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Featured Beer Releases

FIPA_9-1 (1).jpg

We're excited to introduce Citrus Froot Direct -- Triple Dry Hopped Farmhouse IPA with Texas Dancy Mandarins & Hamlin Oranges!

We brewed a dextrinous wort with raw wheat and flaked oats over a base of TexMalt San Jacinto 2-Row and Wildfire Pale Malt. We then pitched our mixed culture in stainless steel with a bio-trans dry hop of Ekuanot and Amarillo. Following primary, we refermented the beer with fresh, hand-juiced Dancy Mandarins & Hamlin Oranges from Orange Blossom Farm in Utopia, Texas west of San Antonio. We then dry hopped the beer two more times with Ekuanot and Sabro cryo before adding the hand-processed zest from the mandarins and oranges! 100% naturally conditioned in bottles and kegs. 6.6% abv.

Our brewing team put a lot of love into this beer by hand-processing 800 pounds of locally grown Texas citrus! This ode to Texas citrus has notes of Orangina, mimosa, honeysuckle, orange blossom perfume, Painkiller cocktail, and Lacto-fermented orange marmalade.

On sale now! Order online or visit...

Satsumas 4 sale-7-1 (1).jpg

Fresh off the canning line is our latest IPA -- Satsumas 4 Sale DDH Hazy IPA with Citra, Ekuanot, Mosaic Cryo, and freshly juiced and zested Texas Satsuma Mandarins!

Our brewing team took 400 pounds of Texas-grown Satsuma Mandarins from K and H Farms in Poteet, Texas and juiced and zested them by hand! The zest and juice went into the beer just before canning along with a big double dry hop of Citra, Ekuanot, Mosaic Cryo. Our brewing team gets flavors and aromas of papaya, orange sherbert, drippy palm sap, gummy bears, piña colada, mimosa, and candied orange zest!

Satsumas 4 Sale is drinking super fresh and juicy having been canned yesterday (Feb. 22nd). Come get it fresh and enjoy sticky, drippy DDH IPA with hand juiced/zested fruit from Poteet, Texas!

Available for pickup today at Jester King starting at 3:30pm. Order online at Available by the glass at Jester King this Wednesday when we open at 3pm. About 100 cases available. 16oz/4-packs = $18....

Liquid Bake Sale-3-1 (1).jpg

We're very excited to release Liquid Bake Sale Imperial Babka Stout!

Liquid Bake Sale is brewed in support of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, a non-profit group organized to advance small, independent brewers in Texas. The fundraiser features Texas-grown malt in partnership with TexMalt in Fort Worth.

For our Liquid Bake Sale beer, we created an imperial stout inspired by one of the favorite breads we bake at Jester King Bakery -- Babka! One of our Head Baker Jonathan Sanchez's (pictured below) first inspirations was Babka. We're excited to have turned this inspiration into liquid form!

We double-mashed a huge, sticky wort with TexMalt Wildfire Pale and San Jacinto Heritage Malt, a huge helping of double-roasted crystal malt, gobs of oats and raw wheat, brown sugar, milk sugar, and brioche bread! We fermented in stainless steel with the dark-fruity English yeast strain we love for our stouts, then added vanilla beans and cacao nibs in...

newclearfishin-5-1 (1).jpg

We're happy to introduce New Clear Fishin' -- Two-year-old spontaneously fermented beer brewed with heather, myrica gale, gentian root, & meadowsweet in collaboration with Cambridge Brewing Co.!

Back in the fall of 2018, we were visited by the legendary Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Co. in Cambridge, MA. Will is one of the pioneers of barrel-aged wild beer in America having started his program at Cambridge in 1998. We were inspired by Will's program and beers when we began making barrel-aged wild beers ourselves in 2010.

We brewed the wort in November 2018 with Blacklands Pale Moon and Brownfield 10 malted barley, spelt, rye, oats, East Kent Golding and Fuggle hops, heather, myrica gale, gentian root, and meadowsweet. We let the wort chill overnight in our coolship to collect native microflora before 100% spontaneous fermentation and two-year maturation in oak. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and naturally conditioned. 4.4% abv.

778 bottles available (750ml/$22). No limit. Proxies...

grisette black berry 2020-4-1 (1).jpg

Today at 3pm CST we're releasing our Blackberry Grisette! It's the latest in our lineup of fruited grisettes. These are highly drinkable, session-strength farmhouse ales with great texture, balanced fermentation character, and moderate fruit intensity. They are very much designed to be beers for drinking.

Blackberry Grisette was brewed with well water, Blacklands White Horn Pilsner malt, malted wheat, flaked oats, and a blend of fresh and aged hops. It was fermented with our mixed culture in stainless steel and refermented at a ratio of 1.25 pounds per gallon with Marion blackberries. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned through rerfermentation in the bottle or keg. 5.8% abv.

