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Black Friday Cellar Sale

On Black Friday at Noon, we're opening up a portion of our beer cellar and making available some special rarities. Please see the list below!

The sale starts at Noon this Friday (11/29). First come, first served. To promote fairness, the limit is six bottles per purchase (with only one of the six bottles being a magnum). However, guests are welcome to make multiple trips through the line while supplies last.

2015 Ol' Oi (24x750ml/$35)

2016 Bière de Blanc du Bois (24x500ml/$29)

2016 Nocturn Chrysalis (24x500ml/$29)

2016 Foudreweizen (18x750ml/$27)

2017 Colour Five (24x500ml/$25)

2017 Omniscience & Proselytism (24x500ml/$25)

2017 La Vie en Rose (24x750ml/$25)

2017 SPON Muscat (48x375ml/$29)

2017 SPON Blueberry Pitaya (36x375ml/$29)

2017 Örter I Mörker (24x750ml/$29)

2017 RU55 (24x750ml/$28)

2017 Viking Metal (24x750ml/$29)

2017 SPON Three Year Blend (6x1.5L Magnum/$120)

2017 SPON Raspberry & Cherry (6x1.5L Magnum/$125)

2017 SPON Peach & Apricot (6x1.5L Magnum/$125)

2018 Sacred Vessel (24x750ml/$29)

2019 Moderne Dansk (36x375ml/$25)

Hope to see you Friday at Noon!

Photos by Granger Coats