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Featured Beer Releases


We’re happy to announce the release of a brand new beer -- Mr. Mingo, a farmhouse ale with roselle hibiscus. The inspiration was to make a simple beer with a subtle adjunct.

To make Mr. Mingo, we brewed a simple saison with barley and wheat from Blacklands Malt and raw Texas Hill Country water from our onsite well. We added hibiscus flowers at the end of the boil and then later dry hopped with more. In total, we used around 1 pound of hibiscus per barrel.

Mr. Mingo has an ABV of 5.9% and will be released this Thursday at 4pm when the Tasting Room & Kitchen opens. It will be available by the glass and in bottles to go (750mL/$13). Around 4,500 bottles were made with no bottle limit. This beer will see distribution.

Photography by Granger Coats.

IMG-0317 (1) (1).jpg

We're excited to introduce Jester King Phylactery Phactory -- Hazy Double IPA with Phantasm!

We were turned onto Phantasm by our domestic industry friends and ultimately able to source it through our friend Jos Ruffell of Garage Project in New Zealand. Jos is one of the most talented people we've encountered in beer (or wine for that matter).

Phantasm has been in development for the last few years and is derived from Marlborough Sauv Blanc grapes. The grapes are packed full of tropical Thiol precursors 3MH, 3MHA, and 4MMP. During active fermentation, these precursors are transformed into compounds perceived as intense tropical fruit. Phantasm has been described as "like an MSG flavor hit for beer."

We brewed Phylactery Phactory with a base of Texmalt San Jacinto Two Row and Wildfire Pale and layered it with a super-soft base of Denton County Wheat Malt and raw Texas wheat. We kettle hopped with Strata, Loral, Idaho 7, and YCH TRI-2304 CRYO. The Phantasm was added at the onset of fermentation and was...

IMG-9764 (1).jpg

We're pleased to introduce Jester King LIGRA -- a barrel-aged wild ale with steamed rice, koji, cedar, and Golden Oyster mushrooms in collaboration with Texas Sake Company!

We began by adding steamed Calrose rice to the mash and 160 pounds of koji to the primary fermentation in stainless steel. The rice and koji were provided by Texas Sake Company. After primary, we racked the beer to oak for four months of fermentation and maturation. After blending, we added cedar spirals and a tea made from steeping Golden Oyster mushrooms. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned. 7.6%

We get peppercorns, straw, lemon zest, sunrise on a farm in Iowa, and traditional French cassoulet. For our more seasoned fans, this drinks not unlike if Foudreweizen, Snörkel, and El Cedro had a baby.

Available now. Order online / LINK IN BIO or visit us Wednesday to Sunday. 2,544 bottles (750ml/$18). No limit. Proxies welcome. Shipping/delivery illegal in Texas. Limited distro.

Thank you to Texas Sake...

BalconesSingleMaltSPON_IMG_9415 (1) (1).jpg

Now available is Balcones Texas Single Malt Whisky Barrel-Aged SPON!

Last year we took some mature, four-year-old Jester King SPON and racked it into Texas Single Malt Whisky barrels from our friends at Balcones Distilling in Waco. We let the SPON age in the whisky barrels for about 8 months. Between French oak wine barrels and Balcones whisky barrels, the beer spent almost five years in oak!

Bottle conditioned in 375ml bottles. 8.1% alcohol by volume. We get notes of Tawny port, Piloncillo sugar, molten butterscotch cake, sugar plums, stonefruit, and the hull of The Tall Ship Elissa in Galveston Bay.

Order online / LINK IN BIO or visit us Wednesday to Friday. 1,622 bottles (375ml/$20). No bottle limit. Proxies welcome. Shipping/delivery illegal in Texas.

Special thanks to the Balcones team for the awesome barrels to work with!

Art by Joshua Cockrell

Photo by Jessica Attie

H.EXECUTE_IMG_9308 (1).jpg

Introducing H.EXECUTE -- a blend of Hazy Double IPA with Texas oranges and three-year-old Jester King SPON created in collaboration with Tired Hands Brewing Co.!

