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One of Our First New Food Offerings — Head Cheese!

We're pleased to have one of our very first food offerings on our menu this weekend. It's still a little surreal for us to have a kitchen at Jester King now, after operating without one for nearly eight years.

For one of our first dishes, we received a pig from Chubby Dog Farm in Grapeland, Texas, made a stock from the roasted bones infused with charred vegetables and herbs from around the brewery (summer savory, rosemary & thyme). We poached the pig head in the stock for 18 hours and let it rest in the broth for a week. We then took the head meat, seasoned it with braised mustard seeds, chopped tarragon, parsley and Sherry Barrel Atrial Rubicite Vinegar, packed it into a mold and created a terrine with the reduced cooking liquid.

It's being served with house-made sourdough bread made with Rogue de Bordeaux, Abruzzi heirloom rye and TAM 5 wheat from our friends at Barton Springs Mill and fermented with our house mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria, as well as fennel, jalapeño, and pickled daikon radish from our vineyard made by Farmer Peppy.

We only have a limited number of head cheese dishes, so please enjoy it while it lasts. We look forward to this being one of the first of many new offerings that are both enjoyable with friends and family and connected to our time, place and people. Enjoy!

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