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Le Petit Prince Release Today

Today at 4pm, we will be releasing our latest batch of Le Petit Prince, our farmhouse table beer.

A favorite for the staff here at Jester King, we find that Le Petit Prince has a way of keeping the brewery running smoothly by keeping both our beer happy and our people happy.

In terms of production, Le Petit Princes gives us a happy and healthy mixed culture for use in fermenting other beers. In terms of people, it quenches our thirst and gives us the ability to drink beer while still being productive. Le Petit Prince is dry and bitter, showcasing the raw Texas Hill Country water and character of our mixed culture. It’s the Jester King beer by the people and for the people.

This batch was brewed in March and bottled in May. It has an ABV of 3%. It will be available by the glass and in bottles to go ($9/750mL). Around 3,000 bottles are available with no bottle limit. We anticipate distribution of this beer.

Pictured is our Production Manager Luis Aparicio, outspoken advocate of Le Petit Prince. Photo by Granger Coats.

We hope you enjoy! Cheers!