• Please check in with a bartender at any bar or with our host in the Pole Barn (weekends only) when you first arrive at Jester King Brewery & Kitchen.

  • A staff member will check your ID and give you a stamp if you are over 21.

  • Picnic tables are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Where to order

Beer, Wine, & Cocktails

You can order drinks from Pasture Bar, Pizza Bar, or Brewery Bar (open seasonally).

  • Pasture Bar: Located next to the entrance/walkway just outside the Pole Barn.
  • Pizza Bar: Additional, covered structure attached to the Pole Barn
  • Brewery Bar: Located next to the brewhouse near the Beer Garden. (Open seasonally.)
  • JK Shop & JK Kwik Kitchen: Purchase canned singles at our shop in the Pole Barn or Food Truck just outside the Pole Barn.


You can order food from our Pizza Kitchen & Food Truck Thursday through Sunday.

  • Order food in person from any bar or point of service, then pick it up at its respective kitchen when notified.

  • Wait times for each kitchen are independent and are subject to change quickly. Both kitchens close one hour before the brewery closes.

When you are done, we ask that you please pick up after yourself. There are plenty of trash and recycling bins around.


  • Well-behaved pets on a leash and under control by their owners are allowed.

  • Off-leash pets are not permitted to ensure the safety of all pets as well as our guests, wildlife, livestock, and farm cats.

  • Please clean up after your pet.

Other Information

  • Learn more about our goat & brewery tours (purchase tickets here)

  • We have a lot of exciting events at Jester King. Check out our events calendar here & join us!

  • If you want to grab Jester King beer, merchandise, or other beverages to take home, please stop by the Jester King Shop in the Pole Barn.

  • We have a 0.5-mile farm trail and 2-mile nature trail that you are welcome to enjoy at your leisure.

  • Our Pole Barn has been winterized for the colder months, which includes coverings, fire pits, and heaters. We also have misters and fans for the hotter months.

  • For dietary or allergy concerns, please email restaurant@jesterkingbrewery.com.

  • We only accept walk-ins. For parties of 25+, please view our event spaces.

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