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2016 Montmorency vs. Balaton Release

5 July 2016

Jester King-0063

This Friday, July 8th when our tasting room opens at 4pm, we’ll be releasing 2016 Montmorency vs. Balaton — our barrel aged sour beer refermented with cherries!

We’re going to try something new with this release. In an effort to try to cut down on the size of the initial push for bottles, and to give people who can’t make it to Jester King on Friday or Saturday a chance, we’re spreading the release across at least three days. We’ll have the following quantities of bottles and draught available on the upcoming weekend days:

Friday, July 8th — 1,000 bottles & four 50L kegs

Saturday, July 9th — 2,500 bottles & six 50L kegs

Sunday, July 10th — 1,000 bottles & two 50L kegs, plus any leftover bottles and/or draught

As you can see from the numbers above, we have a total of 4,500 bottles and twelve 50L kegs of 2016 Montmorency vs. Balaton. The bottle limit is two per customer per day. Bottles are $20 (500ml). Aside from special events, 2016 Montmorency vs. Balaton will not be available outside our tasting room.

We hope this plan gives people a little more flexibility in terms of getting bottles and/or draught. We’ll see how it goes. We’re not tied to this experiment and aren’t claiming it to be the new normal. We hope you enjoy our 2016 batch. We’re really pleased with how it turned out!


Introducing Jester King / Green Bench Brewing Co. Beachtimez Sportzketball

22 June 2016

Jester King - Wicked Weed Set-4396

When our tasting room opens this Friday, June 24th at 4pm, we’ll be releasing Beachtimez Sportzketball — our Grisette refermented with Texas loquats brewed in collaboration with Green Bench Brewing Co. in Saint Petersburg, Florida!

Green Bench, in my opinion, is one of the best makers in the world of Grisette-inspired beer. According to Phil Markowski’s Farmhouse Ales, Grisette was a low alcohol, dry, and refreshing style of beer that originated in the late 1,800’s along the modern day Franco-Belgian border to serve a growing population of stone and coal miners. I first tasted Green Bench’s Grisette last summer, and instantly became a huge fan of their interpretation of the style. We sought to achieve the wonderful, starchy, grainy malt complexity of their Grisette, along with its quenching, lactic sourness. Beachtimez Sportzketball can be considered as an ode to Green Bench Les Grisettes, but with the local touch of Texas loquats. Loquats, by the way, hang from the branches of a lot of trees around town during the spring in Austin. We considered a nighttime guerilla raid to get them, but fortunately some local friends and Jester King employees helped us out!

The artwork for Beachtimez Sportzketball, created by our in-house artist Josh Cockrell, was inspired by spending an afternoon at the beach in Saint Petersburg, Florida with Khris, Dan, and Kristin of Green Bench playing frisbee and tackle touch football. The photography above is by Tyler Malone of The Second Shooter.

Beachtimez Sportzketball was brewed on March 24, 2016 with Hill Country well water, malted barley, malted wheat, raw wheat, and hops. It was fermented in stainless steel with our mixed culture of brewers yeast, and native yeast and bacteria harvested from the land and air around our brewery. It was then refermented in stainless steel with loquats grown here in central Texas. It was then packaged on April 26, 2016 and 100% naturally conditioned in bottles, kegs, and casks. Around the time of packaging, Beachtimez Sportzketball was 4.5% alcohol by volume, 26 IBU, 3.6 pH, and had a specific gravity of 1.000 (0 degrees Plato).

Beachtimez Sportzketball will go on sale at our tasting room at 4pm on Friday, June 24th. It will be available by the glass, as well as to go in 750ml bottles ($14/bottle). There will be no bottle limit, at least for the first weekend of sale. Approximately 3,000 bottles are available. At this point, we don’t see Beachtimez Sportzketball being available outside our tasting room aside from special events.

— Jeff Stuffings, Founder

Loquats (Not the actual ones we refermented. We forgot to take photos!)

(l to r) Sean Spiller, Garrett Crowell, Khris Johnson, Jeffrey Stuffings, Ismael Salas

Khris, Kristin, and Dan of Green Bench


Jester King - Wicked Weed Set-4388


Wicked Weed Brewing Texas Release at Jester King!

21 June 2016

Jester King - Wicked Weed Set-4362

We’re excited to announce that this Saturday, June 25th at Noon, we’ll be hosting the Texas release of Wicked Weed Brewing out of Asheville, North Carolina!

