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2016 Aurelian Lure Release

14 September 2016

Aurelian Lure-2

When our tasting room opens at 4pm on Friday, September 16th, we’ll be releasing 2016 Aurelian Lure — our barrel aged sour beer refermented with apricots!

This year, we only have 900 bottles of Aurelian Lure available for sale (500ml/$20). The bottle limit is one per customer per day while supplies last. Aurelian Lure will also be available by the glass. Aside from special events, it will only be available at Jester King.

Like 2016 Jester King 分 桃 (Fēn Táo), our batch of Aurelian Lure is small this year. The limiting factor is the amount of mature, barrel aged sour beer we have for blending. Mixed culture fermentation in oak barrels takes up a lot of time and space. Given the size of our barrel room, plus the fact that not all of the beer we ferment works out, we only have so much beer every year to devote to fruit refermentation.

This year, we devoted proportionally more mature beer to berries, grapes, and cherries, so stone fruit took somewhat of a back seat. Why? I’d say it’s a mix between our customers by and large having a greater desire for Atrial Rubicite (raspberries), Nocturn Chrysalis (blackberries), and Montmorency vs. Balaton (cherries), and us wanting to do more experiments this year with local grapes. The Texas grape harvest was good to us this year, so we did several new grape refermentation experiments, which took up some of our mature barrel stock. If all goes well, our 2016 grape refermentations will come out late this year.

Jeffrey Stuffings
Jester King Brewery

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2016 La Vie en Rose Release

8 September 2016


This Friday, September 9th when our tasting room opens at 4pm, we’ll be releasing 2016 La Vie en Rose. For La Vie en, Rose we take young farmhouse ale fermented in stainless steel with our mixed culture and referment it with the “spent” raspberries from Atrial Rubicite.

La Vie en Rose will be available by the glass and in 750ml bottles ($18 / limit two per customer per day). About 2,000 bottles are available. Aside from special events, 2016 La Vie en Rose will not be available outside our tasting room.


2016 Zwanze Day at Jester King Brewery

7 September 2016

We are very honored and excited to be a site for 2016 Zwanze Day on October 1st! Zwanze Day is the one day per year when Brasserie Cantillon in Brussels, Belgium releases a very special beer simultaneously all around the world. This year’s Zwanze is authentic Belgian Lambic, refermented with raspberries and blueberries, with Bourbon vanilla beans added! A full description and explanation can be found HERE.

I’m very pleased to say that once again we’ll be donating all proceeds from Zwanze Day to the cause of Texas beer law reform. Our goal is to help make it easier for small, artisan breweries like Cantillon send their beer to Texas. Currently, very high licensing fees in Texas (~$4-7K for two years) keep small breweries out of our state.

Not only are we thrilled to be serving 2016 Zwanze this year (30L), but we’ll also have FIVE OTHER CANTILLON BEERS ON DRAUGHT!

Classic Gueuze (20L)
Kriek (20L)
Iris Grand Cru (20L)
Mamouche (20L)
Fou Foune (20L)

Zwanze Day will run from Noon to 7pm at Jester King. Tickets to Zwanze Day are $30 and include admission, a Cantillon / Jester King Zwanze Day glass, a four ounce pour of 2016 Zwanze, cheese pairings from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, and a $15 donation to the Texas Craft Brewers Guild Legislative Committee.

Ticket holders also have the option of purchasing as many four ounce pours of Classic Gueuze, Kriek, Iris Grand Cru, Mamouche, and Fou Foune as they’d like while supplies last (limit two pours per customer at one time). Finally, ticket holders have the option of purchasing one 375ml bottle of Cantillon Gueuze and/or one 375ml bottle of Cantillon Kriek. We’ll start pouring Classic Gueuze, Kriek, Iris Grand Cru, Mamouche, and Fou Foune at Noon. 2016 Zwanze will be tapped worldwide at 2pm central.

Zwanze Day will be happening at Jester King during our regular tasting room hours. We’ll have a special area with a tent for Zwanze Day ticket holders. We’ll be permitting a bottle share once again this year for ticket holders only, and we expect everyone to be respectful of their peers and surroundings. We pride ourselves on Jester King being a relaxed, laid back setting, and we do not wish to see a bottle share interfere with this.

