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Landive JK.png

We're excited to release a new dry-hopped farmhouse ale re-fermented with fresh lime juice, grapefruit juice, and wildflower honey called Landive!

Landive falls in line with our long tradition of making dry, drinkable, low-to-medium strength farmhouse ales with interesting fermentation, fruit re-fermentation, and dry hop flavors / aromas. We brewed with Hill Country well water, Texas malted barley and wheat, and Sabro hops. We re-fermented with Texas wildflower honey, lime juice, and grapefruit juice, then dry hopped with Citra, Sabro, and Mosaic Cryo. The result is a delicious meld...


Mel Erwin, Assistant Production Manager/Brewer at Jester King, on Nocturn Chrysalis – our barrel-aged wild ale refermented with Marion Blackberries.

"I tried Nocturn Chrysalis on my very first visit out to Jester King in 2016 and it completely changed what I thought about farmhouse beers and fruited sours. I had only started getting into funky barrel aged and mixed culture beers and prior to that most sours just tasted like sugar and heartburn to me. Nocturn, however, wasn't overly sweet or cloying, the acidity was balanced and not puckering, and the combination of being both jammy...

Estival-2 (1).jpg

For our 2022 Estival Dichotomous beer, we made a farmhouse ale with grilled peaches, cardamon, and cinnamon. Our Dichotomous series of seasonal saisons seeks to capture the character of the season in which they're brewed. "Estival" is our summer version.

The peaches were grown last summer at Vogel Orchard in Fredericksburg, Texas. We de-pitted them and grilled some of the peach flesh on a flat top grill & others over an open flame with oak, getting them golden brown with a little bit of char around the edges. We then added them to some young beer and let them re-ferment to...

FeralDampf3 (1).jpg

For the second time ever, we're releasing a batch of Feral Dampf — our farmhouse Dampfbier brewed in collaboration with...