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Jester King Still Curbside Pickup Only

On Monday, the Governor announced that Texas restaurants, among other businesses, could reopen in a limited capacity on May 1st. Bars are to remain closed. Here at Jester King, we are officially viewed as a bar because our sales are over 51% alcohol. Therefore, we are to remain closed, aside from curbside pickup.

In reality, even if we were allowed to reopen on May 1st, there’s virtually no way we could. Restarting our business so as to provide a high level of safety, as well as great food, drink, service, and hospitality will take time. We look forward to reopening again in a limited capacity in the future, but for now, we will remain closed, apart from curbside pickup.

Our curbside pickup is open 7 days a week from 12-8pm selling food, beer, wine, merch., and grocery items. You can order online ( or call 512-661-8736.

We are truly appreciative of the support we’ve received over the last five weeks. Your support has gone a long way to making sure we’re eventually able to reopen in a safe, responsible manner. Cheers.