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Black Friday Cellar Sale

Starting this Friday, November 27th at 11am CST, we're having our annual Black Friday cellar sale!

Below is the list of the cellar beers we'll have available. As a nod to our past, as well as to our local supporters, our Black Friday release will be onsite only (no online sales). To purchase cellar bottles, please visit our cellar release tent onsite at Jester King. No reservation is required to purchase bottles. A reservation is required to enjoy food and drink with family/friends at our beautiful grounds in the Texas Hill Country. Please check our website for reservations (https://www.exploretock.com/jesterkingbrewery) or call us at 512-661-8736.

Cheers, Happy Thanksgiving, and we appreciate your support!

2018 Detritivore x 12 bottles ($25/750ml)

2019 Detritivore x 12 bottles ($25/750ml)

2019 Grim Harvest x 30 bottles ($25/750ml)

2015 Foudreweizen x 20 bottles ($20/750ml)

2014 RU55 x 13 bottles ($25/750ml)

2013 RU55 x 12 bottles ($25/750ml)

2019 Balcones Bourbon Barrel Montmorency vs. Balaton x 48 bottles (330ml/$18) – 2 bottle limit

2018 Bier de Blanc du Bois x 72 bottles ($25/500ml)

2016 Noble King x 24 bottles ($16/750ml)

2014 Boxer's Revenge x 12 bottles ($23/750ml)

2016 Sing Along Deathmatch x 9 bottles ($20/750ml)

2017 Viking Metal x 36 bottles ($28/750ml)

2019 Omniscience and Proselytism x 96 bottles ($25/500ml)

2018 SPON Grapefruit x 12 bottles ($45/750ml)

2017 SPON Muscat x 24 bottles ($31/375ml)

2017 SPON Three Year Blend x 36 bottles ($45/750ml)

2020 Black Atrial x 36 bottles ($35/750ml) – 1 bottle limit

2020 Atrial Rubicite x 192 bottles ($35/750ml) – 2 bottle limit

2019 Mr. Mingo x 36 bottles ($14/750ml)

2019 Le Petit Prince x 12 bottles ($11/750ml)

2019 Rare Corals x 12 bottles ($20/750ml)

2013 Funk Metal x 6 bottles ($25/750ml)

2014 Funk Metal x 3 bottles ($25/750ml)

2016 Ol' Oi x 36 bottles ($25/750ml)

2016 Funk Metal x 8 bottles ($25/750ml)