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Jester King Beer Breakfast at Meddlesome Moth on April 4th

4 days ago

We’re pleased to announce a Jester King beer breakfast at 10:30am on Saturday, April 4th at Meddlesome Moth in Dallas! This event is the first of its kind for us, and we’re very excited about the pairings Chef Robert Lewis has created! Tickets are $65 and can be purchased through this link or by calling the Moth directly at 214-629-7900. Here’s the menu for the beer breakfast:

Meet and Greet
Noble King — Hoppy Farmhouse Ale

First Course
Jester King Snörkel — Farmhouse ale brewed with oyster mushrooms and smoked sea salt
Tamagoyaki, pork belly, bonito, nori and sea bean salad

Second Course
Omniscience & Proselytism — Barrel aged sour beer refermented with strawberries
Foie gras, rhubarb croissant perdu, mascarpone pot de crème and plantain crisp

Third Course
Figlet — Farmhouse ale brewed in collaboration with Franklin Barbecue with smoked Texas figs
House Texas pastrami biscuit, beef jerky marmalade and smoked pecans

Fourth Course
La Vie en Rose — Farmhouse ale refermented with raspberries
Paula’s ricotta blintz with Paris tea jam


On the Montmorency vs Balaton Blend 2 Release

4 days ago

This past weekend we released our second blend of Montmorency vs Balaton. We were very flattered by the turnout. We’re less than five years removed from being homebrewers with the dream of going pro, so seeing people wait in line in the rain to purchase our beer is a very humbling, flattering experience.

One downside to the release were the people who chose to ignore our one bottle per customer per day limit. The limit is designed to boost access to our beer, and the people who violated it deprived others of the chance to purchase. We managed to stop several people throughout the course of the weekend who attempted to go through the Montmorency vs Balaton line multiple times. However, other people were successful in breaking the limit. Certain individuals managed to go through the line more than once by removing the ink stamp applied to each customer’s hand upon purchasing a bottle and/or by using disguises to fool our staff.

When our tasting room opens this Friday, March 27th at 4pm, we will have approximately 480 bottles of Montmorency vs Balaton blend 2 left for sale. We will attempt to strictly enforce the limit of one bottle per customer. We will be staffing an employee whose sole job is to be on the lookout for violators. Those who break the policy will be asked to leave our brewery. Additionally, we will be attempting to stop a rather unfortunate practice where individuals move from table to table in our courtyard, attempting to recruit our guests to act as “mules” for them, in order to secure as many bottles as possible. We absolutely hate seeing this, as it detracts from our overarching goal for Jester King, which is to have the brewery be a calm, scenic place in the Texas Hill Country to enjoy great beer, wine, and cider in a peaceful, relaxed environment. Individuals who harass our customers to act as mules, so as to take their one bottle allotment, will also be asked to leave the brewery.

We obviously don’t enjoy posting on a negative topic. However, we take this issue seriously, and will continue to strive to make Jester King a wonderful destination location at all times, including during our bottle releases.


Introducing Jester King 2015 Hibernal Dichotomous

8 days ago

We are pleased to announce Jester King 2015 Hibernal Dichotomous, our winter saison brewed with beets, citrus, and thyme. 2015 Hibernal Dichotomous is our fourth seasonal saison, following 2014 Hibernal Dichotomous (released in April 2014), 2014 Estival Dichotomous (released in November 2014), and 2014 Autumnal Dichotomous (released in January 2014). As we mentioned with the previous releases, our brewing is largely driven by the seasons. We make farmhouse ales when the weather is warm and temperatures are conducive to fermentation in stainless steel, and we make spontaneously fermented beers and barrel fermented beers when temperatures are cooler and conducive to overnight inoculation of wort and slow maturation in oak. We also use the ingredients that are available to us at various times of the year. In the spring, we make beer with peaches and raspberries, in the summer we use apricots, strawberries, and figs, and in the fall we use grapes and squash. Hibernal Dichotomous is reflective of the ingredients available during the winter months.

