The Goat Mile

Tickets are on sale for The Goat Mile!

The Goat Mile is a mile run through the hills and trails at Jester King with Farmer Peppy and our goats! It will take place every Saturday and Sunday in October from 11am to Noon.

The hour will consist of 15 minutes of stretching, 30 minutes of running with the goats with stops for calisthenics, and 15 minutes of cool down. Farmer Peppy will have weights available for those wishing to make the goat mile more challenging. Everyone will also receive a ticket for a free beer or iced coffee at Jester King after the run.

Tickets are $20 (not including fees) and 15 tickets are available for each Goat Mile. There will be 8 goat miles in October (120 tickets total). Please send questions to tastingroom@jesterkingbrewery.com.

Here's the link to tickets. Tickets are on sale today at Noon!


Artwork by Katie Ross