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Vernal Dichotomous Today

We are happy to announce that we are releasing 2019 Vernal Dichotomous today at 4pm when the Tasting Room and Kitchen opens. This year’s Vernal Dichotomous is a farmhouse ale brewed with in-house toasted rice and lemongrass then refermented with foraged loquats.

To make 2019 Vernal Dichotomous, we brewed beer with raw Texas Hill Country water, Texas malt, 200 pounds of rice toasted in-house by our kitchen, and lemongrass. We separately refermented locally foraged loquats with a foudre-aged beer. We then treated it as a bière de coupage, blending the young fresh beer with the older oak aged beer.

For our Dichotomous beers, these seasonal saisons are made of a particular season rather than for that season. As a result, our Vernal (or spring) Dichotomous is being released now during the Texas summer.

Vernal Dichotomous has an ABV of 5.4%. It will be available by the glass and in bottles to go (750mL/$14) with no bottle limit. Around 2,400 bottles were made. This beer will likely see distribution.

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