2015 Hibernal Dichotomous was brewed in late December of 2014 with Hill Country well water, malted barley, flaked oats, beets, hops, orange juice, orange zest, and thyme. It is a different recipe from 2014 Hibernal, which was a blend of pressed watermelon juice, young farmhouse ale, and mature barrel-aged beer brewed with rosemary, lavender, and spearmint. For this winter’s beer, we wanted the ingredients to reflect the flavors of winter in Texas using quintessential Texas winter produce. Peeled and grated raw beets from Johnson’s Backyard Garden were added to the mash, and orange juice and zest from G and S Groves and fresh thyme from Pure Luck Farm were added to the whirlpool. It was then fermented in stainless steel with our unique mixed culture of microorganisms consisting of brewers yeast and native yeast and bacteria harvested from the air and wildflowers around our brewery in the Texas Hill Country. About six weeks into the fermentation, we added more peeled and grated raw beets, orange juice, and orange zest. Finally, the beer was naturally carbonated by refermentation in bottles, kegs, and casks. Mixed culture fermentation is a very slow and patient process, so while Hibernal Dichotomous is evocative of the winter, its release comes in the spring.

Hibernal Dichotomous is 4.9% alcohol by volume, 29 IBU, has a finishing gravity of 1.002, and was 3.5 pH at the time of bottling.

Hibernal Dichotomous will be released at Jester King Brewery on Friday, March 27th when our tasting room opens at 4pm. It will be available by the glass, as well as to go in 750ml bottles ($12, limit 4 per customer per day). Approximately 3,500 bottles are available. While the first batch of 2015 Hibernal Dichotomous is unlikely to be distributed beyond Jester King aside from special events, we have a second batch currently fermenting, which will be distributed in Texas by our friends at Flood Independent Distribution.

Peeling and grating beets

Peeling and grating beets

Zesting and juicing oranges

Johnson’s Backyard Garden

Organic beets and oranges


Montmorency vs Balaton Blend 2 Release This Weekend

12 days ago

We will be releasing our second ever blend of Montmorency vs Balaton when our tasting room opens at 4pm on Friday, March 20th. It will be available by the glass and to go in 500ml bottles ($16, limit 1 per customer per day). Approximately 3,000 bottles are available. Aside from special events, Montmorency vs Balaton blend 2 will only be available at our tasting room.

Like the first blend, Montmorency vs Balaton blend 2 was brewed with Texas Hill Country well water, malted barley, malted wheat, raw wheat, and hops. It was fermented in neutral oak barrels with Jester King’s unique mixed culture of brewer’s yeast and native yeast and bacteria harvested from the air and wildflowers around our brewery. It was then refermented with Montmorency and Balaton cherries from Michigan. Blend 2 is 6.7% alcohol by volume, 3.36 pH, 10 IBU, and has a finishing gravity of 1.005 (1.3 degrees Plato). We have already begun a second refermentation of the cherries from Montmorency vs Balaton blend 2 to make our second batch of Detritivore.


Beer Dinner at Backcountry Pizza and Taphouse in Boulder on March 17th

13 days ago

We’re excited to announce that we’re having a beer dinner at 6pm on Tuesday, March 17th at Backcountry Pizza & Tap House in Boulder, Colorado! Backcountry Pizza & Taphouse has always been one of our favorite places for beer in the Rocky Mountain states, and it’s the place where we celebrated winning a medal at The Great American Beer Festival. Owner John Fayman has always been one of our favorite people in the beer world.

The pairings for the dinner are listed below, and Jester King founder Jeffrey Stuffings will be on hand to talk about each beer. Tickets are $80 and can be purchased here:

Link to Purchase Tickets

Pairing Menu

Le Petite Prince with East/West Coast Oyster, Stone Crab, Russian Sturgeon Caviar

Mad Meg with Del Rey Blue Cheese, Huckleberry Rabbit Sausage

Biere de Miel with Vegetable Flower Salad

Das Wunderkind & Das Uberkind with Cioppino w/Saffron

(Intermezzo) Fruit Mold Sorbets; Bag Pipe Serenade with Backcountry’s own award-winning bag piper, Hayden Bellamy in honor of St. Patrick’s Day

Provenance Tangerine & Clementine with Island Curry Goat Shank, Dirty Napoleon, Fried Plantain Panna Cotta

Ol’ Oi with Sfogliatelle, Toffee Cream


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