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Farmhouse Ale Co-Fermented with Lomanto

Today we're releasing our latest co-ferment, which features Texas-grown Lomanto grapes!

For our co-ferments, we combine massive quantities of fruit with wort (unfermented beer) and let them ferment together to total dryness through mixed culture fermentation. In this case, we chose a grape that's new to us called Lomanto. Lomanto is a hybrid of Salado and Pense grapes. It's drought and heat tolerant, and delivers "fruity, jammy flavor and make(s) intensely colored jelly and wine." The color is indeed quite intense. You can see from our photos just how intensely purple Lomanto grapes are.

For Farmhouse Ale Co-Fermented with Lomanto, the result was so intensely fruity, jammy, and wine-like, we decided to bottle it still (7.9% ABV). There's a small amount of fizz through residual bottle fermentation. The intense fruit character is complemented by a nice, complex layer of funk from wild fermentation. This co-ferment is indeed bold, wild, and raw! We love it, and think you will too!

Farmhouse Ale Co-Fermented with Lomanto goes on sale today (10/19/20) at Noon central. Here's the link to order today at Noon: We have 804 bottles available (750ml/$26). After the peach co-ferm debacle, we made extra sure the count is correct. The bottle limit is two. No distro. Proxies welcome (please designate when ordering). Texas law doesn't allow us to ship or deliver.

Please make a reservation to visit our beautiful setting in the Texas Hill Country on the outskirts of Austin! We're open Wednesday to Sunday:

Art by Joshua Cockrell & Katie Ross

Main Photo Granger Coats

Process Photos Mike Calle and Marc Nelipovich