Back in April when we packaged CITRUSH.EXE -- our Hazy Double IPA with Texas oranges collab with Tired Hands -- we took a portion of the batch and blended it with mature, three-year-old SPON. The blending ratio was 75% Hazy Citrus Double IPA with 25% SPON. We then aged the blend in bottle for a few months to let some fruity, funky flavors and aromas develop and give the beer time to carbonate naturally. We relied upon the residual sugar in the Double IPA to carbonate the beer (no priming sugar added). We also chose to package the beer in clear glass to give it some lightstruck/cannabis character.

The results are pretty cool in our opinion! The fresh citrus character has been totally transformed into a melange of overripened, aromatic citrus -- funky in all the right ways. Our team gets notes of ruby red grapefruit, Meyer lemon, cloudberry, inflatable orca, strawberry guava, and Lacto-fermented pineapple...

Jester King Brewery July 9, 2021-122.jpg

We're excited to announce the release of Phaenomena, a collaboration with our dear, long-time friends at The Rare Barrel! The Rare Barrel is one of the American breweries we've had the most inspiration, support, and enjoyment from, and we're grateful to call them friends.

Phaenomena is a 100% spontaneously fermented beer aged in Cognac barrels! The beer itself took a meandering path to release. It was originally brewed in 2016 when our friends Jay Goodwin and Alex Wallash came to visit us. After a few years of maturation, we weren't thrilled with the results, so we decided to try again. Ultimately, the beer we finally blended this spring is one we're quite proud of and are excited for you to try.

Our brewing team gets notes of white pepper, Cognac, caramel apple, Crème Brûlée, and bicycle tire. 7.4 abv.

Phaenomena is now available at Jester King. Order online or visit us Wednesday to Friday....

ComeToLightWestCoastIPA_02 (1).jpg

We're excited to announce Come to Light West Coast IPA -- our 2021 Pink Boots Society beer!

Come to Light was designed and brewed by the women on Jester King's brewing team -- Brewer Sarah Lee Parker and Cellarwomen Melissa Erwin and Demi Frias. Sarah Lee, Mel, and Demi decided to go a little old school on this beer and brew a classic West Coast IPA! Come to Light was brewed with a base of Texas-grown San Jacinto Pale Two-Row from TexMalt, Crystal 60, and Carafoam. The hot-side hops were Citra and Cashmere, and the dry-hop was the Pink Boots Society 2021 hop blend consisting of Ahtanum, Azacca, Cashmere, Citra, Crystal, Ekuanot, Idaho 7, Loral, Mosaic, and Sabro. Stainless steel fermentation with Chico Ale yeast. 8.0%.

Our team gets notes of pine resin, biscuits, Mirkwood Forest floor, and 90's microbrewery exuberance.

The art for Come to Light was created by Jester King Artist Katie Ross.

Photography by Jessica Attie....

Jester King Brewery July 9, 2021-044 (1).jpg

We're happy to introduce 2021 All-Texas SPON -- our first beer brewed with 100% Texas ingredients!

Brewing a beer with 100% Texas ingredients has been an aspiration and challenge for us for the better part of our existence. We've worked with well water, local grains, and native yeast for a long time, but what eluded us was Texas-grown hops. Our effort to establish hops at Jester King is still a work in progress. We experimented with wafer ash (i.e. the "hop tree") in our beer as a bittering alternative, but we didn't love the results. Finally, thanks to the local homebrewing community, we were able to find Texas-grown hops.

Specifically, Texas homebrewer Dustin Kirkland grew several dozen pounds of Cascade for us in his backyard. We took the whole cone Cascade and aged it in the attic of our barn at Jester King for a few years before use. Finally, during the winter of 2019, we mashed in our first all-Texas beer. The water came from the Trinity Aquifer below Jester King. The barley and wheat were grown in west Texas and malted by Blacklands Malt, and...

RealScienceHazyDoubleIPA_02 (1).jpg

We're excited to announce Jester King / New Image Brewing Real Science! Real Science is a Hazy Double IPA (8%) brewed with hop plasma derived from our aged hops and hop terpenes extracted from Strata!

We first learned about hop plasma and terpenes from our friends at New Image Brewing in Arvada, CO. New Image works with Oast House Oils in nearby Louisville, which engages in supercritical CO2 hop extraction. The "plasma" is a hot side product they've developed, which includes everything but the vegetal matter in hops, meaning oils, terpenes, acids, etc. By comparison, the terpenes are added cold-side and consist of the pure isolates from the plasma.

