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Meet Jester King Lead Baker Jonathan Sanchez

Our philosophy at Jester King is strongly rooted in creating a sense of place, by tying our guests experience to a time, place, and people.

Whether dining onsite in one of our lands, eating hearth baked Hill Country sourdough bread that you picked up curbside, or enjoying one of our beers purchased from your local retailer, our intent is to build a connection and experience with our guests and community.

Our Jester King Staff Spotlight Series focuses on the people who work tirelessly every week at Jester King, from the front of house to our kitchen, our production team to our artists, and many more!

Get to know another member of our hard-working team, Lead Baker Jonathan Sanchez. Jonathan joined our team in June of 2019, and is in charge of our bakery products as well as pizza dough production.

What is your background?

I worked in finance for over a decade and decided I needed a change. I started as an overnight baker at Easy Tiger and really liked the bread making process and working with my hands. I fell in love with sourdough.

What attracted you to working at Jester King?

Jester King is the first brewery I went to after moving to Austin. I had no idea what farmhouse/sour beer was and was overwhelmed by the experience as a guest. It became my favorite place in Austin.

What does our philosophy of “time, place and people” mean to you?

There is a Japanese concept called ichigo-ichie. It means in this moment, never again. At this time, at this place, with these people you will have a uniquely wonderful experience. It can never be fully replicated. Cherish it.

What do you love most about working at Jester King?

The ability to express myself creatively drives me, and the fact that I can be myself and fully accepted in every instance.

What are a few of your favorite Jester King beers? A few of your favorite food menu items?

Beer? Clean: Unfiltered Pilsner, Necrølith; Mixed Culture: Snörkel, Reposé; Collabs: Even More Jeppe, Terroir Project

For food, our Tres Leches Bread Pudding with Suspiro frosting is the perfect marriage of Honduran and Dominican baking. I've also heard good things about the Hill County Sourdough.

What else do you enjoy drinking?

St. Elmo Carl, Live Oak Pilz, and jugo de maracuyá - iykyk.

What’s on your bucket list?

On the advice of counsel I respectfully decline to answer this question.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Bake, play board games and video games, listen to Cattle Decapitation while stargazing.

I Can’t Live Without: Gluten



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