We’ll have the following Wicked Weed beers available at our tasting room, both by the glass and at bottles to go:

Marina — American sour ale refermented with peaches and apricots
200 bottles, 500ml, $18.50/bottle, limit 1

La Bonté Plum — Tart farmhouse ale with plums
200 bottles, 500ml, $13/bottle, limit 1

Oblivion — Sour red ale aged in wine barrels with blackberries and dates
100 bottles, 500ml, $18.50/bottle, limit 1

The Parking Lot — Grisette brewed in collaboration with Jester King
800 bottles, 500ml, $14/bottle, limit 4

We’re also very excited to announce that Wicked Weed Owner/Head Blender Walt Dickinson will be at Jester King on the 25th for the release! Walt is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to making farmhouse ales and barrel aged sour beers, so we look forward to our guests having the opportunity to meet him.

“Wicked Weed is a very special brewery and friend to us. It’s frankly amazing what they have achieved in the beer world in a relatively short amount of time. They are making some of the most complex, enjoyable, well-executed, drinkable farmhouse ales and barrel aged sour beers in America, and we’re incredibly excited to pour their beer next to ours. We’re also very grateful to have the support of our friends at Flood Independent Distribution in bringing Wicked Weed to Texas,” says Jester King Founder Jeffrey Stuffings.

The release will be only the second time in our history that one of our collaboration beers brewed abroad will make it into Texas. The licensing fee structure in Texas makes it very difficult for small, out-of-state brewers to sell their beer in our state.

We hope you’ll join us Saturday for the release! Here’s some images of the bottles, courtesy of Tyler Malone of The Second Shooter :

Jester King - Wicked Weed Set-4369

Jester King - Wicked Weed Set-4373

Jester King - Wicked Weed Set-4383

Jester King - Wicked Weed Set-4403 (1)

Jester King - The Parking Lot-4149

Jester King - The Parking Lot-4152


Omniscience & Proselytism Blend 3

15 June 2016


This Friday, June 17th at 4pm at our tasting room, we’re releasing Omniscience & Proselytism Blend 3. Omniscience & Proselytism is our barrel aged sour beer refermented with fresh, local strawberries from Fredericksburg, Texas.

Approximately 2,200 bottles are available. 500ml/$20. Limit two bottles per customer per day. Omniscience & Proselytism will also be available by the glass at Jester King while supplies last. Aside from special events, Omniscience & Proselytism will only be available at Jester King.


Craft Beer Austin / Jester King Caribbean Cruise Beer & Event List

14 June 2016

We’re excited to now have the beer and event list in place for the Craft Beer Austin / Jester King Western Caribbean Cruise this August 14th to the 21st! A few cabins are still available, which can be booked HERE. This is the first time to our knowledge that an event like this has been organized, so it is definitely unique!

Here’s the list of events and beers. All of these events will be attended by Jester King founder Jeffrey Stuffings, who will be there to talk about Jester King and the beers.

Welcome Beer
Cloudfeeder — farmhouse ale with lime zest, juice, and honey. Collaboration with Tired Hands.

Guided Tasting No. 1
RU55 — barrel aged sour red ale
Buford’s Roadside Wares — brandy barrel aged sour ale brewed with pecans
Omniscience & Proselytism — barrel aged sour beer referemented with Texas strawberries
Yet to be Named Spontaneous Blend No. 1 — three year blend of coolship/spontaneous beer

Guided Tasting No. 2
Coquetier — brandy barrel aged sour ale with cubeb, anise, and lemon
Montmorency vs. Balaton — barrel aged sour ale refermented with cherries
Funk Metal — barrel aged sour stout
Yet to be Named Spontaneous Blend No. 2 — coolship beer aged in special barrels

Beer Dinner
1st Course
Kale and baby spinach salad with black pepper bacon dressing, poached quail egg and candied pumpkin seed paired with 2014 Autumnal Dichotomous — farmhouse ale brewed with squash, long pepper, and sage

2nd Course
Smoked Ttrout with lemon herb quinoa, melody of beans and beetroot gravy paired with Snörkel — farmhouse ale brewed with oyster mushrooms and smoked sea salt

3rd Course
Rack of lamb marinated and cooked in herbs dressed with a roasted lamb bone jus. Root vegetables, fingerling potatoes and thyme biscuit paired with Boxer’s Revenge — barrel aged strong sour ale

4th Course
Chocolate & coffee forest log served with a warm custard paired with Atrial Rubicite — barrel aged sour beer referemented with raspberries

Pool Party
Wytchmaker — farmhouse rye India pale ale
Yet to be released collaboration with Green Bench Brewing Co.

Craft Beer Austin is also working on getting beer from other Texas craft breweries on the cruise!


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