Blackberry Grisette is available for online ordering today at 3pm CST (...

Grisette with cherries-4-1 (1).jpg

Today we're pleased to release our next fruited Grisette! Our latest is with Montmorency and Balaton cherries! We added equal parts of each variety to Grisette-style beer at a ratio of about 1.25 pounds per gallon. Our goal was to make a very drinkable beer, low in acidity, with present but not overwhelming fruit character. With an emphasis on balance and drinkability, we primary-fermented the Grisette in stainless steel for a few weeks, then added the cherries for secondary fermentation in stainless as well. Our intent is for our fruited-Grisettes to be enjoyed fresh, while the fruit character is still vibrant and the fermentation character is "clean".

Cherry Grisette is 5.3% abv. It's unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned. It's available for online ordering and pickup at Jester King now. Here's the link to order:...

cgris-9-1 (2).jpg

Today we're releasing Jester King Currant Grisette!

Brewed with well water, Texas malted barley, oats and raw wheat, and fresh and aged hops. Fermented in stainless steel with our mixed culture. Refermented with black currants. Naturally conditioned through bottle/keg refermentation. Unfiltered/unpasteurized. 5.1% abv. Finishes at 1.004 SG (1.0 Plato). 15 IBU. 3.4 pH.

Order online or enjoy by the glass at Jester King ( Reservations encouraged. Walk-ins welcome. We have about 6,000 bottles (750ml/$18). No bottle limit. Proxies welcome (please designate when ordering). Limited distribution. Unfortunately no shipping or delivery under Texas law.

Artwork by Joshua Cockrell & Katie Ross.

Photography by Granger Coats

Lamonto-9-1 (1) (1).jpg

Today we're releasing our latest co-ferment, which features Texas-grown Lomanto grapes!

For our co-ferments, we combine massive quantities of fruit with wort (unfermented beer) and let them ferment together to total dryness through mixed culture fermentation. In this case, we chose a grape that's new to us called Lomanto. Lomanto is a hybrid of Salado and Pense grapes. It's drought and heat tolerant, and delivers "fruity, jammy flavor and make(s) intensely colored jelly and wine." The color is indeed quite intense. You can see from our photos just how intensely purple Lomanto grapes are.

For Farmhouse Ale Co-Fermented with Lomanto, the result was so intensely fruity, jammy, and wine-like, we decided to bottle it still (7.9% ABV). There's a small amount of fizz through residual bottle fermentation. The intense fruit character is complemented by a nice, complex layer of funk from wild fermentation. This co-ferment is indeed bold, wild, and raw! We love it, and think you will...

10yranniversarybeerrelease-9-1 (1).jpg

We're pleased to celebrate ten years of Jester King having first begun brewing in 2010! In recognition of our 10th anniversary, we're releasing two new beers as an ode to our past and present -- a DDH IPA and a Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale with Triticale & Oats! Both our anniversary beers are now available to go and to enjoy onsite at Jester King.

Our 10th-anniversary DDH IPA is dry-hopped with Idaho 7 cryo, Citra, and El Dorado at a rate of 4 pounds per barrel. It's 6.8% ABV and represents our new experimentation in 2020 with pure culture fermentation. Our 10th-anniversary Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale is brewed with well water, 100% Texas malt (malted barley, oats, and triticale from our friends at TexMalt in Fort Worth), and East Kent Golding, Fuggle, and Perle hops. It's 5.8% ABV and represents a decade worth of brewing based on local sourcing of ingredients, wild fermentation with native yeast, and pursuing a sense of time, place, and people in beer.

Here's the link to order online:...

3 (9).jpg

Today at Noon we're releasing a variation on our Kvass. Instead of using sourdough bread in the mash like we typically do, we added cornbread to the mash baked in-house at Jester King Kitchen! Our Head Baker Jonathan Sanchez made several hundred pounds of his delicious cornbread for us to use. If you'd like to checkout Jonathan's process and recipe, here's a link to him explaining it on the local news.

We find the cornbread lends a pleasant textural character and subtle maize aroma. We fermented in stainless steel with our mixed culture, which always lends natural variation to the beer. In this case, we get restrained fruity esters in the nose, which lend a slight sort of Trappist character. All in all, we find Cornbread Kvass to be one of the more unique beers we've made, while simultaneously presenting quite "clean" and drinkable. As time passes, the acidity and funk will certainly become more present.

Cornbread Kvass is 4.5% ABV. It was brewed in March and packaged in May. It was naturally...


hoppy farmhouse ale dry hopped with Mosaic, Loral, Glacier, Simcoe, and Sabro hops

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