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We're very excited to announce that Jester King has purchased the remainder of Ceres Park Ranch, which is the place it has called home since 2010! The purchase includes 107 acres of land, the Ceres Park Ranch Event Center, and Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza.

The land purchase brings the total acreage owned by Jester King up to 165. We had previously purchased 58 acres in 2015. We're very happy that this land will not fall prey to encroaching residential development. Green space is becoming increasingly fleeting on the outskirts of Austin, and aside from agriculture, our land will not be developed. It will remain a beautiful place for people to enjoy long into the future.

Video of Jester King founder Jeffrey Stuffings putting into words what the land purchase means for Jester King and our surrounding community


Satellite image of Jester King's 165 acres showing the location of the brewery, Stanley's and the event center

We're also very excited to now own Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza! Stanley's has been our neighbor since 2012 and has helped make the experience of visiting the ranch a special one. We've been big fans of their pizza, beautiful old barn, and sprawling pasture for a long time.

Very little will change at Stanley's at the outset. We respect their people, business, community they've created, and their guests / followers. Like us, they pride themselves on being a family-friendly place for people to relax and enjoy time with friends and family in a serene setting. Over time, it will be natural for Stanley's to slowly evolve to better fit our philosophy and approach. We're excited about making the kitchen an extension of our land and farm, and achieving greater symmetry between their food and our beer. The only tangible change at the outset will be that our beer will now be available at Stanley's. Otherwise, everything else will be the same including the open hours.

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View of Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza from the pasture

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Interior of the old barn that is the dining area for Stanley's


Road signage for Jester King and Stanley's back in 2012

We're also glad to now own the Ceres Park Ranch Event Center! We've had to turn down requests for weddings and events at Jester King for a long time because we didn't have a space. We're excited to soon be able to offer this space to our guests. We'll open it up for bookings later this year.

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Ceres Park Ranch Event Center

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All in all, we're very grateful for the opportunity to now own the whole ranch. We have a responsibility to preserve its natural beauty and keep it a green space for visitors to enjoy. We also have a wonderful opportunity to create a system of land, agriculture, and people that's respectful of our surroundings and creates thoughtful, enjoyable experiences based on food, drink, fermentation, farming, and community.

We'd like to thank everyone who has helped make this opportunity possible, especially the staffs at Jester King and Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza, and our local community, which has supported us and Stanley's over the years. Cheers!

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