hickory King White Corn from our friends at TexMalt in Fort Worth. TexMalt was gracious enough to nixtamalize the corn for us prior to brewing, so in essence, this beer is very much a collaboration with TexMalt.

We're really intrigued by the results! While still crisp, hoppy, dry, and drinkable like a pale lager, there's an unmistakable masa flour character to the beer, which makes us feel like we've done justice to hominy.

Hominimania was lagered for five weeks prior to release. It's 5.1% abv and fermented with German lager yeast from our friends at Community Cultures Yeast Lab in San Antonio. It will be released today at 3pm CST at Jester King when our curbside pickup opens. Please order online starting at 3pm today (https://www.toasttab.com/jesterkingbrewery/v3) or make a reservation to experience our brewery, restaurant, and farm in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the outskirts of Austin (https://www.exploretock.com/jesterkingbrewery)!

We have about 100 cases available. Four-packs of 16oz. cans are $13.50. No purchase limit. Proxies welcome (please designate when ordering). Texas law unfortunately doesn't allow us to ship or deliver. We anticipate Hominimania will only be available at Jester King.

Art by Katie Ross

Photography by Granger Coats