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The Baby Goats Hath Cometh

Look onto the scene of new beasts rising! The universe brings forth 11 baby goats to meet their destiny in the Jester King herd. Bringers of destruction and tiny Earth shakers, these baby goats grow the herd even closer to world domination.

We are very proud of our goat family, and excited for you to meet them. We are happy to provide a space where you can have beers and pick up a baby goat, we simply ask that you be loving and respectful to our coworkers. This season marks our last small-scale kidding. With just 5 mothers this year, we expect to have twice as many mothers next year. And in two years, we will be able to start milking.

Luna, queen of the herd, continues to lead the charge of our growing herd. LONG LIVE QUEEN LUNA!

Baby goat introductions to follow in the coming days!!

Come out and meet the baby goats for yourself at Jester King’s DOOM METAL GOAT YOGA which will take place every Saturday morning throughout the month of March. Be prepared for brutal baby beasts tippy tapping on your back or eating your hair. Tickets can be purchased on the link below.

Purchase your DOOM METAL GOAT YOGA tickets here.

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