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Meet Jester King Executive Chef Mason Huffman

Our Jester King staff spotlight continues -- up next, meet Executive Chef Mason Huffman!

While Mason has only worked for Jester King Brewery & Kitchen since May of 2018, he's technically worked at this restaurant facility since March 2012 under prior ownership. A native Austinite, he attended a two-year Culinary Arts program in high school. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology from Texas State University in San Marcos. Mason worked as a zookeeper at the Austin Zoo for six years.

What attracted you to working at Jester King?

My background in Wildlife Biology and Culinary Arts is strongly rooted in values connected to our land and environment. I share these same core values as Jester King through our passion of terroir.

What does our philosophy of “time, place and people” mean to you?

Jester King's philosophy of time, place, people are all profoundly connected to the environment of our kitchen. Our sense of time represents our focus on procuring quality seasonal ingredients. We represent our values of place and people by working with local producers and collaborating with brewery production to provide a broad connection with our environment.

What do you love most about working at Jester King?

I like working in a collaborative environment built on teamwork and innovation. I am honored to be part of a community that supports individual growth and advocates for social justice both in the workplace and in the broader community.


My absolute favorite Jester King beer is Snorkel. Snorkel focuses on the umami flavor component brewed with oyster mushrooms and smoked sea salt.

Some of my favorite food menu items are from our recent smoked foods program including Berkshire brown sugar glazed St. Louis ribs, smoked tomato basil soup, and grilled cheese from our bakery with herb goat cheese.

My current favorite pizza (constantly changing with new items) is the vegan pie, The Cornucopia, made with butternut squash puree, kale, onion, Granny Smith apples, toasted pecans, and fall spices. Honestly, anything from our bakery won't make it far without me sampling.

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I am a big fan of whiskey. Some of my favorites include Suntory, Eagle Rare, Belle Meade, and Buffalo Trace. Nothing beats a well-prepared Old fashioned.

What’s on your bucket list?

Traveling and exploring the outdoors are definitely at the top of my life goals. I'd love to hike the Appalachian trail, visit all the National Parks, and travel to every continent.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am an avid hunter, fisher, birder, and wildlife enthusiast. Honestly, anything where I can be outdoors and spending time being a part of nature.

I Can’t Live Without:

My wife and our family (including our fur babies).

Anything Else You'd Like to Share?

“The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom.” – Theodore Roosevelt