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Jester King Steinbier

Our first Steinbier brewed at Jester King is now available! Our Steinbier or "stone beer" was brewed with super-heated rocks added to the boil, along with peach leaves, grapefruit, and fennel.

Our inspiration and method came from our friends at Scratch Brewing Co. in Ava, Illinois. We mashed with well water and Texas grain, then racked the wort to an oak puncheon barrel stood upright on its head. Earlier in the day, we built a bonfire over a pile of large rocks. Once super-heated, we raked the rocks of the embers and added them to the wort. The intense temperature caused the wort to achieve a rolling boil. During the boil, we added hops, peach leaves, grapefruit juice and zest, and fennel. We then chilled the wort with a homebrew emersion chiller, and racked it to oak barrels for fermentation with our mixed culture. After two months of fermentation in oak, we blended the beer and naturally conditioned it through fermentation in the serving vessel. 5.3% abv.

Our Steinbier is now available at Jester King! 375ml/$13. 984 bottles. No bottle limit. Proxies welcome. No distro. Shipping and delivery illegal for Texas craft brewers. Order online ( LINK IN BIO or visit our restaurant, brewery, farm, and inn at our ranch in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the edge of Austin. We're open every week from Wednesday to Sunday.

Props to our brewing team at Jester King for pulling off a new technique well on the first attempt! We plan on doing another Steinbier this fall at Jester King.

Art by Katie Ross

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