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More Dots Still

Early this week we announced Jester King More Dots -- a barrel aged wild ale refermented with black currants. We took a small portion of the batch prior to refermentation and bottled it still to create what we're simply calling "More Dots Still".

We've experimented with packaging beers still before. By "still", we mean without refermentation in bottles and kegs, which creates naturally occurring CO2 that gives the beer its effervescence. For instance, we've bottled SPON Still, which is inspired by unblended Lambic. Packaging a beer still is an unusual, but not altogether unheard of practice in modern brewing. Some of our close friends in the beer industry have experimented with this technique as well.

Why bottle a beer still? For us, wild fermentation of grains and fruits is not unlike traditional wine making. We're allowing indigenous yeast time and patience to ferment a hybrid of beer and wine to total dryness, and develop interesting flavors and aromas along the way. The result has similarities to wine in many respects, and in our opinion, can be enjoyed still much like one would with wine. Still beer carries a stigma in our experience. But we'd push back against it, especially in this context. If nothing else, the absence of effervesce effects the mouthfeel, aromatics, and sensory perception of the beer, and ultimately the experience of drinking it. We find this fun and fascinating.

We have 48 bottles of More Dots Still. It will go on sale Black Friday at Noon. The bottle limit is one per guest (750ml/$29).

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