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2020 Nocturn Chrysalis (Batch 7)

We're pleased to release Nocturn Chrysalis Batch 7! Nocturn Chrysalis is our barrel-aged wild ale refermented with six pounds per gallon of Marion Blackberries!

We blended mature beer aged in oak barrels with native yeast, added the blackberries, then let the fruit referment to total dryness. We then naturally conditioned the beer through refermentation in bottles and kegs.

We're quite happy with how our 7th batch of Nocturn Chrysalis turned out. It's very fruit-forward, wine-like, well-integrated, and drinkable. We think it will be greatly enjoyed!

Nocturn Chrysalis Batch 7 is now available to go at Jester King 7 days a week from 12-8pm. Here's the link to order: We have about 1,500 bottles (750ml/$35) with a bottle limit of 6 per guest per day. Proxies welcome (please designate). We don't foresee Nocturn Chrysalis Batch 7 being distributed.

Please make a reservation to visit our brewery, kitchen, and farm in the beautiful Texas Hill Country!

Art by Joshua Cockrell

Photo by Granger Coats