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Jester King / Yazoo A Pale Green Horse

Jester King / Yazoo A Pale Green Horse -- an intensely dry hopped hazy IPA with Galaxy and Strata hops, 7.2%.

Brewed in collaboration with our dear friends from Yazoo Brewing Co. in Nashville, Tennessee, A Pale Green Horse is dry hopped initially during fermentation with Mosaic and Citra, then again with an abundance of Australian Galaxy and Strata hops. Huge notes of lime, kiwi, papaya, and orange dominate the nose of what is otherwise a soft, inviting, drinkable beer.

Available only at Jester King for curbside pickup in 16oz. four packs ($18) and 32oz. crowlers ($14). Order online ( or call 512-661-8736. 200 cases available. No limit. We can't legally ship beer, but proxies are welcome. Please click on "Are you using a proxy?" when ordering online for proxy pickup.

Cheers to Linus Hall, Brandon Jones, and our wonderful friends a Yazoo -- some of the finest people in craft beer.

Art by Josh Cockrell. Photography by Granger Coats.