Real Science began with a grist of Wildfire Pale and San Jacinto 2-Row from TexMalt and raw, flaked, and torrified wheat. At whirlpool, we added the aged hop plasma, along with Mosaic Cryo and Mosaic Incognito. Cold side we dry-hopped with Galaxy and blended in Strata terpenes right before packaging.

Experiencing the aged hop plasma...

IMG_2153 (1).jpg

Our first Steinbier brewed at Jester King is now available! Our Steinbier or "stone beer" was brewed with super-heated rocks added to the boil, along with peach leaves, grapefruit, and fennel.

Our inspiration and method came from our friends at Scratch Brewing Co. in Ava, Illinois. We mashed with well water and Texas grain, then racked the wort to an oak puncheon barrel stood upright on its head. Earlier in the day, we built a bonfire over a pile of large rocks. Once super-heated, we raked the rocks of the embers and added them to the wort. The intense temperature caused the wort to achieve a rolling boil. During the boil, we added hops, peach leaves, grapefruit juice and zest, and fennel. We then chilled the wort with a homebrew emersion chiller, and racked it to oak barrels for fermentation with our mixed culture. After two months of fermentation in oak, we blended the beer and naturally conditioned it through fermentation in the serving vessel. 5.3% abv.

Our Steinbier is now available at Jester King! 375ml/$13. 984...

IMG_3909 (1).jpg

2021 Atrial Rubicite (Batch 11) goes on sale on Wednesday, June 23rd at 12:00pm CST!

First brewed in 2013 and currently rated as a top ten wild ale in the world on both Untappd and Beer Advocate, Atrial Rubicite is our barrel-aged wild ale re-fermented with raspberries! It's brewed with Texas malt, well water, and hops, then barrel-aged for a year prior to blending and re-fermentation. As its name implies, raspberries penetrate to the very heart of this beer with a whopping 7 pounds per gallon added to the re-fermentation! We get notes of raspberry jam (duh), juniper, Strawberry Sour Punch Straws, white pepper, black cherry chapstick, and a hint of JK funk. 5.1% abv.

2021 Atrial Rubicite will go live at the link below at Noon CST on Wednesday, 6/23:

Last year bottles sold out in about 15 minutes, so we upped the bottle count this year. We will have 9,000 bottles released with a purchase limit of 11 bottles per customer. Why eleven? We're now licensed as a production brewery...

IMG_1752 (1).jpg

We're pleased to introduce Jester King Spinning Away -- a collaboration with Southold Farm + Cellar in Fredericksburg, Texas!

Spinning Away is 100% spontaneously fermented by the native yeast in Southold's Hill Country vineyard. It was fermented and slowly matured for two years in oak barrels, then 100% naturally conditioned.

Expressing the character of native microflora is a passion of ours, which we've been pursuing for over a decade. One of our favorite ways to go about this is to place our coolship in a Hill Country vineyard, fill it with unfermented beer, then collect ambient yeast right out of the air. The fermentation is entirely spontaneous with no yeast or other microbes added. Nature ferments the beer completely on its own, which harkens back to some of the earliest forms of brewing. We pursue this technique today to create beer that's uniquely tied to a time, place, and people.

Spinning Away is our effort to reflect the microflora unique to Souldold Farm + Cellar. We've been friends with Southold --...

IMG_7872 (1).jpg

We're very excited to introduce Jester King Bitter Death -- Extra Hoppy Belgian-Style Pale Ale!

Our motivations in presenting this beer are straightforward and selfish. For over a decade, we've had a great affinity for well-attenuated, crisp, hoppy, herbal ales with subtle but interesting pure culture fermentation character. With our pure culture fermentation program having taken flight in 2020, we were inspired to make a beer in this fashion.

Bitter Death was brewed with Texas malted barley and wheat from TexMalt and a touch of flaked oats. It was hopped aggressively at nearly 3 pounds per barrel with Perle, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, and Tettnanger. We probably were more aggressive with the hopping than tradition would dictate, but dry, herbal, and bitter was our M.O. here. Fermented down to 1.2 Plato (1.002) with Antwerp Ale Yeast. 43 IBU. 4.5 pH. 5.4% abv. 100% naturally conditioned.

We get notes of white tea, dried hydrangea petals, bread dough, Texas toast, Euro-skunk, cannabis, dehydrated lime citrus wheels, caraway, and walking through the Hill Country on...

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