Two-hundred (200) tickets are available for Zwanze Day this year, and we’ll once again have a ticket lottery. Below is a link to sign up. When you sign up, please select whether you will be purchasing one or two tickets if you win the lottery. You must purchase the number of tickets you indicate. The entry period ends on Monday, September 12th at 7pm central. You will be notified whether you won or lost the lottery no later than Thursday, September 15th at 10pm central. Please note, anyone caught duplicating their entry or submitting aliases will be removed from the lottery. You must present a government ID showing you’re age 21 or older to be admitted. The name and DOB on your ID must match the information you submitted on your lottery entry.

Lottery winners will be e-mailed a code to purchase tickets and must do so by 7pm central on Monday, September 19th. Any unpurchased tickets will be randomly reassigned to persons who did not win the lottery.


If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail We will only be responding to Zwanze Day inquiries sent to this e-mail address.

We look forward to this year’s Zwanze Day, and to what should be a wonderful event that helps benefit beer law reform in Texas!


Jeffrey Stuffings
Jester King Brewery


Beer Dinner at Noble Sandwich Co. with Chef John Bates

5 September 2016


We’re excited to announce a very special beer dinner at Noble Sandwich Co. on Thursday, September 15th at 7pm prepared by our good friend Chef John Bates!

The beer dinner will be hosted by Jester King Founder/Owner Jeffrey Stuffings and Brewery Production Manager Averie Swanson. The menu features five courses, seven beers, and incorporates elements of Jester King’s beer making process including spent grain, wort, and aged hops.

Tickets are $80 and can be purchased through this link:


Here’s the menu:

Welcome beer – Le Petit Prince

Snacks – Egg bread with smoked salmon
Jester King Snörkel, a farmhouse ale brewed with oyster mushroom and sea salt

1st – Noble Pig ham and biscuits with mozzarella, barrel aged peach vinegar and peach jam
Jester King 2016 分 桃 (Fēn Táo), barrel aged ale refermented with Texas Hill Country peaches

2nd – Parisa “Texas Tartare” with peppers, root veggies and spent grain crackers
Jester King 2016 Vernal Dichotomous

3rd – Roast duck breast with aged hops and parmesan focacia, grapes, rosemary and thyme
Jester King 2016 Nocturn Chrysalis, a barrel aged sour ale refermented with blackberries

4th – Grilled pork sausage with smoked wild mushrooms, white beans and a juniper/blueberry compote
Jester King Gotlandsdricka, farmhouse ale brewed with smoked malt, juniper and sweet gale

Dessert – Luxardo cherry bread pudding sauced with first runnings
Jester King 2016 Detritivore, farmhouse ale refermented with cherries


Flood Independent Distribution On Recent Texas Legal Victory

31 August 2016

Here’s a highly encouraging and refreshing take on the recent Live Oak Brewing / Peticolas Brewing Company / Revolver Brewing legal victory in Texas. We’re proud to call Flood Independent Distribution our distributor.

“A few days late to the party, but: We’re very pleased to hear the results of Live Oak Brewing Company and Peticolas Brewing Company’s lawsuit against the state to remove the restrictions on the sale of their brand rights. The ruling is another incremental step towards balanced, fair dealings in the Texas craft beer industry, and we’re pleased to see things moving in the right direction. Breweries are the cornerstone of the craft beer scene, and anything that puts them at an artificial disadvantage hurts all of us.

Live Oak has been working for over 19 years, and Peticolas for nearly 5 years, to promote their beers, develop their brands, and grow their businesses. These years of work and tangible gains were not allowed to be a part of the conversation when signing over their distribution rights (for life – Texas franchise law binds a brewery to a distributor for life). The same criteria are the cornerstone of distributor-to-distributor brand sale agreements. We’ve never heard a solid argument to justify such a blatant double standard within the law.

We strongly disagree with the previous and continued efforts to pass backdoor legislation meant to hinder breweries ability to grow and succeed in this state. It’s cowardly to hide behind a set of unjust laws to maximize profits. We look forward to the two remaining rulings coming in the next several weeks, brewery to-go beer sales and the legality of crowlers, both of which we are strongly in support of.

We’re moving in the right direction. With the victories on the legislation/litigation front, and more and more breweries putting out fantastic beer, we’re on our way to having a truly world-class craft beer scene.”


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